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The Fill-In 






Bradley: Gia's ex-boyfriend who goes to college


Hayden: Known as the fill-in Bradley, helps Gia, geeky, and has a sister who goes to school with Gia


Gia: Popular high school student-Protagonist/Round-  We know much more about her and her personal life. She also grows to realize that even though she and her friends aren't that close she's still happy with Hayden. The reason that, that's her growing is because she always cared about what her friends thought even if she wasn't happy. 


Bec: Hayden's goth sister who doesn't want Hayden to be Gia's fill-in boyfriend


Jules: She always tries to make Gia mad-Antagonist/Flat- She is flat because we don't know much about her and why she is always out to get Gia.






Introduction: Gia and Bradley are in the prom parking lot and she gets dumped.


Rising action: She now needs to find a fill-in boyfriend because she has been bragging to her friends that she is dating a college boy, but he lives out of state. So they don't believe he exists. She is also no falling in love with Hayden. 


Climax: She is now in danger of losing her friends because Bradley is threatening of telling her friends that he broke up with her before prom and saying it was all a scheme, so her friends knew she wasn't lying, but she was at the same time. 


Falling action: In this part of the story the lie is coming out to her friends about prom night and how she lied to them. Her friends are now very angry because they were lied to for a while too, not just prom night.  


Resolution: Her friends do forgive her, but they are not as close as they used to be. Even though they are not as

 close she is really happy because she is with Hayden and Hayden makes her happy.  






      Even when things get rough, there is always hope. Gia really grew in this book because she used to always care about what everybody else thought, but at the end as long as she was happy she didn't care. I feel like that is a very important trait to have, especially in high school. You always need friends, but if they tear you down rather than pick you up, there's no point in having them. 




   The setting of this story started in the parking lot of her senior high school prom. In this setting, she was dumped and needed a fill-in boyfriend. The next setting would be in the building at prom, in this one, she was dancing with the fill-in boyfriend and his sister saw him and started freaking out. Another setting was at her house, this one she was getting ready for bed the night of prom and saw the dress and thought of the fill-in boyfriend, who she is not falling in love with. Another setting was a backyard graduation party for fill-in boyfriend's ex-girlfriend. In this setting, Gia was sent a "mission" to make sure fill-in boyfriend (Hayden) doesn't get back together with her. The setting was also in present time. There are many more settings, but the main ones were the prom parking lot and Gia's house.


The Point of View:


  The Fill-In Boyfriend is written in First Person. The narrator of this story is Gia, she is the main character. This story really gets in depth about her thoughts and actions. It also talks about how she has to deal with things that come up in her high school life. 




   This book was excellent. It had a lot of details in just the first chapter, so it really caught your attention. It was a really cute, romantic story about how two people who are just lying for each other own sake fall for each other. What I liked most about it was that most of the time there is a fake relationship to keep one's reputation, or to make someone jealous, but this one had both. Also, it wasn't just one of the characters that needed a fake relationship, it was both of them. I thought it was sweet that when she was going to get back together with Bradley, she was thinking about Hayden, not Bradley. When her lie comes out to her friends they are angry, but also forgive her. That's what friendship is all about right? She isn't as close with her friends as she used to be, but now she's with Hayden and she's happier than ever. I really liked the ending because her friends did forgive her, but even though she wasn't as close with them, she was still happy because she was with Hayden. 

   QUOTES: "When I went back to my room and saw my dress, blue eyes flashed through my mind. I was surprised that was the memory my mind decided to give me with the dress." (West p. 36)  I like this quote because it talks about how she was thinking about him instead of Bradley. 

" Someone grabbed me from behind and I let out a small yelp. Bec came into my view, so I could only assume the arms wrapped around me belonged to Hayden. I tipped my head back to see him." (West p. 340)I liked this quote because it talks about how she is very happy with Hayden.