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Simple booklet presentation; By Fiona Lane :) 

To use simplebooklet, you can create an account for free, with your personal email, facbook, gmail account, etc. This is basically a powerpoint, but in book form. You can use this to teach how to solve math problems, writing essays for ELA, and answering our social studies and science questions. When you first click on simplebooklet it will bring you to a log in page, aboue that it will say sign up with Google, facobook, or your personal email. You can choose to add stuff you already copied or you can start with a blank booklet. You can choose between square landscape or portrait. 

How We can use simplebooklet for any class;

Simple booklet can also be a fun way to organize any thoughts or ideas you may have

you can structure your writing on here, organize your plans, you can even make an agenda, and even collages

The Chritsmas carol. As you all know in Ela we read the play A Christmas Carol. The Christmas Carol is story about an old grumpy man whos life revolves around money, money, and only money. But this all chnages when 3 spirits, past, present, and future come visit him and make him realize all mistakes he had made, this is when it all changes for the better. Scrooge becomes a better person, happier,kinder, more loving, more caring, and most importantly most helpful.