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Dedicated To My 5th Grade Class



Lowland Tapir


By: Cason Patrick


Published on February 6, 2017 in Mrs. Scotts Reading Class

Chapter            Title                 Page

  Chapter 1                   Where Does it Live ?            6

  Chapter 2           Size/Invertebrate or Vertebrate    8                 Chapter 3              Eating Habits                              10

  Chapter 4              Adaptions                                     12

  Chapter 5              Description                                    14           Chapter 6              Interesting Facts                            16                          

Table of Contents

The Lowland Tapir inhabits the South American Rainforests. The Lowland Tapirs specie mainly lives in the Amazon Rainforest. If you have seen a Lowland Tapir it is obvious that it lives in the forest floor of the Rainforest.

Chapter 1-Where Does The Lowland Tapir live?

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The Lowland Tapir can get up to 6 feet long it is very big.  Height at shoulder is 29 to 42 inches (74 to 107 cm). It is 500 to 800 lbs (227 to 363 kg).

Chapter 2- Size/Invertebrate or Vertebrate?


The picture above is a baby Tapir. Which is called a calf.

 Lowland Tapir is a herbivore.They like to feed on herbaceous, vegitation, and fruit.Tapirs eat small branches and leaves as well as fresh sprouts. They pull the food from trees using their teeth and their mobile snout. They also eat fallen fruit and water plants. On mountains, they eat in a zigzag pattern and eat just a little bit from each plant. This method of eating keeps food plentiful. If food is out of reach, they will reach up, with hind feet planted firmly on the ground and front feet pushing against rocks or other natural objects. Lowland tapirs have been reported eating stranded fish in the Amazon. Tapirs tend to eat before the sun rises and after it sets.

Chapter 3- Eating Habits 

Tapirs dont really have an adaptaion to help them survive in the rainforest. What I did find in my research is that a unique feature that the Lowland Tapir has is that it has a fleshy prehensile nose that it uses to grab leaves and even use as a snorkle while swimming.

Chapter4 - Adaptations


The Lowland Tapir is very short and has a long body. It has hooved toes, largish ears, and has a large stiff mane.It is the size of a small pony and when running, resembles the galloping of a horse. They possess large teeth, perfect for grinding up plants and seeds, and a prehensile proboscis or snout, which they use to reach for leaves and fruits.

Chapter 5- Description

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Chapter 6- Interesting Facts

Fun facts about Lowland tapir

  • They can live up to 30 years.
  • They eat mainly plants and fruit. They love bananas!
  • They talk to each other by whistling!
    • Although they resemble pigs they are in fact more closely related to rhinoceroses and horses.
    • They may not look like good swimmers but in facts they are very good at swimming.

My name is Cason Patrick. I was born in Dothan AL on May 22, 2006. I am Ten years old. I am in Mrs. Scotts 5th grade class, I go to Montana Magnet. I love sports especially baseball, football, and soccer. I am dedicated to, every Taco Tuesday, and everyday except Taco Tuesday and TGI Friday.

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