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Grandma's Challenge.

By: Furqan.Ahmed 



Luis: The main




Victor: The Second main




Cynthia: Luis and


Victor's Grandma.







...Character List...

Page: 1


"Ok Luis and Victor get up 


I Have a surprise for you


Both"Said their Mother.


They both raced to the 


breakfast table wondering 


about the surprise.


Page: 2

After eating their breakfast their Mom, asked them to go visit their Grandma, "Why Momy" Luis asked. "If you want your Gift, You have to do this" Said their Mother.

Page: 3


They both started their journey to their


grandma's house. They both were


excited but nervous because it was their


first time visiting their grandma's house


alone without their mom. "Here's the


Map, Use it if you are lost" Said Mrs.



Page 4


Luis and Victor jumped


over the leaves,


Around the Trees, And


throught the Spider webs,


To get to her grandma's



Page 5


When Luis and Victor entered

the Forest the wind was too

heavy and angry that it was

too hard to walk. "I think the wind is running through trees and Lugging me backward forcing me to return back to my home, Why" Thinking and wonderign Luis.

Page 6

Question: Why was the angry wind forcing Luis to go back to his Home?

Question: Why was the angry wind forcing Luis to go back to his Home?

Page 7


Luis and Victor's Mother raced to the telephone and called Cynthia Luis and Victor's Grandma. "They both just entered the forest" Luis and victor's Mother bawled at the telephone to Grandma that her ear was nearly going

to ignite.  

Page 9


"I think someone is chasing us"


Mummbled Luis. It was ZULU the guy


who thought that he owned that forest.


When Zulu finally appearend in front of


Victor and Luis. Luis was scared to


death ! But Victor wasn't afraid of him


because he read a book about Zulu, 


and he had a great plan.

Page 10


"We should just ignore Zulu and start


walking" said Victor


"What if Zulu creats problems those we


will have to face" Whispered Luis.


"We are Men !, We should face it !"


bawled  Victor.

Page 11


Zulu sented two Kidnappers, Who were


following Victor and Luis.


"Hey... Luis come here, Let's hide in that cave,


so they won't find us." Whispered Victor to


Luis while running,


"Ok-Let's go" luis whispered back.


They both raced to the cave and hided


themselves so the kidnappers won't fid them.


After hiding in the cave for about 45 minutes,


when they got out of the cave they saw no one.


"I think Zulu is preparng for a surprise attack"


Thought Victor.

Page 12

Then there was another challenge, Which were the wild baby lions. 

"If you want to live jump on a tree" Yelled Luis.

"Of course I want to live"......"So...I will jump on the tree" Shrieked Victor. 

They both jumped on the trees but the problem was that baby lions weren't leaving they were waiting for luis and victor to come down so they could eat them, But on the bright side, baby lions were so small they couldn't even climb the tree.

Page 13

Luis and Victor were both sitting on the trees wating for those adorable and wild  baby lions to leave. After 2 whole hours, baby lions were tired so they left. 

"Luis .... Luis look .... look those wild lions left" roared Victor to luis.

"Yeah let's get on the ground, By the way these trees are not a good place to sit" said Luis.

"Look I see sunlight there" Said Victor.

"Yeah let's go" whispered Luis.

Then they both raced toward the sunlight. The moment they touched the sunlight they were out of the dark forest, and they both could see their grandma's house.  

Page 14

"Grandma" Luis and Victor Yelled while running toward their grandma's house.

"How are you both" said their Grandma.

Then she took then inside ad gave them their Surprises which were the wild baby lions.

"Stay back" announced Victor.

These baby lions are dangerous"...."Grandma, while we were iin the forest we got attacked by these baby lions" said Victor to Grandma.

"Luis and Victor, I wanted to see how smart are you both so I asked your mother to send you to my house throught the forest, And I was really impressed how you both jumped on the trees to save your self. and second thing these baby lions are not wild they are trained so they will not bite you" said Grandma to Luis and Victor. 

"Hey Victor le's play wth those baby lions" said Luis.

They both recieved their surprise which was Baby lions. and they both were really happy, plus their grandma was really impressed from them.




Page 15

          Furqan.Ahmed, A native of Pakistan, He was 9 years old when he moved to United States. He has been here in United States for about 6 years. He had ESL, But now he is taking Writing Lab with his foremost and Incomparable teacher named Mr. Waters and his classmates.

          I was born in Pakistan, And lived in the cities of Lahor And Islamabad, These are one of the most famous and beautiful cities across pakistan. Quick Fact, The city Islamabad is one of richest and cleanest city through pakistan filled with skylines, And Islamabad is also the Capital of Pakistan. Islamabad also include the one of the biggest Airport in the world. The languages spoken are Punjabi, Pashto, Sindhi, Urdu, Balochi, Arabic, Urdu and many more.

          My family is filled with four compassionate people, One Sister, Mother and Father and of course myself. My Mother is so solicitous to me even If I do something horrible. My Sister is not my Sister WHY!, Because she is my Friend and we both take care of our family and our engaging Parents together. At the last, My Father is marvelous and stunning, But sometimes he gets a little bit austere, My father do this for my good and career that's why he is marvelous.

          Some of the Important and essential moments in my life are, My Countries (Pakistan and United States), My family, My friends, My Cousins and relatives, and also My Teacher's who taught me alot and helped me in everything. (One example is in front of you people Mr.Waters.)

One of My unbeatable Writting pieces Include (The Scary Blood, The Rain Magic, And The essay of Crispin).       


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