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Hip Hop is Poetry

Daouda komara


There's nothing to stop me i'm only interested today i turn my back yesterday

Nor that they eat all the Tormes will be able to conquer
I'm writing, come see my lady what i'm going to do

Bring water for the pencil because fire here will see. 

What is "Meaning" in a poem?

That he can do everything and that only the opposite world.

How does your poem show examples of "Meaning?"

Who did a single word can achieve it and no one will stop it.

If i could take the world

Same as a child a pomp

The look with the look.

And he would take care of their existence.Image result for take world

Answering these two questions:

1) What is "imagery" in a poem??

That only the world against them.

2) How does your poem show examples

Like he just wants to be a child for only the one against the world.

From "imagery?"

of the world.

She always feels sad and a

man took care of 4 children

and when she goes to the party

she feels alone against the world.Image result for girls in party

1) What is "End Rhyme" in a poem?

Very sad.

2)How does your poem show examples of "End Rhyme?"

That they are happy only when it is in celebration.

From "End Rhyme"

Very fighter.