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Natalie Clark


Began June 6th, 1934 to current



 The SEC was an Emergency 

Banking relief 



and Exchange





The purpose of the SEC is to 

 protect investors from fraud


The SEC government agency made to protect investors against fraud. It was created by the congress in 1934. It was lead by five commissioners that were broken up into five divisions; Division of Corporation Finance, Division of Trading and Markets, Division of Investment Management, Division of Enforcement, and Division of Economic and Risk analysis. 

The SEC Then and Now. 

Protecting retail investors remains a priority in 2017. The SEC is protecting cyber security, including testing the process of putting a plan. They are planning on including electronic investment advice, money market funds, and financial exploitation of senior investors. 

Facts of FDR

- He was related to his own wife.

-Born on January 30, 1882, in Hyde Park, New York

-He became the 32nd U.S. president in 1933 

-He was the only president to be elected four times.

-In his first 100 days, President Franklin D Roosevelt called for a "New Deal" for the Americans.

-He was invited to run for New Yorks state senate, while senate he opposed the Democratic political machine.


Program effects on the Economy:

-The SEC increases the trust in the U.S. stock market

-It makes it easier for companies to go public 

-Makes it safer to buy stocks and funds

-Helps make the high standard of living