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The Path to Digital Citizenship 

By Bryan Wood

Blog - Is a website that is updated daily and is ran by a group or by one person.


Flaming - Is a hostile interraction between two internet users often involves insults and profanity.


P2P - P2P ( Peer-to-peer) computing is a distributed application separates task or work loads between peers.


Phishing - Is the act of defrauding an online account holder of financial infomation by pretending as a company.


Podcast - A digital audio file made available on the internet for downloading on a device.


Aggregator - A website that collects related items of content and displays them.





Digital Life 101

fg1. Use a unique password for each of your important accounts.


2. Protect your infomation by making a password that makes sense to you but not to others.


3. Don't use personal infomation like names or age.


3. Don't y..... 


2. Protect your info


 1. identify yourself


 2. Include a subject line


 3. Avoid sarcasm


 4. Respect other's privacy


 5. Acknowledge and return messages


 6. Copy with caution 


 7. No spam


 8. Be concise



 Be smart about what you put on the internet cause you never know who is looking at it.


Nothing is temporay and there is no take backs and a lot of what you say online can be retrieved even if you delete it.


Don't post mean or insulting things on the internet cause it may be funny then but later on it won't be as funny if someone sees it and could cause harm.



Protect Yourself Online

Digital Piracy is stealing from those who created musics, movies,or software from their owners.


This causes a problem for artists who make a living in the entertainment business and lose money that they need and some artist share the music for free but its for hope that consumers buy and support the artist in the end.


 Digital Piracy

1. Don't provide any personal infomation like were you live and address number.


2. Tell your parents if you come across anything that makes you uncomfortable.


3. Always ask your parents before you post a picture or something .


4. Never give out your password to anyone.


5. Never agree to meet with someone online.

Social Media

Is the use of digital communication to bully a person by sending messages of an insulting or threatening manner.


Cyberbullying can cause many problems to others and could cause a great deal of harm.


Establish rules about appropriate use of computers, cell phones, and other technology. 


1. Always think about what you put on your post.


2. Keep your password safe and a secert to others.


3. Think about the people who will sees your post.


4.Tell your parents if you are being cyberbullied.




( How To Protect Yourself)