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Hiawatha and the Peacemaker


Retold by Kevin

I watched as my village burned down, that included my entire tribe, chief, my wife, and three daughters. There was only one man able to do this, the evil Tadodaho.


I lived by the water from the river with the remaining animals from the forest. One day, the Peacemaker came to ask me for help.

He said,” We must unite all the tribes. Peace and harmony shall replace war and evilness.


So they traveled together from tribe to tribe uniting them and telling them about the great law and Hiawatha's experience about losing his family and tribe. All tribe’s followed them, all except the Mohawk tribe.



When we returned, the other chiefs were with the peacemaker and I. The Mohawk chief saw how powerful the great law was and agreed to travel with them to confront the evil chief, Tadodaho

As they neared the village of the evil Tadodaho, fifteen armed warriors ran at them with spears in their hands. They took Hiawatha, the four chiefs, and the peacemaker to Tadodaho. The peacemaker told me to make a special tea that consisted of only two ingredients, sage and wild ginger with some water. Once I made the tea, the peacemaker placed it in front of Tadodaho. Tadodaho gulped it down at once.


All the snakes vanished from his hair, and his scales turned into skin.

"Thank you, friends, I have never felt this much goodness in me," said Tadodaho. The peacemaker walked over to the tallest tree and said,

"This tree will be known as the tree of peace. We shall bury all our weapons under the tree, and an eagle will guard the tree. That eagle will be you Tadodaho.


Everyone turned to look at Tadodaho, but instead they saw a eagle perched on top of the tree of peace.