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This eBook is not about dreams or rags to riches. What we would like to share with you is a heartfelt, very firmly held view that business success is not just about making MORE sales or increasing margins. It’s about getting the fundamentals right. This eBook is about explaining the fundamentals that make a business last forever if you have the will. If you take to heart and enact what we propose in this book, your business will be bulletproof - seriously and absolutely impervious to peril and continually profitable, every day of its existence. We believe passionately that being bulletproof is about getting the financial structure right. For without that, you might have just as well played your working capital through the pokies. We sincerely hope you get huge value out of this eBook. It’s not very long but if it helps you improve just one small aspect of your financial management and gets you just $100 in extra profit, it would have been worth our while. It has the potential though to make you more like $100,000 or $1M extra profit.

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