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The Boston Tea Party 

Page 2- Introduction

Page 3- The Tea Act

Page 4- The Boston Tea Party

Page 5- The Intolerable Acts

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Table Of Contents

If you want to know about The Boston Tea Party and if you do, good, because our writing is going to teach you! What we are going to teach you about is: The Tea Act, The Boston Tea Party and The Intolerable Acts.




If you want to know about The Boston Party you have to get through the Tea Act first. The Tea Act started when the patriots  did not buy things with a tax on them such as: sugar, paper and molasses and so the taxers thought “why don’t we tax what the Patriots can’t live without. Tea.” People loved their tea so the parliament passed The Tea Act. The Act stated that on every sip they took it would have a tax on it. Later Sam Adams was angered and formed The Sons Of Liberty to start The Boston Tea Party.


The Tea Act


What we’ve all been waiting for, The Boston Tea Party! The Boston Tea Party started with the Tea Act but you’ve already been through that. So The Sons Of Liberty dressed up as mohawk indians as a disguise.  When they boarded the ship that carried the tea to the colines and they started to scream “NO TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION!!” while  they did  they dumped 45 TONS! of tea into Boston Harbor! Which was hard to believe and 45 tons of tea would coast over $1.000.000 of tea today!!


The Boston Tea Party

Now you're wondering “why The Intolerable Acts” because these acts happened after The Boston Tea Party. The Boston Tea Party was shame upon the british so they started these acts but,their were many different acts that happend during them. they started to qutar them again with a lot more acts as well.  The Sons Of Liberty still were protesting to have The Tea Act taken off of them. A large crowd was yelling to have The Tea Act taken off it was but the britsh were not done yet and then came The Intolerable Acts!,


The Intolerable Acts

Intolerable- Disgraceful

Patriots- Soldiers that fight the British

Act- doing something big and/or important

Tax-  money added to pay the goverment 

Tea- used in water to make a sweet drink



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