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Winsor Mccay

Born: September 26th, 1869

Died: July 26th, 1934

Winsor Mccay was an American animator and author that is best known for his animated film, Gertie the Dinosaur, and the comic stip"Little Nemo"

By: Dylan E. 

Winsor Mccay

Gertie the Dinosaur was an animated film by Winsor Mccay in July 1914. The World had never seen a picture move, so many call Winsor the creator of animation. Winsor Mccay because a household nme and influenced the birth of other animation companies, including Disney.

Before Gertie

the Dinosaur, Mccay was famous for his comic strip "Litlle Nemo". in 1911. At this time, comic strips were a new idea and people loved to read them.

Winsor Mccay died in 1934, and will be remembered as oe of the best animators, and one of the pioneers of animation. His life is one of the most importants lives of animation history, without him, we might still be stuck in a world with no animation.

I Chose Winsor Mccay because he was the first peron to release animation filn. He is a pioneer because he inspired many animtion companies.