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Delsin's Baby Book 

Delsin Ray 

March 27,2014

A. What makes you ready to be a parent?


B.  What if you were pregnant now?


C. How would you feel about becoming a parent now?


D.  Would you feel more ready if you were 20? 30?


E. Would it matter if you were single or married?


F. What kind of lifestyle would help you to be a good parent?

Parent Readiness 

1. Maturity, stablity, financialy stable 

2. I Don't think i would  be able to care for a baby now 

3. I'm not stable enough to become a parent so bad

4. Yes, I would be stable enough to take care of a child then 

5. No, but i would like to be married 

6. A good lifestyle i want to be stable.






Spina Bifidia 



Origin- Old French 

Meaning- A stream or a king 


Origin- American Indian

Meaning-He is so 


Delsin Ray 

March 27, 2014

Julianne Anderson






Scenario: A clean house is important to you. You aren’t getting any housework done.

3 Possible Solutions:

1. Feed the baby,change the diaper then put him in a rocking swing and do some of the house work.  

2. Ask my husband to help me clean the house or help with the baby while i clean

3. Ask my dad to take the baby while my husbands at work so i can clean

Chosen and reason: I chose solution 2 because it would be easier for my husband to help me then me trying to do it alone or pushing my baby off on my dad. 




Scenario: Your baby seems to be happy only when you are holding her or him

3 Possible Solutions:

1. Keep holding him till he falls asleep

2.  Try laying him in a swing to calm down

3. Pass him off on the husband for a little while

Chosen and reason: i would choose reason number one, because if he’s not crying and is perfectly fine while i’m holding him its fine


Scenario: The “book” says the baby should eat every three or four hours but your baby wants to eat every hours

3 Possible Solutions:

1. Try reading a different book

2. Ask other moms what to do and if thats normal

3. Call the Doctor.

Chosen and reason: I would choose reason number 3 because i think the doctor would no more on the safer side.

4 to 6 weeks 

4-6 week characteristics

1. coos

2. not as much jerkyness

3. Grinning

4. rolling over

5.Holds head up for short time

6. Baby starts sleeping longer.

7. pursing his lips

8. Raising eyebrows

9.Squinting eyes

10. New facial espressions  



Scenario: your baby was born with a lot of hair and now suffers from a condition known as cradle cap- what do you do

3 Possible Solutions:

1. Use enriched botanical oils

2. Use a baby hair brush or your nails to gently scrape and loosen pieces  

3. Baby shampoo and a washcloth

Chosen and reason: i would choose reason number 1 because botanical oils are really good for the babies hair


Scenario:your baby has developed a severe case of diarrhea

3 Possible Solutions:

1.  Call your doctor right away and see if he would want you to come in

2. try changing formula if the baby is on formula

3. make sure to get them lots of breast milk/formula

Chosen and reason: solution 1 because the doctor would know best and tell you what to do


Scenario: your baby won’t stop crying

3 Possible Solutions:

1. Try rocking him in your arms in a rocking chair

2.  try putting him in the swing

3. look for dirty diaper, try bottle, try wrapping them up, see if they want there pacifier

Chosen and reason: i would choose solution number 3 because something might be wrong with the baby so always look before.



10 to 14 weeks 



Scenario: You Don't have the car and you only have three diapers left.

3 Possible Solutions:

1. Call my friend to come pick me up 


2. Have my friend go get the diapers 


3. Have my dad go get the diapers 


Chosen and reason: I would chose solution number 3 because my dad would have no problem helping.



Scenario: your baby isn't sleeping through the night you don't know how much longer you can cope.

3 Possible Solutions: 

1. have your husband take care of the baby 

2. call you parents to take care of the baby 

3. get an all night babysitter.

Chosen and reason: find a all night babysitter. Its better for the baby.




Scenario: Your baby is crying so that she or he is turning red


3 Possible Solutions:


1. call the doctor 


2. call my dad 


3. call a friend with a baby 


Chosen and reason: i would call the doctor to make sure everything is okay and normal.


4 to 5 months 

Baby's vision sharpens

eats less

may notice your baby's attention wanders during his feeds as he is distracted by his surroundings

 baby is more playful now



Scenario: Your baby is waking up to early 

3 Possible Solutions:

1. get up with the baby 

2. put the baby back to sleep 

3. tell you husband to get up with it 


Chosen and reason: i would wake up with the baby 





Scenario: your baby has been quite fussy and nothing you do seems to please her or him 


3 Possible Solutions:


1. rock the baby 


2. take the baby into the doctor to make sure nothing is wrong 


3. call a doctor 


Chosen and reason: i would call a doctor just to make sure the baby is okay 




Scenario: your baby's case of diaper rash has spread to his or her stomach 


3 Possible Solutions:


1. change the diaper every 20 minutes 


2. keep putting more cream on it 


3. ask what a better solution is 


Chosen and reason: change the diaper every 20 minutes.


6 to 7 months 

9 to 10 months 

12 to 13 months