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My cat is no longer present today,

But from so much that I think of it in my mind

I miss her forever.

She loved me and cared

And the day he left, I

I felt helpless

It may be that one day everything will end ...

But with friendship we will build everything again,

Each time differently.

Being unique and unforgettable every moment

That together we will live and we will remember forever

Rap began to be the voice of this brand new subculture in the most literal sense: the linguistic and rhetorical analogy of the hyperactive movements of a new wild dance, the impressive pieces painted on the subway cars and the musical mixes that the Dj's on their turntables

Although an unprepared listener or spectator may seem like a primitive musical alternative, hip hop is a very elaborate manifestation that began as a crucible of artistic forms (music, poetry, dance, graffiti) through which a deep discontent was exhibited In specific areas of the United States. Today it has become a form of popular expression on the entire planet that requires great talent to improvise and employs the citation and parody as a starting point and inspiration to create new works. About his evolution speaks on the following pages Feli Dávalos, studious of the subject, announcer and rapper

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a style of popular music of US black and Hispanic origin, featuring rap with an electronic backing

Hip Hop is poetry final project 


Name ; Maria Deleon 

 Date: 06/12/17