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Welcome to the First Grade Jungle

September 30, 2016

On Friday, the first graders were tasked with a STEM project. They had to work in a group to build the tallest, but strongest, tower they could. They could only use paper and tape. Ask your child about his/her creation!

Convocation Details

Students should be dropped off at LWR campus. Drop off may begin at 7:45am.

Your child must wear the blue uniform top or this year's Homecoming shirt.

After Convocation, we will ride the bus back to Siesta Key to finish the school day.

Friday, October 7

We will have students keep their backpacks at school on Thursday night. They won't need to bring anything to LWR Friday morning, unless they have a packed lunch.

Reading A-Z

Each child has a subscription to Reading A-Z. This is a great resource for access to a multitude of books! When your child logs into his/her account, there are two options: Reading Room and Level Up. The Reading Room is an open library with access to a variety of genres, topics, levels, etc. Level Up is when your child practices reading at his/her independent reading level. I will monitor progress through work that is completed in Level Up.


Lastly, your child has the option to listen to a book be read aloud. If your child enjoys this option, I also encourage him/her to read independently, too. Following reading a book, children can take a quiz to check comprehension.


In The Spotlight:


All About Aviana

Favorite color: Turquoise

Favorite food: guacamole

Favorite movie: Daddy Daycare

Favorite subject: math

Number of siblings: 1 brother

If I could go anywhere in the world, I would choose.. "New York, because I like that the houses look nice."



October 3-4- Rosh Hashanah- No homework

October 6- Spelling Test #4

October 7- Convocation (students start at LWR campus)

October 10- NO SCHOOL


Upcoming events and Reminders:

Boys will be boys!