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Ceramics with a mermaid

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    Molly the Mermaid's Wild Trip

Molly the Mermaid lives in the deep blue sea.

She was swimming along and WHACK! Molly hit her tail on a coral reef!

"Oh no!" Molly cried! She turned around and picked up the piece of coral and wondered how she could fix it.

Molly swam back and fourth trying to think of a way to fix the coral. "Wait!" Molly exclaimed. "My Clay!"

Molly remembered how she had clay left over from a coil pot she made a while ago. She swam home, went to her room and found her left over clay.

She started to wedge the clay, then she rolled it, and cut it in half with the wire clay cutter.

Molly checked for the air bubbles and smoothed out the clay for the base. Then she started rolling vertical, horizontal, and spiral coils to decide what ones to use.

After her coils were rolled out, she scored, slip, and knitted them together to shape like the coral she needed to fix.

After she smoothend out the coild all together, she started to add the additive and subtractive detail to make it look like coral.

Soon she was ready to turn her greenware into bisqueware. So she put it into the kiln to fire at 1940 degrees fahrenheit.

she took it out of the bisque fire after 4 hours, and it was ready to be glazed!

After Glazing the pot coral pink, she put it back in the kiln for a glaze fire at 1915 degrees farenheit.

Molly was so happy she could fix the coral with her coil pot! 

The End!