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Mercury, Venus, and Earth

BY: Madison Tjaden

Listen to this short song to learn more about our solar system! 

    After a long trip to the first planet in our solar system Ali notices how close Mercury is to the sun. As we are flying around the planet we are stopped by a friendly Star. “Hey what do you think you guys are doing over here?”

   “We are on a mission trying to find interesting facts about the planets!” Replies Ali.

   “You better be careful. Mercury is the closest planet to the sun and because of that it has no atmosphere to protect it.”

    Since Mr. Star you seems to know a lot about this planet. Ali asks if he can tell us more about it.

    Mr. Star Replies. “Well you see I’ve been around this planet for almost 8 billion years now. I can tell you anything  you want to know.”

   “Well I wanted to land my rocketship on Mercury’s moon but I can’t seem to find it.”

   “Oh no!” Mr. Star quickly responds. “You won’t find any moons around here. The sun’s strong gravity would get in the way of anything that orbits the Mercury. In fact you guys should keep moving away from the sun. You don’t want to get sucked in too close to the Mama star.”

    Ali got all the information she needs. Just as she’s about to take of to the next planet, Venus, she thanks Mr. Star for all his help.



    The next planet we must explore to gather information for the project is Venus.

   “Wow space cadet look at all the clouds Venus has! Let’s get a closer look.” Ali says as she steers the spaceship closer to the bright planet. As we approach Venus the spaceship is gets bumped from behind causing the spaceship to land on a cloud.

   “Woah there astronaut what are you doing landing here?” Says the cloud.

   “Sorry Ms. Cloud. We aren’t Astronauts! I’m Ali and this is my space partner! We are trying to learn about the second planet in our solar system.”

   “Well as you can see you have landed on a cloud. Venus has a lot of clouds like myself. I am made of water vapor and sulphuric acid.”

  “Ms. Cloud you look like the clouds we have back on our home planet Earth. In fact, Venus looks a lot like Earth.” Ali points out.

  “You are right Ali!” Exclaimed Ms. Cloud.  “Venus and Earth both have Mountains, Continents, and Craters. You guys better get going. You don’t want to be stuck on this bright and hot planet for too long. Before you go, do you have any other questions for me?”

   “Just one more. How long does it take Venus to orbit the Sun?” Ali asks with curiosity.

   “It takes 225 days for Venus to make a full circle around the sun.” Ms. Cloud answers just as the cloud starts shaking.

   “Oh no!” Cried Ali. “We better get going Space Cadet! Thank you Ms. Cloud!”

   “Have a safe flight back to Earth!” Ms. Cloud yelled back just as the spaceship takes off out of sight.



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   As we are flying closer to Earth Ali says, “look we are arriving back at Earth! Let's land on the moon so we can get some information about the planet we live on.”  

  BOOM! The spaceship makes a loud noise at it hits the rock surface of the moon. We are greeted by a strange man. “Why hello there I am Astronaut Smith. What are you doing on the moon?” 

  “Wow you’re a real Astronaut! That is so cool! My name is Ali and I’m doing a science project about the solar system. I’m learning about the planet we live on. Have you discovered anything interesting about Earth?”

  “Of course!” Replies Astronaut Smith. “I have discovered a lot of amazing things about Earth. Earth is a unique planet that allows different life forms to live on it.”

  “This is the first planet we have seen that has a moon.” Ali mentions.

  “That’s right Ali. Earth has one moon, which is the same moon we see in the sky every night before we go to bed. Because Earth is farther from the Sun than Mercury and Venus it takes 365 days to orbit the Sun. That is why we have 365 days in one year.”

  “Woah I always wondered where we got the number 365. Mr. Astronaut why can’t we see the Earth’s land?” Ali asks confused.

  Mr. Astronaut Smith answers Ali’s question. “That is because all the clouds made of water vapor are blocking our view of the all the land and continents.”

  “Of course! We just learned that Venus and Earth have similar clouds.”

  “Right! Wow it sounds like you have already learned a lot about our solar system. Maybe one day you will be an Astronaut like me. I better get going. I have a lot more to learn about our moon.”

  "Thank you Mr. Astronaut! Maybe we will see you back at NASA.”

  “Safe travels space cadets!” Mr. Astronaut turns continues to work on gathering data and information just as Ali starts the spaceship back up again.

  “Setting destination back to NASA.” Ali says as she enters in the location back home. “Wow space cadet we learned a lot today about the three closest planets to the Sun. What was your favorite part of our trip?


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