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Twelve apostoles, Australia

           The Twelve Apostles

The twelve apostles are famous coastal landform in the Port Campbell National park, created by the costant erosion from the waves to the softer limestone.

This erosion formed caves in the cliff, these caves became bigger and formed arches that collapsed leaving only a stack.

Originally the highest stack was 75 meters while now the highest is 45 meters.

Every year, 2cm at the base of the stones are being eroted.

2003 before collapse                                  2010 after collapse


What are they?


Where are they?

This place is in Australia, Victoria in the Campbell National Park

38.6621° S 143.1051° E  

 It isn't too far from Melbourne and by car it's only two hours

What can you do here?

This is a very touristic place where you can do many activities like:

-fishing trip


-a flight over the twelve apostles

-water sports like:snorkeling, diving, surfing, sea kayaking, canoeing

 on the official site of the place,, there are also a lot of offers for the families.