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"People Come Before Profit" 




Early Life

    George was born on April 14, 1964, in Austin,Texas. His mother and father are Molly and Frank Finnington. He has 2 brothers and 3 sisters. He lived on a farm until he was 10, so he is a hard worker.



In high school, he attended Washington Metropolitan High. During school, he took a government class that got him interested in politics.  He attended Harvard University for college.



After he graduated, he got elected to the House of Representatives.He has passed many bills and feels he is very experienced.


Current Family

Now he and has a wife and 2 kids, one boy Noah and a girl Sophia. George Finnington now lives in Grays Harbor in Washington D.C He now wants to become president of the United States.


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George Finnington

Snapshot Bio 







  • Less taxes so people can meet their needs         

 Gun Control

  • Stronger gun control because there have been 20,000 shootings this year        


  • Give more money to our Navy and help other countries financially


  • Tax money to public schools since 5.04 million kids attend them 


  • Utilize renewable energy and turn away from fossil fuels



Political Issues

  • George has a very strong interest in technology.


  • He enjoys eating ribs.


  •  George likes to play the French Horn in his free time.       


  • He also loves dogs and he has 3!


  • George enjoys coaching a minor league basketball team for his kids.

5 Interests of George Finnington