simplebooklet thumbnail If you need help for hair loss treatment and hair transplant for man and women in Melbourne Australia then The Knudsen Clinic is your answer.

Female & Male Hair Loss
Now retired, Dr Richard Shiell was the Australian pioneer of Hair Transplant Surgery. Dr Russell
Knudsen took over the clinic from his close colleague in 2005. Dr Knudsen is highly regarded
worldwide as the Australian expert in Hair Restoration having performed over 6000 hair
transplant surgeries and he recently won the coveted Manfred Lucas award by the ISHRS
(International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery) which is their Highest honour. The Knudsen
Clinic has locations in Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane & New Zealand.
Modern Hair Transplant Surgery Techniques
Female Hair Loss & Male Hair Loss afflicts many people around the world. It is a sensitive issue
for all concerned. You can rely on Dr Knudsen for the best advice, treatment and most
importantly, results, when you choose hair transplantation procedures.
Female Hair Loss Treatment
Female hair loss is just as serious an issue as it is for
males. Whether it is hereditary, the result of a scalp
disease or required to cover plastic surgery scars,
female hair loss, hair replacement and hair
transplant for women requires specialist attention.
Dr Russell Knudsen is a world renowned expert in
female hair transplant treatments and procedures,
he has over 28 years experience and has performed thousands of procedures for his female hair
transplant patients. You can find out all about him on our About Us page. You can be sure of
the knowledge, professionalism, service, care, concern and privacy when you speak with Dr
Knudsen who has been providing effective female thinning hair treatment for many years.
Hair Loss Treatments for Men & Women
There are several types of hair loss treatments for men and women that overcome hair loss and
baldness. These treatments are available at The Knudsen Clinic in Melbourne. Dr Knudesn has a
wealth of experience as a hair transplant surgeon and he will discuss your hair loss treatment
options during your consultation. You can complete an online consultation on our 'A Word with
the Doctor'.
Hair Loss Treatment Melbourne
If you would like more information about hair loss treatment for men and women, Melbourne
Clinic team members.
Hair Transplant Before and After Gallery
Check out out Hair transplant before and after gallery.
Here you can see a small selection of the hair trasnplant
surgery results that we have achieved over time. As we
have been assisting people with hair loss treatments for
years, we have literally thousands of hair transplant
before and after pictures available for you to review at
our clinics during your consultation.
Hair Transplant Costs
Your Hair Transplant costs are shown below for hair transplant in melbourne. The cost for your
hair transplant surgery depends upon the number of grafts you require during your hair
transplant surgical procedure. During your initial consultation with your hair transplant surgeon
at our Melbourne Clinic, he will discuss the procedure in detail and the number of grafts you
will require. |