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Summary of the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution.

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The United States Goverment: Bunny Edition

Once upon a time, thirteen families of bunnies were tragically seperated from the rest of their fluffle. They were living in chaos and needed some way of creating peace. Some bunnies believed that a governing system would help. So, the smarter and more promentant bunnies of the thirteen families came toghether and drafted The Articles of Carrotations.

Nobody in the fluffle wanted a tryant bunny like the last bunny that ruled over them. Inseatd they decieded upon the rather new idea of a democracy. They would create a document called the Articles of Carrotations to represent this democracy. All thirteen famlies would be granted equel powers. Each family could have up to seven representives. They would report to the "lead" bunny who was in charge of the only branch of goverment (Congress).

The job of the "leading" bunny was basically to conduct policy with the other bunny fluffles. This included creating treaties, making war/peace time, and sending/receiving ambassadors. He could also borrow carrots, create an army, run the post office, set uniform standards of weights/measures, and settle disputs between the families. It may seem like a lot but in reality his power was very limited.

Any law or desicion that affected the fluffle as a whole would be voted on by the thirteen families. Nine of the thirteen families were required to vote in favor to pass. Each family was given one vote. Decisions that only affected a family were decided upon within the family.

The thirteen famies lived decent lives under the Articles of Carrotations for nine years. However, the super majority caused nothing to be passed. Also the diffrent currencies between the thirteen famlies was an annoying issue. Not only that, but the famlies grew and their needs changed. Eventually the Articles no longer cut it. This group of couragoues bunnies needed a stronger central goverment.

Once again the more prominent bunnies of society came toghether. This time they drafted up the Carrotution. This stronger goverment called for three branches of goverment. The thre branches were; the legislative, judicial, and executive branches. 

The legistative branch makes laws, confirms, or in rare cases rejects presidental appointment, and declares war. This branch includes Congress which is made of the House of Legistatives (435 bunnies) and the Senate (100 bunnies). The vice president is the head of Congress, and collecticvey these bunnies are elected by the other bunnies in the fluffle.

The executive branch consits of the President and his Cabinet. The president bunny makes treaties, acts as the Commander and Chief when needed (basically during times of war), grants pardons, appoints ambasoders and/or supreme justices, and is a major influnece when it comes to policies, laws, and ect.

The judicial branch interprets the meaning of laws, applies the laws to the community, and decides if the law violates the Carrotution. The Supreme Court is the highest level of the judicial branch with all the other courts in the country underneath them. There are nine judges in the Supreme Court, and they are appointed by the President with the approval of the Senate (min. of 51 votes). Supreme Court judges serve life.

Some of the bunnies in the fluffle were worried that the Carrotution would create to strong of a central goverment. However, eventually the majority of the famlies within the fluffle agreed upon the document and it was ratified July 18, 1788. 

For almost the last two hundred thirty years the fluffle of bunies has thrived under the Carrotution. Thay have grown into one of the most powerful fluffles of bunnies ever. There only problem is that the next leader could potentially be a criminal, or  very inappropriate.