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 Work Progress Administration

The Work Progress Administration was a program for the unemployed that was created in 1935 under U.S president Franklin D. Roosevelt's New deal.


The purpose of the program was to provide useful work for millions of victims of the Great Depression. And thus to preserve their skills and self-respect. 

Maya Gamertsfelder 

The Work Progress Administration was known as a relief. It gave people a way to still make the little money that they were to somewhat live on.

The program was around for eight years from 1939 -1943.

  More Information on the WPA

-The Work Progress Administration was a program where people that were out of jobs because of The Great Depression. Could go and be chosen to work to make money. In the eight years that the WPA was running for 8.2 million people worked. over 11 million people were unemployed in 1935. WPA also sponsored the National Youth Administration which helped young people find part time jobs. In the year of  1939, they changed the name to Work projects Administration. 

-The Work progress Administration was only around for eight years. Started May 6th, 1935 and ended on June 30th. Because in the last years they started to become permit jobs for the workers and there were not as many people without jobs. So they made anyone that had a job become long-term jobs. There for the economy was coming back to somewhat together. 

-FDR died from a stroke on April 12th, 1945

-He was the only president to serve four terms

-FDR had six children but one died a young age 

- In the first 100 days that he was in office, he signed 14 different bills so that the law could be passed 

-He was technically related to his wife 

-FDR was governor of New York before becoming president

-He only had a half blood brother 

-He was born on January 30th of 1882

-He created the Social Security act  

- One of FDR major accomplishments was the creations of the social security 


Unemployment rate Down 

Government spending stayed the same

GDP up

Confidence building up

Role of Government up