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Selenium Heroe's                     Journey








The iron beast was a kid that lived on a small island near a beach with his best friend and sidekick robin the dog. He couldn’t play with other kids because he scared them because he was made up of all rocks. So him and Robin played by the beach everyday with only each other. Whenever they would hear other kids come close they would have to hide because they would get scared of him. Sometimes grown ups tried to hurt him because they were scared of him. One day when him and Robin were playing by the water,  they heard cries for help. Robin warned him that he could get hurt by someone else going out in public, but he didn't listen to him, he liked to help people. While running out to the cries of help, he saw a kid that was struggling to get out of deep water. While being made up out of all rock he had no fear,  and knew that he couldn’t get hurt. He walked straight into the water and grabbed the boy. While he pulled the kid up to shore, people started to surround them. Everyone was looking at the iron beast as he checked on the kid. The kid that he saved name was Mark. Everyone was afraid of the iron beast, but not Mark.

The iron beast asked him why he was in the deep part of the water if he couldn’t swim. Mark told him that he was looking for buried treasure that wasn’t very far from the shore. Mark told them that he had came up with a perfect to get buried treasure. But Robin wasn’t sure that he could trust Mark. So he threw a bag of fake money, and an inhaler that belonged to the Iron Giant. They would both be destroyed if Mark didn’t choose one quickly. If he chose the inhaler, then they knew that Mark could be trusted. And if he chose the bag of money then they knew that he could not be trusted. But as soon as Mark dove into the water, he ignored the bag of money, and swam straight to the inhaler. They both knew at that moment that Mark is a true friend, and can be trusted. So they followed Mark's plan to get the treasure, and it went as planned. So they took some of the reasure and went home. They have became the three best friends in the world, and will al ways live happily ever after