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It will explains about 5 common injuries that happen it dances classes and how to prevent it from happen

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5 common injuries 


Dancers are exposed to risk factors for injuries. the type of dance and frequence of the classes,rehearsals and performances, duration of training, environmental conditions, individual dancer body alignment and nutritional deficiencies are some common issues that can cause an dance injuries.

Dance injuries comes with bleeding. severe pain,loss of sensation or increase of weakness other pain injuries is due to overused or mild injuries can be treated by rest or by just taking pain killers like ibuprofen. swelling and pain can be treated with ice or heat therapy.

1st injury 


Stretch and do proper warm up.


Back muscle pain: One of the quickest heal, its caused by muscular stains, ligament sprains it's when pain arise suddently by loading of your spain. some symptoms are back stiffness, back pain onset, back muscles tenderness. 

2nd injury

Knee injuries (Patellofemoral pain syndrome) is a dull pain around the front knee where it conects with the lower end of the thigh bone know as the femur. 




Stretches, warm ups and maintain strenght 

3rd injury