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BOOK 15  I Like Hamburgers  Text by Judy Tuer Illustrations by Alyssa Josue
I like hamburgers with lettuce and tomato,
but I do not like these onions.
I like fish with rice, peas and corn,
but I do not like this chilli sauce.
I like sausages with carrots and peas,
but I do not like these tomatoes.
I like strawberries and raspberries with cream,
and I do like this chocolate topping.
KEYWORDS INTRODUCED  but, not KEYWORDS REVISED  and, do, I, like, these, this, with REHEARSE THE BOOK      Read the title ...
I Like Hamburgers  a Keywords for Kids story Author  Judy Tuer Illustrator  Alyssa Josue    2015 Judy Tuer The moral right...
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