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cellphones after & before

the beggining

10 facts about cellphone

the history of the  cellphone







in this edition the magazine wants to take you in a tour through the time to show you the beginings of the cellphone history until the present

Are you ready to live one of the most important advances of the world ?


 the beggining was in the second world war where there was the needing to communicate from lon distance, so Motorola created a militar equipment named Handie Talkie  H12-16 for the comunication trough radio waves .


in 1995 , ericsson shot the mobile Telephone System A (MTA) phone ,the weigh of this mobile was of 40 Kg and it was used in cars and it was a total of 125 users until 1967

"Do you know from where i call you?

I call you just to know if sounds good" 

""do you know from where i call you?

 i call you just to know if sounds good"

that were the words said by the Motorola executive Martin Cooper ,in April 3rd of 1973 , when from a New York street called to his biggest rival and that was a revolution because that fact it is considered the first call in the history from a mobile phone . Ten years later, more than 15 years of investigation and inversion of 100 millions dollars, in 1983, motorola finished the proyect, shooting the first mobile phone in the history "the motorola dynatac 8000x its weight was 800 gram and in the first years it sold 300.000 units.

in 1994 from finlad arrived the nokiamobile talkman the first mobile phone of the company although 2 years ago commercialized the nokia mobira senator and its weight was more than 10kg 

Every think that this technology just is what today we know like smartphone , we use it but , what we know about it  

(1983) Motorola Dynatic 8000x

The weigh was 800 grams and and its cost was about of $7.000


(1983)Nokia Mobira Senator 

(1996) Motorola Startac

it was the first phone that gave more importance to the design

(1998)Nokia 6160

in this year the antennas in the mobiles were disappearing its weigh was of 170 grams and was one of the most sold in the 90´s.

(1983) Bellsouth/ibm 

it has qualities of calculator ,fax, email,its weigh was of 500 grams and has a price of $900


this extremely popular


desing has sold over 200


million since its


introduction in 2003

cellphones have evolved immensely since 1983, both in desing and function

#10. Have you ever used Nokia 1100? Be proud, it was the bestselling electrical gadget in history with more than 250 million pieces sold.

 #9.$4000 is the cost of first mobile phone in US, in 1983.

 #8.Be careful while using your mobile phone, it has 18 times more bacteria than toilet handles.

 #7.Insomnia, confusion and headaches are caused due to mobile phone radiation. 

 #6.In Britain more than 100,000 mobile phones are dropped down in the toilet every year.

 #5.In Britain more than 100,000 mobile phones are dropped down in the toilet every year. 

 #4.Around 80% of the world’s population has a mobile phone. 

 #3.More than 90% of adults have their mobile phone within arm’s reach all the time. 

 #2.Within 3 minutes of delivery, 90% of text messages are read. 

 #1.More than 80% of adults in U.S. own a mobile phone.

10 intersting facts about cellphones

can we say that we are a little obsessed with UN and Technology Cell Phones?

        We can not help it!

          And to help our ongoing addiction we put together a list of10 facts about cell phones



The phone is a priority, even when you are in a meeting and you have your cellphone turned off. Basically the cellphones are in our daily uses that these already are part of us. 

We can ask ourselves why these electronical devices are very important, almost as these are a basic needing, mainly beacuse 20 or 25 years ago the word "cellphone" didn't exist

the answer is that the comfort damaged us and we can't forget that big companies make us let our daily habits just to be connected waiting for the new releases of cellphones which also has new resources. today people don't care if the cost of the phones increases more than 50% per year.

Initially the cellphone was invented only to the army where there was a big needing to be communicated. The first cellphone was kind of big, the voice quality wasn't good  and didn't have additional functions.

New companies of cellphones started to modify their functions or invent new kind of cellphones.

Even a few years after that cellphones were popular worlwide in army, the technology progressed:

A few years after, the phones began to be the most important devices in the society, even more popular than computers.

Today the cellphones are smaller in size and these has all the functions you can imagine.

NOKIA 3210

it was the beggining of what was in the top innokia it main characteristic was the cold colors that made the difference until the date on the phone's desings

is one of another "candybar" equipement equal to the 6160 and the 3210, it was smoother, it weigth is 11e grams and it size is 10 cm 

NOKIA 8260


It was a hit in the marketing. it had 8mb in the memoryand the price was near to 450 dollars, it was touchable


It cellphone says "goodbye" to black and white screens and gives the welcome to colorful screens. there was two versions, one of them whit keyboard and another one that had "graffiti" text input system

T- Mobile sidekick

start the internet navigation in the cellphones with cameras and screens with color

it was too much thin, lasted a lot of time until 2007 and even it was popular yet in the market

Motorola Razr V3

Blackberry pearl

It was the first to include camera and player of audio and video

Apple presented to the world what they called "the reinvention of the phone" a single key and touch screen. camera of two megapixels