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Pet Day at School  Written by Lorraine Wilson Illustrated by Luke Huitt
Last Friday was pet day at our school.
All the children were allowed to bring their pets to school. In the morning, everyone had to keep their pets in the classr...
Terry put his pet spider in the teacher   s drawer. The teacher kept away from his drawer.
Ali   s donkey could just squeeze between the tables.
Maria had her rabbit in a cardboard box. Nick   s cat sat on his knee while he did his work.
George   s dog would not sit still. He barked at Maria   s rabbit and chased Nick   s cat around the room.
George kept saying,    Sit Brownie, sit Brownie   . Brownie kept chasing the cat around the room.
After lunch all the children stayed out in the yard.
Each pet owner collected a number for his or her pet and then paraded in front of everybody.
Brownie would not parade with George. He barked at Nick   s cat and the cat ran away.
He barked at Mary   s pet cockatoo and the cockatoo flew away.
All the people voted for the pet they liked the best.
Ali   s donkey got the most votes.
I don   t have a pet. My mum says there are too many people in our house now, without having a pet.
Pet Day at School  a City Kids story Author  Lorraine Wilson Illustrator  Luke Huitt    2016 Wellington  Aust  Pty Ltd The...