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A cat and his friends

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After the cat and playthings had cake, they went into mothers house. These things asked her for fish. A day after the sun, was shining, Cat and playthings met a kind string. He was fast.   

They all were jumping down the street, as they were jumping down the street they played with kites, not know they were lost  . After a while cam funny fun fox. he told them the way out  , but he did not know the way home  .

As they were walking, they met a fish in a dish. They asked her "do you know they way out?" She said "Yes!" they all went "yay."

Then they found a ship. They "we should go in" They saw books, beds, games and a mess. "well this is something" said Cat. They went out and went. After a while Kind string gave water to fish in a dish.