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       In a world where the skies were always dark and the light never shined through, there came a man that covered half of his face and had eyes so beautiful you could see the universe through him, and a gray cloak that covered most of his masculine figure.


      He walked and wandered through the world and one day he came upon an old man and he said, “Young man, you seem like a humble and strong man,there is an evil in this world and you must help fight against it.”

      The old man then said, “You must find the beast that walks the earth and destroys everything in its path and defeat it. To defeat the beast you must blind it and take the upper hand. So take this sword and bring light to this world. The most important thing is to beat him in his favorite game, you mustn’t choose one but simply decide.” This left Scandius very confused about what he was supposed to do.

      Scandius soon approached a small village that was in a middle of a forest that had branches that looked like hands reaching down to grab you and the wind that sounded like a howl. Scandius became alerted of his surroundings and what was waiting to creep out. The village seemed empty and there wasn’t one sound of any animal life.




Scandius and the New World

      While walking around the village he found a path that looked like a hurricane went right through, and then he found the beast. The beast had all the villagers in two different cages, one was full of young children and the other was adults. The beast had two glass cups, he then said choose one, one has poison and the other doesn’t, if you choose correctly I will let you slay me. If you lose I will eat all the children and make their family’s watch”


      Scandius was afraid he did not know what to do, he thought even if he chose correctly, how would he know that the beast would be sneaky and eat them anyways. Scandius felt hopeless but then remembered that the old man said he must decide. He realized he wasn’t supposed to decide what glass to pick but decide that can not spare the bests life. So he threw the one with poison into the beast’s eye and then from Scandius blade came a bright light that pierced through the beast.


      The villagers were finally free and as soon as he freed them he was able to finally understand what he was supposed to do for the rest of his journey. Scandius was able to bring light to one part of the world but he still had the rest of the world and so he continued on.