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Time for religions 


Map of wear the relijions are practiced and where they came from.


monotheistic or polytheistic?Monotheistic because it only has one god which is “lord buddha”

when was it started? it established in the 5th century.

where did it start? it started in Gautama.

Who started this religion? it started with buddha being born and when he died he became a god.

What is the sacred text or book? the suttas



monotheistic or polytheistic? polytheistic because it has more than one god.

when was it started? it started 2000 b.c.e.

where did it start? it started in india.

Who started this religion? Brahma started this religion

What is the sacred text/s or book/s? Vedas, Upanishads, Bhagavad Gita, Epics


History of the religions



symbols of the religions

Hinduism: Sacrifice

when? randomly


Buddhism: buddhist new year

When? january’s first full moon.


holiday for hinduism: Shiva’s birthday

when: on the 13 night on the hindu lunar calendar

why: because it is their god’s birthday.

traditions: they pray to their god.


holiday for buddhism: buddhist new year

when: january’s first full moon.

Why: because they want to celebrate the new year.

Traditions: They offer prayers to lord buddha.



comparison of the two religions

real paragraph:

Nainital, May 6(ANI): Scores of Buddhist devotees from across India celebrated Buddha Jayanti, the birth anniversary of Lord Buddha, with fervour and gaiety on Sunday.

The festival, observed on the occasion of full moon night, was celebrated at several monasteries located in Uttarakhand.

The Buddhist monks took out a procession holding religious books and reciting prayers.

"We are celebrating the birth anniversary of Lord Buddha since the beginning of Buddhism. When Tibet was a free nation we used to celebrate Buddha Purnima every year. In Nainital, we celebrate the festival every third year," said Dolma, a Tibetan woman.

The Buddhist devotees carried the idol of Lord Buddha in a palanquin to mark his 2557th birth anniversary.

"We are celebrating 2557th birth anniversary of Lord Buddha. The main aim of this march is to promote peace and harmony across the world and for the welfare of the people," said Tenzin, a Tibetan leader.

The monks carried out processions in Gorakhpur in Uttar Pradesh as well.

" Lord Buddha attained Buddhotva and 'mahaparinirvana' on this day. It is an auspicious day for all the Buddhists and it is being celebrated with all enthusiasm across the world," said Buddhist monk, Mahendra Banse.

Similar scenes were witnessed in Varanasi city where monks took out a colourful procession.

The festival is celebrated across India on a full moon night in Vaisakha, which according to the Hindu calendar, usually falls in April or May. (ANI)



current event


buddhists celebrate the buddha’s birthday on may 6, 2014 in Uttarakhand. They had a big festival and was reciting prayers.They celebrate this tradition every 3 years. They did many things there such as “processions”. This was a big holiday on this day and People all over the world or just where they lived celebrated this very memorable day.

buhddas birthday