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My favorite person in the word is my best friend Bailey.    Shes always there for me and I love her to death! The reason I chose to do my project on her is because I don't know anyone else i'd rather right about. She's my favorite person ever!    

The most important thing is friendship. Without my best friend than i wouldn't be me. That's why my best friend is the most important person to me. She makes me who i am.   

My favorite hobby would probably hanging out with my friends. We always have so much fun when we are around each other. The feeling is amazing when your together and having the most fun ever. I just love them so much and I wouldn't give them up for anything!      

My favorite food would be chicken wangs all the way. there is nothing better than chicken wangs! i fell in love with chicken wangs when i first ate them. they were just so good. Everytime i eat them i get this happy feeling!