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Digital Citizenship

Dawson Anna Maggie Jacob


blog: a regularaly updated website typically run by an indivisual

flaming: used for emphasis to express annoyance

p2p: peer to peer comuptuing or networking equally disributed

phishing: the activity of defrauding an online account of finacial information

podcast: video blog

aggregator: website or porgram that collects related items and content and displays them. 


digital life 101

digital citizenship 


Dawson Anna Maggie Jacob

Blog- A regularly updated website typically run by one individual

Flaming- used for emphasis to express annoyance

p2p- stands for peer to peer. used to networking to partion tasks or workloads between peers

phishing- defrauding an online account holder of financial information by poosing as a legitmate company

podcast- a digital audio file made available on the internet for downloading to a computer


Digital life 101

tips-use proper language, be precise, avoid "texting" writing

rules-a few rules; #1. Remember the Human

#2.know where you are in cyberspace 

#3. dont abuse your power 

 netiqutte helps us to interact effectively and to properly use online discussion 


a few ways to protect youself online are:

-to create smart and strong passwords

-use your e mail wisely

-be smart and selective when using online messsaging 

-watch out for scams

Protect Yourself Online

its procted by the law and poeple take other peoples information without their permission. it is wrong and its a federal offense.

digital piracy

 kids should be watched by their parents on social media.  The kids should not ever put any personal information on any website.  no kids should ever be allowed to manage thier own social media.

social media

cyber bullying is when someone bullys someone else behind a comupter screen. its is very real and detremental to peoples lives. Cyberbullying makes it easy for people to get other people

cyber bullying





passwords are used to protect your safe things.Passwords should be secure and something that would be hard  for someome to guess.






to protect yourself from cyberbullying you should not put any personal information out on the interent

protect yourself from cyber bullying