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Timed Writing #3

Pride and Prejudice is my favorite movie because of the era it takes place in and the romance between the two main characters. Also, because there is another movie that is based off of this movie called Bride and Prejudice. Which so happens to be a movie I was obsessed with when I was a child.
The romance between the two main characters is truly fascinating to watch develop. It starts with the two finding each other interesting. The problem is that neither one of them wants to admit it to each other. Until one day Mr. Darcy, the male main character, confesses his love for her. She on the other hand, for some reason, doesn't say it back. In fact she even gets insulted.
 The rest of the movie is awkwardness between the two. One day she is out with her family and they suggest to go to Mr. Darcy's home because it is a sight to see. She of course doesn't want to go but is convinced to go. Turns out that Mr. Darcy is there and end up running into each other. The rest is history. They do end up together.  
The movie Bride and Prejudice is a spine off of Pride and Prejudice. Where it's basically the same as the originally but it's modern time in Indian and is highly focused on marriage.Another, highly obvious difference, is the fact that Bride and Prejudice is more of a musical.

Timed writing #2

What is it about?  Why do you like it?  Why should everyone read it?  Include a picture if you like.

My favorite book would have to be the Divergent from the Divergent series. That would have to be my favorite book because it has action, teen romance and conflict with authority. 
>Divergent is about a young girl that never fit into her "faction". She basically always craved action and adventure but was never able to do so. Her community facts all the 16 year old take a test that tells them what faction they best fit into. Long story short, she doesn't pick her faction. She falls in love with a boy in her new faction. Also, an adult that runs one of the faction is trying to get rid of her kind. Because she is special. She fights them and at the end of the book, it ends on a cliff hanger. 
>> I like it because of the actin and romance. 
>>>Everyone should read it because it's out of the ordinary but it's not so crazy that while you're reading the book, that you're questioning everything.    

Timed writing #1

Yes, People who graduate from high school and wish to go to college should have not only the change but also the opportunity to go to college. I believe that if you want to go to college, then there shouldn't be any reason why someone wouldn't be able to go college.  Even if college isn't something that you're not interested in, If it's something that you don't want to do, I recommend that you apply and just have to opportunity to go. You could easily change your mind and all of a sudden want to go.
College is a very important part in our era. It's something that ,honestly, you need to do if you want to go far in this world. Sure, there are the few ones that don't go to college and still end up doing very successful things in there life. Don't rely on that for your future. You have to work hard to get to were you want to go in your life. If you have that drive and will and you truly want to go to college, then there shouldn't be anyone or anything to get in your way of accomplishing that.

Timed Writing #4

The type of music i chose to talk about is Hip Hop. More specifically Pop Hip Hop or Trending Hip Hop. I chose to talk about this because I  have really been into this type of music lately. With this type of music it really depends on the song but there is a lot of piano, drums, and other procession instruments. Another element involved with this type of music is back up singing. The back up singers have a way of making the songs sound must more appealing. The vocal style is a mixture of rap and singing. The rap is kind of dull sounding but the music in the back ground has away of making the song sound some kind of way.
 With rap music there are some unfriendly topics that are rapped about. I know this but i chose to still listen to it. I chose to still listen to rap because I like how the music sounds. I also think that i listen to it so much because of the people I hang around. The people that you hang out with have an influence on the type of music that you listen too. I think that's one of the many reasons why i listen to rap. Another reason would be that i actually enjoy listening to it. In some ways it makes me laugh because of the beats that the artist are able to come up with. Lastly, another reason I listen to rap is because of the stories that are hidden in the songs. Lots of rap songs talk about what the rapper has gone through and how he or she was able to persevere. They talk about how people have used them, how they seen things that should never been seen and much more.
 I'm not saying in anyway that you should love this song. i think that it's the type of song that you should give a chance. In more than one way I'm sure that it'll surprise you.Maybe even shock you but how will you know if you like it or not if you don't even give it a chance.

Timed Writing #5

When having to decide which holiday is better, comparing Christmas to thanksgiving, I would have to pick thanksgiving. The reason I picked thanksgiving instead of Christmas is that for thanksgiving it is more of an all day thing that involves many people. Which means you're around the people you love all day. From planning a meal, to preparing it, than to spending many hours making it and lastly eating it. It's an all day activity with lots of food, family and friends. Sure Christmas is great for getting surprises but after that there isn't anything to look forward to in the day besides a nice dinner. Thanksgiving you get so much more as in love, food and laughter. Over all Thanksgiving to be is over all better than Christmas to me.

Self Reflection

I already took the ACT and I found that before I went in to take it I took ALOT of deep breathes. I also found myself trying really hard not to think. For me I feel that if I start to think of things, than I'll end up scaring myself and  will most likely think that I can't do it and end up not doing my best. An area that is most challenging for  me is that I can scare myself into think that I can't when I really can. Which always seems to mess me up and flop on my test.


My name is Angelina Rivera. I'm 16 years old and I go to Veritas High School. 

>I'm passionate about anything that seems to capture my attention. One of the many things that I like to do is go out and try things that I 've never done before. 
>>I like the idea of going places and meeting new people along the way. I like the idea of  doing things that I've never tried before. There's something about exploring the world that I find very captivating. 
>>>I try my hardest to accomplish whatever I thought that I could never do. 
>>>>I try my hardest to discover new things. I like to experience things that aren't everyday normal to me but is what people around the world would call normal.

Angelina Rivera

  • Great conclusion and introduction
  • Proof Read needed
  • Nice set up of writing
  • Could have used more back ground book information
  • Nice connections made here
  • Work on specified introduction
  •  Proof Read needed
  • Great use of video skills


  • Nice introduction
  • Solid supporting points
  • Clearer conclusion



Self Reflection

I can be strong when I believe in myself. For example if there's a sudden test that I have to take, if im confident in my skills for that class, then I have no problem taking it and I end up passing with flying colors. but usually im not confident in my academic skills like on a scale from 1-10 im at 0 with my schooling. I try hard with trying to do critical thinking when trying to solve a problem, but with the way I am now I know that I HAVE to try harder. When it comes to test taking I get so terrified that i'm absolutely convinced that ill fail and then I actually end up failing. Words like; TEST, or EXAM scare the hell out of me and ever since I became a high school student the three letters ACT have haunted me in my dreams.


Timed Writing 5

Which is better fall or winter?

I think that winter is better, because I love cold weather and snow. whenever I see snow I feel very at ease and like no wrong could happen in such beautiful weather. Although fall does give you a very calm feel as well as winter. But because I live in Wisconsin and how our weather is crazy I really can't stand hot weather I hate sweating and feeling sticky and in winter I don't have to worry about that. so winter is best!

Timed Writing 3

My favorite movie would have to be Wolf Children because it has a beautiful family movie feel to it. Wolf children is an animated movie that involves a young woman in college and a werewolf falling in love although they are very different she accepts their differences and they become one. The female heroines name is Hana-san ( played by Aoi Miyzaki-san). She makes me love the movie even more simply because she is an incredible mother, if I had children one day I pray that id be exactly like her. She becomes a mother of two and right after her second child her lover the werewolf died trying to get food for them. She suffers so much trying to raise her children and yet she never gives up. She suffers because human kids are way different than werewolf kids and when they got sick she couldn't take them to the hospital because she didn't want them to be taken away and made into projects for scientist. Later she puts her children Ame-chan ( the boy) and yuki-chan ( the eldest, girl) in school and by time they reached the 5th grade they had already grown up. One of them leaves home and decides to be a wolf and the other becomes a human. 

Timed Writing 4

This song is by Nicki Minaj- grand piano. First off I'd have to say if you don't like Nicki this song will change your entire perspective of her its very different from what she usually writes/sings. The tone is so calm and welcoming ( welcoming as in it'll pull you in) it has the ability to put you in tears until you fall asleep. Personally Nicki isn't my favorite artist but I truly like her and after this song I think she at my top 5 when it comes to music. When I first heard the grand piano I didn't even realize that Nicki was the one singing it. This song is about a woman been deceived by a man, or a man being deceived by a woman. And that's another reason I love it because I points out one of the main struggles in life and that's love. weather its to be loved or to love someone else. its hard to find someone you want to be with and even harder to find someone to be with you. hearing this song is like looking at ones heart it can be unbearably beautiful or just unbearable. I most defiantly think that EVERYONE should listen to this song.

All about me! :)

Hello, I'm Queen I'm a junior at Audubon technology communication center and I'm also a huge nerd lol. later I intend to go to college to be an entrepreneur and open my own manga shop!!!!! Anime and manga is something that I want to share with the whole Wisconsin area. These are two things that make me extremely happy and I want to share that with everyone.
 some people may have never heard of a manga shop but what it is, is basically a small library/ café but with private rooms that you can watch anime in or sleep and honestly how cool is that!! this is something that my fellow Otaku's will certainty enjoy.
I also play clarinet, violin, cello and I'm trying to find someone to teach me piano.

Anime Queen



  • Work on capitaliing
  • Try not to start sentences with Because


  • Nice explinations
  • Very open and easy to read



  • Great introduction
  • Good explinations
  • Nice tone to paper
  • Make sure were capitalizing after periods.
  • talked alot about negitives instead of positives ( would have liked even balance)

Which Holiday Is Better: Thanksgiving or Christmas?

     It's about that time of the year where the holidays come rolling in. November and December seem to be very popular for 2 different holidays, Christmas and Thanksgiving. People celebrate these two holidays in different ways. Sometimes both holidays could mean totally different things against each other. Which one is my favorite? That's a hard one... If it totally came down to one answer I'd have to say Christmas is my favorite holiday because, there's a lot of food, I get to see family I don't see every year, and because... PRESENTS! 
      During Christmas there's always going to be food. There's the Christmas ham, meatloaf, cookies, crackers and sausage, Man! It's like a whole feast! My family loves to cook and I like the Christmas food a lot more then Thanksgiving food. I personally think Turkey isn't the best and to be honest I'm not much of a leftover fan. Yeah, Thanksgiving is where the "real" feast comes out, but not if you don't like the type of food that's made... I personally only eat a small piece of turkey and some mashed potatoes with a biscuit for Thanksgiving. Like I said, Christmas food is better.
       During Christmas I get to see all my family. I go to about five different places during Christmas break. I get to see my moms step-moms side of the family (I only get to see them about once or twice a year), I get to see my Uncle Tim (I like to call him Uncle Baldy), then i get to see my birth uncle, and my moms dads side of the family all at different times. Christmas and family reunions is really the only time I get to hang out with these people that I love. During Thanksgiving everyone is busy with people that live closer to them and things like that so I normally have my grandpa and maybe my two uncles. So I like Christmas because I get to see all of my family. 
       The last reason I like Christmas is because of PRESENTS! I like getting new things to start off the new year. It makes me happy to bond with a bunch of family members while opening presents. I also like the presents part because I tend to get extra because my birthday is only four days after Christmas! My family thinks that now that I'm older all I want is money for Christmas, don't get me wrong, I love getting money but sometimes, I like the surprise(: Thanksgiving you don't really get the excitement of opening present but you do get the excitement of being thankful for everyone that you love and loves you around you, and plus.. I get extra excited around Christmas because m,y birthday! 
        Thanksgiving and ChChristmas are two very important holidays. Two holidays I think everyone should love celebrating and take the time to spend time with everyone they love and that loves you. But it just so happens that my favorite is ChChristmas because the food, Family time, and present. Don't get me wrong, I love both holidays, but Christmas is just a little bit better in my opinion.(:


Timed Writing #3

          Nicholas Sparks' The Best of Me is my favorite movie because it shows that there is a thing called true love and there's always going to be someone there for you to help you through rough times. It also shows you that if you guys ever separate, there's always a chance you guys will come back together.
          Throughout The Best of Me, Dawson and Amanda come together because someone that was close to them passed away. The man helped them all throughout their life and Dawson and Amanda were high school sweet hearts until something tragic happened. They meet 21 years later and they have flashbacks of their love life. Dawson was abused all of his life by his father until he finally took a stand and that's when Amanda was there for him. When Amanda and Dawson met 21 years later, they started to fall back in love.
         This movie has the saddest but sweetest ending. It'll tug at your heartstrings. The movie The Best of Me shows that there's always going to be someone there for you in the toughest times. It's a most watch movie with the cutest ending.


Timed Writing #1


Should all people go to college when they graduate high school? If yes, why? If not, why not?

When people graduate high school everyone expects them to go to college right away. I think that going to college will expand your knowledge on things that you never really knew or maybe things that you already knew about. Going to college after high school is honestly the best route to go. 

I think if you go to college after graduating you'll be able to have more opportunities in life. With most jobs these days you need some type of diploma other then your high school one in order to work, if you want a good job. Going to college might be expensive but I think that in the long run it's worth it. People say that high school is a really good experience and all but I think that going to college would be a better experience. I mean you get to learn more about the things you already know and you get to learn a lot more new things. I honestly think that going to college should be kind of required  for at least a year of college that way you can expand your knowledge a little more than what you already know.  




Chicken Little


All About me

             My name is Virginia. I'm a really sporty person.
         Softball is my favorite sport, my nickname is Chicken Little. I'm really good with children, I love hanging out with them and helping them in anyway that i can. My biggest goal is to graduate high school with my  IB Full Diploma that way I am able to get college credits.  
  • Stronger conclusion needed
  • Nicely stated 


  • Very good conclusion
  • Very convincing 


  • Nice Introduction
  • Good peronal/ background addition
  • Careful for run on sentences


Timed Writing 5   

Christmas is a better holiday than thanksgiving. Don't get me wrong Thanksgiving is really nice, you get to eat all the turkey you can and spend it with family. Christmas trumps that because you do all of that and more! On Christmas you get to decorate a tree, listen to great holiday music, and get gifts! It's everything Thanksgiving is and more. There isn't Thanksgiving music or a thanksgiving tree. Everyone decorates their houses and colorful lights with inflatable snowmen in their yards. That's an image you'll never get to see on Thanksgiving. Another thing that makes Christmas better is it's the celebration of the birth of the sun of God, and I think that's a little bit more important then Columbus's first big dinner with the Indians.

Self Assesment

     I will bring a few different strengths in reading, writing, and the test taking ACT- practice. A lot of people say they do good as an excuse to wait until the last minuet to do something or not to study, but I really do good under pressure. When I'm taking a test and I have already studied and I feel the pressure of how important the test could be i.e. the ACT I tend to do well. Another test taking strength I have is that I'm really good with the process of elimination. I can eliminate outrageous answers right away to make the right answer a little easier to determine. 
    Some of the weaknesses I have when it comes to reading,writing, and test taking ACT- practice is I rush a lot. Sometimes I get so afraid that I won't finish I go too fast through the test and make small silly mistakes. When I do that I'll forget to capitalize an I or add a comma, etc. Another weakness I have is that sometimes I stay up too late cramming and I get super sleepy through a test to the point where I might actually doze off a few times while I'm doing it. I will continue to strengthen my strengths and work on my weakness so I can have be the ideal test taker. 

Timed Writing 3

My favorite book is called A Deeper Love Inside and it's by Sister Souljah. The book is an urban novel about a young girl named Porsche. The story is starts off with Porsche around eight or nine years old living in the Bronx. Porsche's father is a huge drug dealer, the biggest drug dealer in the Bronx, and Porsche and her sisters and her mother are treated like queens. Her father has men that wait on everyone hand and foot resulting in all of them to be a little out of touch with reality. Porsche has an older sister named Winter whom she looks up to and she is surrounded by so much love but always finds her self striving for more. The whole book quickly turns from good to bad and from bad to worse. Porsche's dad gets put in jail, all their assets are taken by the police and her whole life is upside down. Without her father her mother, weak and overwhelmed turns to drugs, her oldest sister Winter being spoiled her entire life does her own thing and when the authorities find out they take Porsche and her two younger siblings and put them into foster homes. Porsche begins to act on anger and eventually hurting someone and being sent to juvy. After Porsche is in juvy for a total of two years (without hearing from any of her family members at all) she comes across a group of girls that are eventually going to escape and help her escape. Although she does escape being through so many traumatic situations at still a very young age she does form anorexic and schizophrenia habits. When she gets out of jail she expects to find her family waiting on her with open arms and their assets retrieved and she is in for a very rude awakening. When she finds her mom after lots of searching she doesn't find the beautiful graceful woman that she remembers. her mother is a full on addict and for the rest of the story she struggles with being a loving happy person when she has received so little love and happiness. In the end everything sort of works out but she learns to cope with things and love herself and others even if she hasn't always received love herself. This is the best book I have ever read, I laughed cried and got so inspired by this book, it has vulgar language but its a page turner and I swear if you give it a chance it'll be worth the read!

Magnificent Marissa 


My name is Marissa.G, I am a very ambitious and goal driven young woman. I love fashion and that's mostly what my blog will consist of. My goal in life is to conquer everyday beautifully and fearlessly, like Beyonce.


  • Like how you added a weakness and then a strengh
  • Very nice conclusion


  • Watch run on sentences
  • Very nice word choice



  • Good descriptions
  • Could use a solid introduction
  • Not sure how Chris Columbus fits in here


Timed Writing #3

 A review from a favorite movie
No Strings Attached is one of my favorite movies because it combines a friendship and a relationship point of view. If you watch this movie it made seem unrealistic because the way it begins makes no sense at all. Two people will never be able to pull the "friends with benefits" thing. Why? Because its something that will never work for anybody period. The reason i come to this conclusion is because I've seen it in real life with people that I don't personally know but things do get out.  The way the movie tries to give the viewer this point of view is very interesting because the actors come out as normal friends and then they become more but not something significant one might say a couple with out a label.
 Timed Writing 5
Thanksgiving or
In my opinion I honestly think that Thanksgiving is so much better than Christmas.Why? A lot of people take things for granted and the thing i love about Thanksgiving is that you spend time with your family and even if  you really don't want to you have to sit through a whole meal and share things and connect as a family. Thanksgiving has always been a holiday to share with the family and no matter who sits with you that day you have to consider that you only have one family and you have to be thankful for that no matter what. The only reason why i have such a strong feeling about this is because a lot of personal things happened to me this year and it allowed me to be in a place where i am very happy to have finally see how a real family works and what the meaning of a true family is. I think that Thanksgiving was created to be with family and be happy and enjoy your time as one. Don't get me wrong i believe that Christmas is amazing a lot of religion comes with it. Its an amazing time as well but i feel like people look forward to a lot of things and they get let down. Its as if they have high expectations and they get let down at the end of everything. Christmas is only a good holiday if you see a good meaning but for me thanksgiving has a lot more meaning. I guess one can say my feelings are personal to the Holiday. 

Timed Writing #1


Should all people go to college when they graduate from high school? If yes, why? If no, why not? 

Should people go to college when they graduate from high school? I believe that its a yes and no kinda answer because there is no right or wrong answer. Going to college after you graduate from high school should be your option and maybe your parents depending on how you look at your own life. Some students believe that going to college right after graduating is a good thing to do for a couple of reasons. One is because that way you don't forget anything that you learn in high school. A second one is that if you decide to take a break from going straight to college after you graduate and get involve with other things you might loose interest in school. As a person we all know that life gets in the way no matter what you can't control  everything in our life's. 

Others say that no, not everybody should go to school after graduating from high school. Some people decide to just give up on school after the 4 worst years of their life's. Some sort of spark just dies and they give up just like nothing which is a very upsetting thing. Other people don't go to college after they graduate high school because they can't afford it and deiced to take a year off of collage to try to save up for college. Some people don't always have the money or the grades to go to college and they really want to attend college but cant so that's why they take that break from college.

All About Me

 My name is Anayeli Santos, but people call me Jelly. I am 17 years old, my birthday is on September 3, 1998. I attend Ronald Reagan high school, I am  a junior. A few things about my self; I am a kinda of a tall person, I am 5'8'' so maybe tall. I also like to play a lot of sports soccer, basketball, softball, tennis, thats all the ones I can think of. I am very caring, out going, fun, interesting, amazing, adorable, and one of a kind girl. I can honestly say that nobody can ever compare to me, once you meet me you will never ever forget about me, because I am unforgettable. I forgot to mention I like to talk about my self sometimes. The last thing that I want to say is that I love learning new things and I am always ready for new experiences.

Jellow Mellow

  • Nice ideas
  • Work on expanding vocabulary
  • Watch run on sentences
  • Nice point about the meaning of Christmas
  • Good descriptions
  • Watch proper word usage       (come vs came)



The ACT is really important so I want to make sure I know everything I will need to do. For the practice ACT I will bring my skills of positive attitude, managing my time, neatness, a good nights sleep, and checking over my work. To start, A positive attitude is important because because I could make myself think that I can't do it and I really won't be able to do it. Also, Time management is important because it will save time for the hard stuff. I will read the questions before I read the passage and start with the easy ones. Next, Neatness is important because if my hand-writing isn't legible on the writing section or I don't erase the wrong answer all the way on the bubble sheet I am probably going to lose points.Furthermore,  A good night sleep is important because I don't want to fall asleep while doing the test or I could just be too tired to focus and spend my time daydreaming. Lastly, checking over everything is important because what if I skipped a question or put the answer for number 11 in the number 12 bubble. I would definitely be screwed. These are all of the strategies I could think of at the time. 

The most challenging area for me would be the reading section of the test with the long passages. I tend to over analyze things or they would just be too boring to read. Another challenging area is the writing portion because getting my ideas do take me awhile. I suck at T-charts I can never think of really good stuff to say or find evidence to back it up. Science is really challenging too because it never make sense. I find it funny that Science feels hard but I do the best on it. 


Timed Writing #3


The Wiz is my favorite movie because it takes a shy girl, named Dorothy, who isn't completely satisfied with her life into an alternate and showed her other people ad their problems. For example, the brainless scarecrow, the heartless tin man, and the cowardly lion. It shows her that she needs to come out her shell and start to embrace her life.

My favorite movie is The Wiz because it helps a shy girl come out of her shell and she also helped some other people with their dreams and self esteem. To start, she met the scarecrow, who was being told by some crows that he wasn't anything and all he was going to be able to do was stay on the pole. She helped him by taking him to the Wiz. Also, she met the tin man who wanted a heart but was trapped in a circus. She got him out and also took him to the Wiz. Lastly, Dorothy met the cowardly lion, who was shunned from the forest, because he was a coward. She took him to the wiz while overcoming some great obstacles. Like evil eve the with and the flying monkeys.

All in all, The Wiz is my favorite movie because it takes a shy girl into an alternate world and she meets some peculiar people that she will later on help face their problems. She helped them with their self esteem by telling them that what they can and have already done and had when they were let down by The Wiz. The Wiz helped me to never doubt myself and helped me when I felt I wasn't worthy.

Timed Writing #4

The song I chose is I'd rather go blind by Beyonce.Ichose this song because it has a slow melody and a tone that is close to a bad break up. This drums,bass guitar, and what I think is a trumpet or something close to it  gives off a sad and gloomy mood. I would say that it has a rhythm that is close to RnB. The instruments, ryhtym, and Beyonce's voice just makes you sympathize for her.

One topic that I remember every time I hear this song is a man cheating and her finding out. Which gives the song a theme of giving up but still holding on. That might be confusing because it contrasts the other idea but it works for this song. Beyonce was sad that he was leaving and didn't want to see him leave, so she would rather be blind to remember their past memories. She said "I love you so much that I don't want to watch you leave me. Most of all I just don't wanna be free." She wanted to hold on to him forever because of the love she thought they shared.  

I think that girls that are in this type of predicament  should watch the movie and listen to this song because it helps you because you know that you aren't the only one who fell in love with someone Else's husband. 


Timed writing #5

I think that Christmas is better than Thanksgiving because you get present and food, you sing Christmas carols however thanksgiving is nice because you get lots of food. To start, Christmas is better than Thanksgiving because you get both foods and presents. You basically get the best of both worlds it is like your birthday and Thanksgiving put together. Also, Christmas is better than Thanksgiving because of all of the awesome songs you sing. For example, deck the hall and jingle bells are my favorites and can put me in a better mood. Although Christmas is better there are still some good points about Thanksgiving. Like you get more food because half the money isn't spent on presents and the next day is Black Friday which means sale at every single store. If it wasn't for thanksgiving Thursday there wouldn't be a Black Friday. in conclusion, Thanksgiving is a good holiday but I think that Christmas is Better by like a few points.

All in all, Christmas is better than Thanksgiving . Just think about would you rather pig put for the rest of your life or pig out and get new toys, clothes and games for the rest of your life. I would rather get new stuff and pig out but that's just me. Honestly I do think that Christmas is better than Thanksgiving because you get present and food, you sing Christmas carols however thanksgiving is nice because you get lots of food.


Zany Thoughts

HELLO!!!!!! I am the creator of Zany thoughts and I'm gonna tell you all about moi. I am sixteen(16) years old. My zodiac sign is a cancer so if u don't like it bye....JK. This blog is going to be crazy and random. Basically something to keep my peeps entertained. I love to read and listen to music and sometimes hang out with my friends. I think I that's all I have to say adios, hasta la vista, ta-ta for now.

  • Nice stratagies and struggles listed
  • Wish there was a solid conclusion.
  • Nice Descriptions
  • 2nd paragraph had some clashing ideas
  • Alot of unneccesary words
  • Repeted the same sentence in different words.
  • Lots of unneccesary information 



  • Could use solid intro
  • Nice comparision

Timed Writing 1

Should all people go to college? 
  I believe that college isn't for everyone as like other people prefer tea than coffee.
 Other people prefer doing other things after high school and others decide to go to college. It is important to attend college in my opinion, education is amazing and for those that have the opportunity to pursue it should do it but then again many people have other things going on for them. Steve Jobs dropped out of college I believe? and became very successful with Apple.

I assume that college is very fun! College is where you find your inner self, I've heard. College is where you meet amazing people. One starts to gain experience and one starts to become successful. I'd say go to college! Find ways to go to college! but then again college isn't for everyone. Education is the key and I believe everyone should use that key to open the best doors of their lives.

Timed Writing 3

   The Never Ending Story is one of the best movies I've seen in a while. I'm very fond of it. I remember watching this as a kid. I was very amused by this luck dragon named Falkon; I thought this dragon was a flying dog with very soft, pink-pale fur. I was just very in love with it
    He printed his image in my memory. At the time I didn't know the title of the movie. Until I saw it somewhere on facebook and with much luck I found the movie and download it on my phone.
   This movie, I watched it for the second time and it hit me. Hit me because these characters from the movie were so familiar.

  This movie is basically about a 6 or 7 year old kid who's mother recently died from an unknown cause (I don't exactly remember). He was devastated of course but his father was a guy who wouldn't let his own kid fantasize and be his own persona. His father was basically telling him to stop dreaming and to start living.
This movie has meaning, a message. This message

Timed Writing 5

   Thanksgiving or Christmas 
Many people prefer Thanksgiving and others prefer Christmas.

I am very fond of both and that's because I get to be with my family In Illinois. The bond we all have with each other is bold, warm, and tender. Nothing's better than spending time with family. Being surrounded by the greatest vibes is the only thing that feels real even if it lasts for a while. I capture memories like pictures and the good thing is that I can replay and describe the feeling of not being alone.

But with all honesty I think Christmas is by far the best holiday and it's not only because of the presents and food. I adore Christmas a lot more because things are brighter inside and out the house. The white snow and the colorful lights that lit around the Christmas tree is also one of my favorite things about this holiday. Like I said the bond is real. It is more meaningful because it also symbolizes Jesus's birthday in my religion. There's so many highlights about this holiday.

Thanksgiving is my second favorite holiday. It is like a warm-up, the first family get together's after the summer cook outs. The communication becomes a lot closer.

Self Reflection

What kind of strengths am I bringing to the ACT test?


    Hard question but also a good one. With all honesty I'd say that I can definitely bring my A game. I'm still not sure of what the future consists of but I hope I get a good ACT score.
        I'm definitely bringing patience, staying on task is also a very important strength. I will also make sure to re-read the same question again. These are the three main important ones for me at the moment. If I have more I will make sure to remind myself about them. I am also thankful for receiving a lot of practice from these English classes that I take here at Alverno.
The most challenging areas for me in the ACT would be math and reading.

Timed Writing 2

The reason why I chose this song is because it reminds me of summer. The time I spent with my cousin in two thousand and thirteen. I remember the time we walked around Chicago's downtown. Such a beautiful day it was for shopping, for walking, and for admiring the beauty of it all. It was a day to remember but now it saddens me because winter is coming and I can only remember how fun my summer was two years ago.

All About Me

My parents raised me in Illinois but right after I turned five my parents decided to live in Milwaukee because there was more opportunities here for them to take advantage of. I've been living for so long here and I just grew comfortable for a while. My mom signed me up for school in first grade and I just remember it being strange for me but then again I grew comfortable. I went to school there till I graduated eighth grade.
I started freshmen year in Escuela Verde and let me just say that I feel much better here than I was in any other place, it doesn't feel like my old school. EV made me more functional and so my goals were growing since then. I'm still indecisive but at least I know what I was sort of destined for; I believe that I was given


  • Nice descriptive words
  • Good use of family bonds
  • Could have used a linking factor for paragraphs


  • Great analogy
  • Work on punctuation
  • Meantioned Alverno!!!
  • Nice description of strengths
  • Very powerful, descriptive writing


  • Nice Movie review

Timed Writing #3

      The Gallows is my favorite movie because it's the first horror film the ever made me cry and jump out the seat when I watched it. Twenty years after an accident caused the death of the lead actor during a high school play, students at the same small town school resurrect the failed stage production in a misguided attempt to honor the anniversary of the tragedy-but ultimately find out that some things are better left alone.The scariest part of the movie is at the end when they are where the play is supposed to take place and he walks up the stairs and put the string around his neck. Then the spirit who was killed a couple years ago from that same incident appeared and tightened the rope so that he couldn't move. The spirit then pushed down on the handle to make the floor under the boy fall so he could hang. The girl that was still alive held hands with the spirit, which was her father, and they both bowed at the audience, which was the girls' mother. I think that who ever has not seen this movie to go out and buy it because it's a very good movie even though it scared the crap out of me.



Self -Assessment

The strengths I will bring to practice ACT is a positive attitude and a well-rested body. It's important to be in a good mood around testing time because it affects how you take your test. If your in a mood where you feel not so sure about passing the test then chances are your score wouldn't be the way you want it. But, if your in a positive mood where you feel that your are going to do a good job and pass with flying colors then chances are your score is going to be better than what you expected. If your body is well rested, you think more and your brain works more sufficiently. It works better than when your body is slumped and caved in because you dint get enough sleep last night or didn't have a nice breakfast.

The most challenging parts of the ACT is the Science section. It's difficult because it's numbers everywhere I look and sometimes the questions are confusing to me. Another challenging part of the ACT is the reading section. That is also difficult because there is so much to read in a small amount of time. Some say that it would be easier to read the questions first then read so that you"ll know what to look for. but that doesn't work for everyone.I have a hard time doing thatt"s hard for me to remember the questions and try to figure out what the story is about overall.

Timed Writing#1

I think that all people should have the right to decide for themselves if they want to go to college after graduating high school because every body have their own perspective of college. Some would want to wait until a later time just to have time to focus on other things. Others feel that college puts a lot of pressure on their shoulders because they don't know what career path they want to take and/or they cant afford it. College is basically the route to take if you want to be successful and have a good amount of income.

Timed Writing #4

 The song I chose to write about is Power by Young Thug. This songs' tone is serious and has all different types of beats through out the song. Power is a  mixture of rap and hip-hop that has a  rhythm  not so fast but not as slow. I don't think that there were any specific instruments used in the song just some well put together beats.

 Young Thug discuses the topic of money and how money gives you power because money is everything in life especially in the streets.He also discuses jealousy by talking about when people get jealous of how much of something you have, such as money and power, and wants to be in your spot. So they'll do anything they could to see you fall just to have another chance to be on top.

I think people would like Power by Young Thug because it discuses a topic most people go through such as jealousy and power. This song will make you really think about life in general.

Timed Writing #2

The book Crucible takes place in Salem, Massachusetts. It's about a group a girls who does witchcraft in the woods. Then after they admitted to communicating with the devil, they began to accuse people of Salem of being see with the devil and that they wrote their name in the devils book with their own blood. About 14 people from Salem were arrested and token to jail. If they didn't admit to performing witchcraft, they would be hanged. After one of the girls, Abigail, accused John Proctors wife of performing witchcraft, John admitted to having a sexual affair with Abigail to prove that she was a w****. After he was accused of witchcraft, he didn't want to admit to doing it so he was hanged while singing the pledge of allegiance.

Timed Writing #5

My favorite season is fall because the temperature is not hot neither cold. Summer is always hot and sticky but fall is usually warm and sunny. I don't like a large amount of heat because i being to feel uncomfortable. Neither do I like winter because it gets to cold in Milwaukee to the point that you cant go outside because your fingers are going to freeze to death or that schools are closed for the day. But in the fall I can go have fun outside with my friends with out getting too hot or too cold. I can play in the leaves instead of seeing Santa flying sleigh complaining about all these houses he have to stop at and how heavy his sleigh is from all the presents which none are his.

Chasitys Glorious Blog

The most important thing people should know about me is that I am very funny and cool to be around once you really get to know me. Also that I love food and have many goals in life. One of my goals is to have good grades through out the rest of my high school years. One of my personal goals is to interact more with my peers even if I don't know them.My career goal is to go to college for cosmetology then go back to get my PhD to be a doctor. My favorite subject is math for some reason and my favorite color is pink. 


  • Nice explainations
  • Ending was hard to understand
  • Nice introduction
  • Needs more connecting elements
  • Conclusion should line up with intro
  • Proof Read
  • Watch tenses
  • Not quite understnading how things are fitting together
  • Nice job mentioning mindset

Timed Writing 2

My favorite book is "The Skin I'm In." It's about this character named Maleeka, she wasn't one those girls that had everything she wanted. She lost her dad when she was really young and my mom was doing the best she could for them, she would get clothes from this girl that she thought was her friend. She kept a diary that she would write in; however, she would write it to herself but she would write her name backwards Aleeam. I like this book because it shows a lot of everything, such as betrayal, fights, pain, and everything else you can think of. I think everyone should read this book because its just a interesting book it would open your eyes to a lot of things.

Timed Writing #4

The song I chose is exchange Bryson Tiller. This song is a soft song with some beats that would have you moving. The melody is slow and soft but the beat would bring in the rhythm. The instruments are drums, guitar, some instruments that are incorporated in it. There is a girl that songs in the background like little parts she makes a sound.


The topic or theme of this song is really about missing someone. When the song first comes one you hear the girls voice then her starts with "This what happen when I think about you." He goes on in the song singing about stuff like how he wants things to be different and how he changed himself. In the song he's saying he'll  give some girl all of him if she gives him all of her.

I think anybody that listens to this song would love it, the song would get you think. This song would probably have you in your feelings a little bit, but in a good way. You can listen to this song in whatever mood you are in.

Timed writing #5

Christmas is better then Thanksgiving, because it's the birth of Jesus Christ. I like Thanksgiving too, for the food; however, Christmas has a more religious meaning to it, at least for me. I also like the fact that you get gifts for Christmas. 

Self Reflection

My strength for reading, is skimming. I skim a lot, for example, if I would be trying to find the main idea of a passage. I would read the first and last paragraphs of the passage; however, if need be I would read part of the middle too. My strength in math, is problem solving. I would look at the problem and determine if the problem is easy or hard and pretty much go from there. My strength for test-taking...I'm not really sure, but I know I need to work on time management.

    Areas that are most challenging for me would have be time management, comprehension, and second guessing. I can never seem to finish on time and that is mostly because i get stuck a lot. I would usually get stuck because I wouldn't know what a word or something like that. Furthermore, I always seem to second guess my answer because usually if I get an answer wrong, the correct answer would be the answer I erased.     

Timed Writing 1

College is not for everyone; however, if you don't go you will never know that it's not for you. College can be the greatest thing a person could ever do and maybe even the worst, depends on your own experience. Two things that college is good for, money and education. Going to college furthers your education, and after college you can make way more money then you would if you just had a high school diploma. A high school diploma only gets you so far, having a degree can take you places and provide for you in ways that you could never image. You can never say you had that "college experience" if you never experienced college.

Kimaa's World

The most important thing someone should know about me is my passion.

  • Nice explaination of who should read this book
  • Could have used a better plot description
  • Short and sweet
  • Nice sentence structure


  • Great start
  • Could expand on ideas


  • Nice quote
  • Kind of baffled


Timed Writing 2

My favorite book is "If I Stay", it's about a girl who has been in a car crash with her family  and her spirit is in the middle stage and it's her job to choose to stay or leave. Her decision is hard because her parents die in the scene and her brother dies later on, so she has to choose to survive as an orphan or leave with her family. I like this book because it shows how you can be having a regular snow day with your family and in one second everything can change forever. It's a heart breaking story but makes us appreciate our families more everyday and just accept the fact that anything can happen and to enjoy our family while we can. I think everyone should read it because it's a plot anyone can relate too because we all have family and we all know how hard it would be to be in her situation. but it also shows how even if your immediate family is gone you still have your other relatives and friends to help you get through anything. 

Timed Writing #5

  To me Christmas is better than Thanksgiving because that's the holiday ALL my family members are united together. On Thanksgiving the close family members come together and eat a lot but on Christmas we're all more united and enjoy ourselves more. Since I come from a Mexican family we do technically celebrate more Christmas because we just use Thanksgiving as a way to see each other and to have an excuse to eat A LOT. A plus that Christmas has is that we get presents and we stay up on Christmas Eve until 12:00am and we that's when we get to open our presents and give each other hugs wishing each other a Merry Christmas. The main reason I love Christmas is I that I get to see most of my amazing family. One trouble we do have though since we are a huge family of about 100 members is that we have ran out of space in our homes so we are forced to rent halls for most holidays and especially for Christmas. But I always look forward to Christmas to see my crazy big family and for the food and the presents.   

Times Essay #4

         The song I choose to write about is "Love You Goodbye" by One Direction. This song is from their most recent album "Made in the AM" which came out recently. I chose this song because I love the message it sends. It's a very nice ballad; the tone is loving and sincere. I think it's a very nice song that really shows what people think about when going through a break up. The theme of the song is one that pretty much anyone can relate too.You can hear the tone very clearly in each of the members voice and this song has amazing vocals.
           The main theme and topic in this song is wanting to love someone for as long as you can even if it's just to say goodbye. This topic can be taken from the dating and relationship side or it can also be seen as a way to say goodbye to someone you deeply love, like a family member. Beside the theme of loving someone it also represents how we are all scared to lose someone very close that we love and the fear of being alone in general.  
      I think everyone should love this song because anyone can really relate to it and overall it's a very pleasant song to listen to. When you're tired of loud hipped pop music this is a very good ballad to listen to that is singed by pop artists. That have shown they can sing more than just the normal popular songs, and that they can actually sit down and write an amazing heart touching song. This song is for anyone that really just loves slow romantic songs.  

Timed Writing #3

 My  favorite movie is the movie based on my favorite book, If I Stay. I love this movie because it shows how no matter what tragic events occur in our lives there are always people that will help us get through it. I love this movies even more because from my point of view it does a good job capturing the book version.
 This movie shows how no matter what tragic events occur there will always be someone that will you help you get through it by showing how the people that love Mia help her make a very big decision. Mia finds out she's in this world by herself but her friends and family show her she isn't on her own.
People should read the book first and then watch this movie because it really helps us live the rest of our lives. It helps us realize that we can lose anyone we love at any time but also that we'll never actually be alone. It's a beautiful movie that has made me cry every time I see it and I just love how anyone can relate to it do easily.


          I think a strength I have is timing, I finish my tests with extra time to look over my answers. I don't think I have any special or unique skills in reading or writing. I think I'm lucking in writing because I am pretty fast at typing, that way I get much for ideas down. I think one of my disadvantages is that I type as I think and I don't really brainstorm or have a clear idea of what I want to talk about. Which can sometimes be a bad idea because I do run out of points to write about. an advantage I have in reading or English is that I usually understand pretty good and don't have reread something. I do like to read so I'm glad at least that part of the test I'm taking isn't going to be boring. 
     I think the most challenging part of a test is my indecisiveness. When I'm taking a test that it multiple choice or fill in the blank I always find myself coming back to the question and rethinking my decision. I think this is bad because most of the times I change my answer I had it right before; I always doubt myself when choose an answer when I'm not a hundred percent sure of my answer. Another part I think I will have trouble with is with punctuation, for example I am terrible with commas. 



Timed Writing 1

       I think everyone who graduates high school should go to college right after. I think this because there are always those people who say, "I'm going to work a year save up and go to college the following year." But really we all know this isn't true because once they start making money and get used to a certain life style they won't want to cut back on expenses to pay for college. I also think they should go to college right away to get it over with and out of the way to start our lives as adults. Another reason I say everyone should go to college is because from what I have heard those are some of the best years in our lives and this is when we will meet and make true friends that will stay with us for a life time. Besides who doesn't want to go for the experience and be able to get a little bit of independence from our parents. 
    I think college is the most important years in our lives because these are the years we will finally take classes that will interest us and actually help us in our future. These are the years that will help us plan for our future and help us get our dream jobs. College over all while help us feel like we are still in high school even at the age of 20. I honestly can't wait for college, to meet new and true friends but to also help me begin my life and help me reach my goal of helping people by becoming a nurse.

All About Me

My name is Diana Arely Lopez and I love music. I love to listen to music whenever I can and I always enjoy discovering new music and artists. I also LOVE Youtubers and Netflix! I love to laugh and love making people laugh. The thing I am passionate about is being nice to people and to not judge someone by what you see on the outside. One of my goals is to help people and that is the main reasons why I want to go into the medical field. I might be shy at first but once we break the ice I don't hold anything back.   

Diana Arely

  • Nice music words used
  • Good background of the song
  • Watch out for singed vs song
  • Good bullet points within
  • Good background balance
  • Interesting tradition!
  • Nice balance of strengths vs weaknessess.
  • Nice relationship linking movie to book
  • Good explainations
  • Watch punctuation
  • Great 1st writing 


  • Great Summary



Timed Writing 4

       The song  that I picked is What Do You Mean by Justin Bieber. The song has a really up beat rhythm, and not only that but a good meaning behind it.
     He tries to show a lot of concern in the song. You could look at this song many different ways. It could either be a positive way or a negative way. By positive meaning taking it like any other song, a good dancing song. Not really paying attention to the lyrics, and not looking for a meaning behind it.
By negative meaning taking the lyrics into consideration, and it being a little more personal.
     Everyone should listen and love this song because it has a great meaning and a good rhythm. He also just has a good voice and I'm sure everyone would love this song and him.

Timed Writing 3

Gossip Girl is one of my favorite shows because it shows a beautiful love story between Chuck and Blair. Their relationship seriously has you at the edge of your seat. It's an emotional rollercoaster with both of them.
    Throughout the show we get to see a lot of obstacles that Chuck and Blair go through. It takes a while for both of them to admit that what they felt for each other was real. It wasn't so simple for them. They split up and try dating other people knowing that they only want one another. At some point in the show you actually think that they're actually over.
    It's just such an emotional love story, I'd recommend to anyone!


     The strengths that I will take into the ACT will be how I self motivate myself. When I feel a lot of anxiety I can always talk myself into calming down. If I doubt myself I always try to think the best of the situation and try to motivate myself into thinking a bit more positive. Another one of my strengths would have to be that I'm good at cutting down the options of answers. I find the best 2 answers and decide from there.
     One of the biggest challenges that I have when it comes to tests and anything in that sort is that I'm not good at keeping time. I get easily distracted too, or I take way too long on a question. It's something that I have to practice on because I've had trouble in the past with running out of time.

Estefania Magana`s Blog

 All About Me
My name is Estefania Magana, and I'm 16 years old. I am a Junior at Veritas High School.
  • Great strength
  • Love Language used here
  • Watch try vs tried
  • Intreging begining
  • What is the meaning?

Timed writing #5

Thanksgiving or Christmas?
I really can't pick Thanksgiving or Christmas, both holidays are so much fun. I would choose Christmas as my favorite holiday because you get to spend more time with your family and friends. I like Christmas because my family and I go to church, then we go to one of our relatives house and spend time with each other. Christmas isn't only better than thanksgiving because of the presents but because you can put up decorations like, a Christmas tree, a lot of bright and fabulous lights outside of your house. Also, you can decorate cookies and make them look cute. During Christmas you are able to give to those who have given so much to you during the whole year, and it doesn't have to be presents but just your time and attention. Thanksgiving is about family, friends, food and being thankful but not about giving. I feel like during thanksgiving time people just want more than what they already have. Although, both Thanksgiving and Christmas are both fun holidays in my opinion Christmas is the best. 

Timed Writing #4

One of my favorite songs is Photograph by Ed Sheeran because it's so fabulously written. Also, I like to listen to this song when I'm in any mood, and Ed Sheeran is one of my favorite artists.  


Timed Writing #1

Should All People Go to College? 
I think people should decide if they want to go to college or not. There are some people who aren't able to go to college because they don't have the money to afford it. Also there are people who don't want to go to college because they just choose not to go. I believe that all people who have the opportunity to go to college should go. Going to college and graduating from college would be better for the person and their future. When you graduate from college the person is more likely to have a better and high paying job. Having a good job will benefit you and your future because, you will be able to provide more for yourself. Also, if you go to college you will have many opportunities to major in whatever you want, then when you get a degree and start looking for a good job you will enjoy what your'e doing. Graduating from college will give you more opportunities to do what you want and not have to work at a place where you don't want to be and don't have interest in. For these reasons I believe people should go to college after they graduate high school because they will have more opportunities and have a better future for themselves. 

Timed Writing #2

My Favorite Book
My favorite book would be The Fault in our Stars. This book is about two young people who have cancer and end up falling in love. I like this book because it's interesting and it's also a love story. Everyone should read this book because it teaches you that no matter how different others can be you can always find something that connects you and the other person.

Self- Assessment


Some of the strengths that I will bring into reading is first reading the questions and then reading the passage carefully but try not taking too much time and also underlining the important information. While I'm reading the passage I will find and underline the answers to the questions. Some strengths that I will bring into writing are putting detail and a lot of information to the paragraph. Also, I organize my writing and stay on topic for that certain paragraph. In test-taking some of my strengths are eliminating answers that don't make sense and that are not in the passage.  

When I take a test some of the challenges I face are time. Sometimes I'm not able to finish the test because I take a lot of time rereading the questions and finding them in the passage. Another one of the challenges that I face are not understanding some of the vocabulary that is in the passage. This is a challenge to me because if I don't know one word I won't be able to understand what the sentence is saying. Also, when I don't know the definition of some words I won't be able to describe what is happening in the story because I won't know some of the information. In tests there are questions where you have to explain what is happening in the story and that at times is also a challenge for me, because sometimes the passages can be difficult to read or understand. 

All About Me 

Hello! My name is Maria, I am 16 years old and I go to Carmen High School. Some things that you should know about me are, my favorite color is pink, I like reading, and I also enjoy sunrises and sunsets. One of my favorite things to do is listen to music. I also enjoy meeting new people and learning about others. A goal that I have is graduate high school and go to a good college.I also want to be successful and happy with what I do. 

Maria's Blog

  • Very convincing!
  • Perfect balance of plot vs no spoiler alert
  • Nice examples
  • Nice points mentioned
  • Nice reasons and conclusion
  • Wish song would have been described
  • Great strength!

Timed Writing #1

Yes i agree all young adults should go tot college because then they have the chance of making themselves become better people in this generation. This generation today has less children going to college because of them not having enough money to pay for college, and or they wait to long and the laziness impacts there lives. Personally, I think everyone deserves to have the easy way in life instead of struggling to have a meal or someplace to lay there head. Going to COLLEGE and starting a career for yourself can for sure have you set for the right lifestyle. Also, its almost all parents dreams to have there children not have to go through the struggles they went through.. am i right?


Timed Writing #3

Madea Goes To Jail is my favorite movie\play because with only a few words it gives me a complete picture in my head of what i should do next in my life when i am in the situation of hanging onto people by a thread.

   Furthermore, every time i watch this movie or any of Madea's movies i always listen closely because what she speaks is the truth; and not everyone gives you the truth with a few words nor in a play. Madea is a big inspiration to me because sometimes i could feel a way.. and i would watch one of her movies and by the grace of god she would say something that would answer what I'm going through. One of my favorite sayings by her is, " its okay to be sad and depressed for a minute..but don't stay for to long get up and go with your life". Don't hold on.

When it comes to decisions like these where you have to pick or choose sometimes its best to go with your gut.. even if it hurts because in the long run.. maybe it was the right choice for the both of. If you whom ever left and didn't care and let go that easily.. that's when you know that what you guys had was not real. 


Self Reflection

During the practice test i will bring the strength of me knowing i can get through the test with not only faith but also hope! When you have faith in yourself and hope that God will help you get through it without hesitation there's not really anything else to be worried about after you have moved your pencil. During the ACT practice, i don't only pray for the right mindset to get through the the test but i also pray that he works through others so they can also get through what ever struggles they have. While, taking any types of test you should continue to always have positive thoughts... negative ones literally get you NO WHERE
and this is coming from someone who's mind set was always, " i can't i can't.'' 
 The areas that are most challenging for me are getting the words mixed up, or me wanting to get done and not stay on the same question for too long because it might put me behind. I have to learn to take a educated guess and continue.. not every question you will get right, but a guess will never hurt.

Cia Talk

  • Needs focused intro and conclusion
  • Nice personal relationship
  • Good structure


I would say the strengths that I have that I will be most likely be bring to the ACT are the ones that have in reading overall, my ability to eliminate answers and the fact that I am a pretty good writer. I have always been a good writer and that has continued to grow has I have gotten older. When it comes to writing about a topic that I am given, I am pretty good at it. I can stick to the topic while still being able to bring in my opinions if needed. Ever since I was younger I have always loved to read, and that passion and love that I have for reading has not stopped. I would also say that sine I do enjoy reading I am a pretty fast reader. That is usually helpful when it comes to timed tests. Lastly I am usually able to eliminate answers pretty well. I can get rid of ones that make no sense to me. Which comes in handy. 
The areas that will be most changeling for me are going to be science and math. I would say math more so than science though. Science is one of my weakness because there are certain aspects in it that I know a lot about. Yet there are also parts in science that I know absolute nothing about. So there is not an even distribution of my knowledge, that can sometimes hurt my science test scores. Math has always been my weakest subject due to the fact that I don't have a "math brain". I have more of a reading/writing brain. It is just hard for me to retain the information in math. Especially when it comes to timed tests.

Timed Writing #4

The song that I love a lot is Warrior by Demi Lovato. This is my favorite song of all time, by my favorite artist of all time. It is a wonderful song about overcoming something that once hurt you, or kept you down. It is about something very sad that happened to her when she was child, and her overcoming it. At first she is saying how she was "weak" from it. then later on she is saying how strong she is now. This song was a way that she got through some of her emotions.
This song is one of her slower songs. The main instrument used in the song is a piano, so you can really hear how strong her vocals are. She put a lot of emotion into the song and you can hear it, throughout the entire song. As the song progresses the piano gets louder and a little faster. The same with her voice, as you get further into the song her voice gets so powerful. 
I think everyone should love this song. Or at the very least listen to it, if they don't like Demi Lovato (which I don't know why they wouldn't). It has such a powerful message behind it. That I think everyone could relate to, even if they haven't been through the same situation as her. Personally this song has helped me so much, since the first time that I heard it. It help me feel like I wasn't alone, in what I was going through at the time and am still going thorough. I think that is is a very motivational song. If anyone is going thorough anything that is making them feel weak, they should listen to this song.

Timed Writing #5

To me and to the rest of the sane part of the world Christmas is the best holiday. There are so many great things about Christmas that I won't be able to list them all. To start off you get great food, that you don't get during the rest of the year. While some may argue that thanksgiving is better because you get even more food, Christmas food is just better because there is probably a chance that you eat certain foods that you eat at thanksgiving another time in the year. So many great foods come out around Christmas, for example anything and everything peppermint flavored. There is also the fact that at Christmas you get presents. Some might argue that it is shallow and selfish to think that Christmas is about presents, but it is. Presents are just a thing to do to show someone that you care, that you thought about them and what they liked, and wanted to get them something to showcase that. Also remember that presents don't always have to be bought they can be made. In my opinion handmade gifts are the best kinds to receive. One of the best things about Christmas is the fact that you can spend time with your loved ones. Yes you can do that at Thanksgiving as well, but there is just something about being in a warm room with people that you care about while the snow is falling outside.

Timed Writing #1

I don't think that everyone should have to go to college right after they graduate, but I think everyone should. That might sound confusing (it sounds confusing to me), but I just think that not every career choice needs a college degree in order to succeed in life. Going to college is great for some people, but not for others. For me personally I am going to college because I believe that it is the right choice for myself and for what I want to do in the future. My cousin on the other hand doesn't really need college for his dream job of working in the music business. I think he should go to college so he can have a backup plan, but then again it is his life not mine. I also don't think that he should go to college and waste money on a degree that he is never going to use.
College is an important part of life to me, and I have known that I wanted to go since a was little. That isn't how everyone feels though. To me college is good if you have a general idea of what you want to do. I hear people all the time say "Oh it doesn't matter what you go for, you can always change your major." . I don't understand that. When I go to college I don't want to waste money on classes/books for something that I am not going to use. I just don't see the point in doing that.
 I am extremely excited for college, partly because I am hoping to leave Wisconsin. I would like to go to California because one of my dream colleges is there. I am also excited to be on my own and become an adult. That is just because I have always been a really independent person. Some people are not independent and don't want to leave home or they have a personal issue with college. In that case I don't think people should be forced if they cant handle it. This is just in my opinion, and what I believe.

Timed Writing #2

My favorite book is called Elsewhere. This is a book about life, death and love. There are so many things that make this book amazing, and what it is. The basic overview of the book is that it's about a teenage girl that died, and went to "heaven" in a sense. However in this book there is no heaven and hall there just is elsewhere. The whole point of elsewhere is that when you die and you go to elsewhere you age backwards and then get sent down to earth again as a baby. That is how this book explains life and death. It is very similar to reincarnation. I like this book because it explains life and death differently than I have ever heard it before. It also goes along with my beliefs on life after death in a way. While there is a love story it's not a typical one, and also not what the whole book is about. i like that a lot because I think that too many books and movies are about love these days. It is nice to just read something that is not all based on love. I think that people should read this book because it explains life and death in a very interesting way. It's also very well written and an easy read. I think this is book that everyone should read because it gives a whole new perspective on life.      


All About Me
My name is Selena Luna and I think that I am a pretty unique person. There are a lot of things that people don't know about me, and when they find out some of these things they are surprised. A talent that I have that I don't usually talk about to anyone is that I sing.A passion that I have that goes along with my talent is that I love music. I love going to concerts and just listening to Music. I would say that there isn't a day that I don't listen to at least three songs. I fine music very comforting, it is something that I can use to express how I feel, without saying it. Another thing that I guess I would say I am passionate about is not judging someone by how they look on the outside. Weather that is judging their race, gender, sexual orientation etc. I don't think people should be judged on anything really. The rule I live by is not to judge people because I don't want to be judged. One of my goals that I want to accomplish is that I want to save someones life, either directly or indirectly. I also would love to be someone that other people (younger people) look up to. I would love to be a role model for someone, or multiple people. I am a type of person that loves to voice their opinions, and I am extremely proud of that.

Selena Speaks

  • You can picture the ending!
  • Beginging could have been worded in a gentler manner
  • Good expalinations
  • Great addition of examples
  • Could use a solid intro and conclusion
  • Draws you in
  • Watch repition of words
  • Nice song background
  • Good personal connections to song
  • Great descriptions

Timed Writing #2 

My favorite book is "The Fault In Our Star" by John Green. I have multiple reasons for liking this particular book but my favorite is the shock it left me in the end. I didn't predict the ending like I have with other book and it was sweet to read.

   Timed Writing #4 

  I personally have a lot of artist that I listen to a lot, but by far my favorite is The Weeknd. He is new to being famous, most people didn't know him until 2014-2015. When in reality his first mix tape dropped in 2011, but he gained popularity recently. I honestly love a lot of things about him, I really admire that he doesn't bandwagon with his music, he isn't ashamed about expressing himself through his music and has an amazing voice. 
     Firstly, The Weeknd has been doing his own style of music since 2011 and he doesn't follow trends. Like his music is very different. He always exceeds my expectations with his music, every time a new songs comes out, its similar in style with his other songs but has a completely different meaning.So if your looking for someone to listen with a unique style of music than I recommend The Weeknd. And yes his name is spelled like that because "The Weekend" was already taken by a comedian, so to differentiate himself from that comedian he called himself  The Weeknd. 
       Secondly, he isn't ashamed about singing about sensitive topics like sex. He doesn't care about what others think because at the end of the day, music should satisfy its creator and not just the listener. He also sings about the hardship he went through in life and I sometime really enjoy hearing about his story through his music.
      Finally, I really enjoy his voice. He has a very nice and angelic voice. Half of the time its not even about the lyrics, its about his amazing voice. He makes freaky things, sound beautiful so even if he is singing about inappropriate things, his voice makes it appropriate. 


What strength in reading and writing will I bring to the table? Well I'm really good with reading and writing I'm still learning. I do really well with quickly reading and finding important plots in a story. So I believe that would help me a lot on the ACT. I hope that with more practice I can improve my writing skills and in general my English skill. I usually do all of the easy questions first, so that way I have more time for the more complicated questions. I also never leave an answer blank because guessing will be much better than not putting anything down.
The most challenging aspect of the ACT is the time. I feel like, it's not the test but more of the time that gets people. Especially in the reading portion because there is a lot to read but with such limited time. I will mostly like rush a lot because of the time and I may get questions wrong that I would normally get correct. To conclude, I hope that I improve my english skills and I'll use a lot of my test-taking skills on the practice and real ACT.

Timed Writing #3

    Most people who watch movie like all kinds of genera, from action movies to romantic ones. I perosnally love comedy and action What I love more than both of them is when their both together and there is one particular movie which delivered both genera beautifully.The movie I'm talking about is white chicks, white chicks is a movie about men who transform into white girls.
     It's very exciting to watch white chicks because its really funny and keeps you at the edge of your seat. There is action,romance, and most importantly comedy. I think it's a really good movie to watch with your girls friends because its a movie that relates to girls in many ways. It also has a little bit of action so I think its a movie everyone can enjoy.
    So if your looking for a laughter and a little bit of suspense then I suggest you watch white chicks. I don't really have a favorite movie because there are a lot of good movies, but this one is particular never fails to entertain me.I re watched at least ten times, it just never gets old and see for yourself by watching it if you haven't already.

Timed Writing #1

I believe that education is vital to today's society, but I also believe the person should have a choice to go to college. I personally plan on attending college after high school however I know a few of my friends who don't plan on going. Most people don't want to go because of student loans, but I think its better to be in debt and pay back slowly then to be homeless. Honestly nowadays if someone doesn't attend college, its very difficult to get a job that makes enough money to live on. A lot of people don't even have the freedom to choose to go to college or not because maybe they live in a developing countries or their religion/ culture is restricting them from the education they desire. 
So in conclusion, I strongly believe that people should try to go to college after high school, it would make their lives a lot easier. Like Nelson  Mandela said once " Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world" so I hope everyone agrees with him and tries to get the highest level of education they possibly can. With more educated people, the world can be a better place for everyone with a plenty of opportunities and plus the poverty level would go down if everyone receives good jobs through higher education. 

All About Me

My name is fartun, I really enjoy art and I'm a Hijabi, which are the girls who wear scarfs on their heads. I really enjoy watching tv and I hope to be an anesthesiologist one day.

Miss Salad

  • Like the use of quotes and examples
  • Could have expanded more on ideas
  • Wish she would have explained more about the book, for those who dont know
  • Nice intro
  • Good explainations
  • Nice description
  • Needs more detail

Timed Writing 3

Basketball wives contains mixed emotions, friendships ,relationships, fights/arguments& power. I would recommend this to others because its entertaining and funny to see how things could change. I love this show because the women on here are beautiful, there's drama ,love hate relationships ,fights, beautiful trips nice rooms and a lot of ups and downs. This show could teach people enough about how friendships could go or how friendships should be. Also, this show brings out different bonds and personals. This show give you a inside on other people lives and how they go about things.
 This my favorite clip because Shaunie O'Neal  finally put her foot down on her own show she's the boss of Basketball Wives. As soon as Brandi said the things she said Shaunie O'Neal felt as Brandi came for her character so she took things into her on hand by thanking her for her services because she felt disrespected. Shaunie O'Neal finally put her foot down as the boss and the cast member.

Self Reflection

First, my strengths are that I be having enough time to get my test done because I read the questions first then secondly I scan thru my reading. That helps me get my work done and still have time to review things I didn't understand or missed. Also ,I pick important things to read then build off that. I practice so much just by doing the practice ACT test ;that prepared me to go at a better paste. However, one of my weaknesses is that I skip questions that I don't understand. Also rushing when I don't have enough time puts me in a bad place because I've to guess or just don't answer no questions at all.

Time writing 1

All people should have the opportunities to go to college after high school.I would recommend people to attending  college right after high school.In my opinion I will be attending  college right after high school  because I want to expand my knowledge, see how the college life will shape me;therefore, I give the advice to other people  to attend college because they knowledge is fresh,easy access,and you should enjoy the college life while you're young.
    To begin with, when you go to college right after high school your knowledge from high school will be fresh and it might will make your college life much easier since you know how to approach the work,also to get it done.Especially the high school I go to now as junior prepare me to do better and motivate me to attend college right after high school because me knowing the work isn't easy in college Carmen have me realize its not that hard and I've been  built to be a critical thinker so I could be ready.Its all about being prepared so people should most definable attend college right after high school.
    In additionally,if you attend college right after high school I think its easy access ,more and better opportunities because that's when scholarships are looking for fresh meat in they school and Kids who is ready to be in school.In my opinion its more money ,and more opportunities.
    Finally,as I hear all the time college is a blast.i would rather enjoy my college life while I'm young and full with new ideas ,also you'll have so much fun.i just think life would be better if you do things on time.

Timed Writing 5

I preferred Christmas because its a lot of giving ; however, I love eating so thanksgiving fits me. Also Christmas when people become closer; but during thanksgiving some people eat and go. I love Christmas because its a lot of dancing ,eating, giving , and receiving. Sometimes I can't choose which one my favorite because in both holidays you're thankful because you with your family. All in all , both holidays have different connotations because people like Christmas some do Thanksgiving.

I've a good eye for a detail ;I'm passionate about a lot of things such as dancing , working ,eating food,and other things.I like to have fun and enjoy myself.My goal in life is to expand my knowledge and enjoy college.Stay tune in because I'm ready to explore and go on a adventure.


  • Nice use of semicolon
  • Needs to smooth out transitions
  • Getting better at linking ideas
  • Could use solid intro and conclusion
  • Writing was hard to understand

Timed Writing #1

Should all high school graduates go to college?
 In you last year of high school you have to make a huge decision, whether or not your going to go to college. While it may be very beneficial to go for some people it may not be the right thing. A huge factor that plays in is money, not everyone can afford to pay $15,000. Even though there are loans, you got to think that they are going to have to pay that back and no one is going to want to get out of college and be $60,000 in debt, I mean I don't want to think about being 24 and owe that much. College is treated as a necessity but priced as a luxury and for some people that makes it impossible to go. Also there is some people who don't want to go to college straight out of high school. Going to school for for 13-14 years straight, it might be something that people want to take a break from. In my opinion college is not something that everyone should have to go to.

Timed Writing 5

Christmas vs Thanksgiving
My opinion in this age old debate of Christmas or thanksgiving is I believe that Christmas is better. Christmas is better for several reasons, the main reason is the atmosphere of the Christmas season, its way more peaceful and joyful than thanksgiving. Where thanksgiving is bound to end with fighting relatives Christmas is not, it ends with everyone being happy and cheerful. Yes, you do get good food on thanksgiving but you get good for Christmas as well so its a pretty invalid argument. On top of everyone being happy and stuffed from good food you get and give presents! No one loves anything more then receiving gifts, especially ones you've wanted all year. All these factors make Christmas obviously the better holiday hands down.


My biggest strength in the reading portion of the ACT is I'm a pretty fast reader so I can get to and through the questions pretty fast and I can pull out the main idea which in some cases is the main thing you need to know for answering. In writing a huge strength I have is I can plan/outline a paper without thinking about it too long, when I get the prompt its easily laid out in my head. In general for test taking I'm not the best, but as stated before I know how to get through test in a faster way, I know how to manage my time between questions.

A challenge area I have while test taking is the fact that if I don't know something and have absolutely no idea what the answer could be I just guess and pray its right even though I could probably figure it out if I thought about it long enough. The only problem I have with it is I hate spending to much time on one question I don't want to think about missing questions I know the answer to because I'm stuck on one. On area I know I need to work on it not getting so worried about the time.

Timed Writing #2

I'm not a huge reader but this book I loved, It's called It's Kind Of A Funny Story by Ned Vizzini. It follows a 16 year old kid who check himself into a mental health clinic where he meets some interesting characters. What I love about this book is even though it only takes place over 5 days, it feels very complete and I don't feel like I'm missing anything. Also I think it portrays the characters in a good way, even though they are mentally ill they aren't just a plot point. I think everyone should read this book because it's a really good book and it portrays mentally ill people very well unlike some other books.

Timed Writing #3

Movie Review
My favorite movies are usually musical, comedies or dramas, and Grease combines both music and romance which is what makes it my favorite. Grease takes place in the 1950s and follows what happens when a summer romance unexpectedly begins again in the new school year. Sandy Olsson is the new girl in the school who had a summer fling with Danny Zuko and happens to transfer to the same school he goes to. The movie follows the pair who turn out to be nothing like each other, will they rekindled their romance despite the huge differences or will it stop at a summer fling?
Grease is known for its very bobby tunes through out the movie, including popular ones like Summer Nights, You're the One I Want and Beauty School Dropout. These songs will have you signing them for hours , they are unforgettable. The move is also popular for its romance themes with them also following two other relationships.
 This movie classic is a must see for all, it combines most people favorite genre. Even if you hate romances you'll love this movie, it captures every ones heart within minutes, this movie is sure to become one of your favorites

My name is Brianna Forsman and I'm a junior at Ronald Reagan. My biggest goal is to have a major in psychology and possibly a minor in history. Those are my two favorite subjects and I would love to further my learning with both of them. My favorite thing in psychology is behavioral psychology and in history my favorite time periods are the 1930s to 1970s. 

Brianna Forsman

  • Nice comparisions
  • Nice anticipation
  • Good job listing specifics
  • Nice descriptives
  • Nice phrases
  • Work on intro and conclusion
  • Perfection!

Timed writing 3

Instructions Not Included is my favorite movie because it has comedy but also it has a very sad scenes, especially the ending. This movie has one of my favorite Latino actor, Eungenio Derbez. I think anyone who watches and has watched this movie really likes it. I never get bored of watching this movie.
The movie is about a single Latino dad,  who has a white daughter and her mom left them because she thought she wouldn't be able to raise a daughter. Later on the mom comes back and wants to take her daughter from Valentin, the dad, and this really scares him. Both parents fight to convince the little girl, Maggie, to chose who she wants to live with. The ending is very sad though because unfortunately, the little girl dies. What I love about this movie is how it shows how much Valentin goes through just to be a good father for Maggie and the love that he has for her is very noticeable.
I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone. It will make you laugh and cry all at the same time. Not only will it entertain you but it can also teach you many valuable lessons. 


One of my strongest strengths that I will have with me in the practice ACT test is confidence. I like to talk myself through thinking that I am able to achieve any score I want. I also like to skim through the questions first to have an idea of what to focus on when reading passages. I believe that a way to be more focused on a test like the ACT are to have a good night of sleep and to eat a good breakfast.
The areas that are more challenging for me are grammar since I know I can improve more in that area. Also, I find it difficult when a question is worded in a way that is hard to understand.

Timed Writing 5

I think the best holiday is Christmas. Christmas is the time of year when you get together with your family and spend quality time together. You can feel the good vibes spreading around and it it just such a great feeling being around your family. I also can't leave out how everything looks beautiful with Christmas decorations. Almost every store and building you go to is decorated with Christmas items and that can instantly get you in the spirit for Christmas. During Christmas, schools and jobs give you longer breaks. This means more time for yourself and to do things you like.

Timed writing #2

My favorite book Frankenstein. I really liked Frankenstein because I found it a very interesting story. I liked how every character has different opinions and ways of doing things in the story because it was what made me get into the story. I also liked how everyone has different opinions on who is to blame for the deaths that the monster caused. It has a lot of plot twists and that is what I really enjoyed. I remember first reading this story in my school and I immediately got engaged to it.

Thing 1

  • Some expansion of ideas is needed
  • Very sophisticated choice
  • No mention of Thanksgiving
  • Nice conclusion
  • Dont assume

Timed writing # 4

My music artist that I chose was Jenni Rivera. She usually sang banda which involves a lot of different instruments. For her songs they involve a lot of rhythm and movement. Her vocals were really strong and they depict a lot of character through her voice. It also has a lot of regional sounds from Mexican background and instruments you would hear a lot in Mexican traditional music.
This person is a very powerful person who even through her death is still being heard and admired by many people. She has songs about women being strong and standing their ground. There is also a couple of love songs that have been written from past experiences of her life. Her family and fans were a big part of her life being that she had wrote a song for a fan who passed away years ago. This song talks about dying and telling everyone everything they should do and to continue their life's.
Every one should listen to this artist because you will find a song that you can relate to you . It is also a good way to familiarize with a culture that you might not know of.

Timed Writing #5

The best holiday is Christmas because the break is longer and I can lay in bed for two weeks. This is the time where I do not have to stress about school or anything else. I can watch 4 seasons of a show and drink hot chocolate more than I should. It is also the  when I get to spend more time with my family because they have days off. I also enjoy watching Christmas movies and spending time with my friends.

Timed writing #3

I Love Rosie is my favorite movie because it combines comedy, romance, and real life situations. The main character is Rosie a senior in High School, who with her best friend Alex is looking for a fun future. They have known each other since little kids, which makes them like brother and sister. Basically a strong friendship. Alex has more deeper secrets for his feelings with her, but is scared to admit it because he does not want to ruin that friendship.
Come prom night she has a wild night and ends up pregnant. This makes a complication with her future plans of her and Alex studying in Boston. After years they reunite and start feeling more love for each other, but to her luck he is getting married. Instead of coming between the marriage she sits through it all wishing she was the bride.
In general, this movie has a lot of mixed emotions and twist you would not see coming. It was a movie I have watched about 10 times, and always have loved it. I think Rosie is portrayed as a strong women and comes across some difficulties. Her daughter is the one that kept her working hard. The love of her best friend allowed her to see life in a different way.

self assassment

Some of the strengths I will use on the ACT are picking the reading passages that are the easiest for me. This would help me keep track of my time and not spend too much time on what I don't know. Also, not taking too much time reading the passages and just focusing on the main points. I will also not stress myself out and make sure I am ready for it. By this I mean having a good night sleep and feeling confident.

The areas that are most challenging for me are focusing on the reading. Often it takes me a while to process all of the information. I think I need to work on this because we are given a limited time. I also want to improve on the comprehension and practicing more before the actual ACT. I could do more independent reading and practicing by myself to achieve this.

Timed Writing #2

My favorite book is The Fault in Our Stars. This is one of my favorite books because it's realistic and show a lot of truth of the story. The book is about a young girl battle-ling cancer, through her journey she meets a guy who makes her see her situation in a different way. Before meeting him she was locked up in her own bubble and was depressed about her life. He made her see life as an opportunity and brought that light and humor she needed. Its crazy to see how someone can change the way you see life. One of the main reason why I enjoyed this book was because its realistic

Thing 2

  • Good sentance structure
  • Great ending sentence
  • No mention of Thanksgiving
  • Sounds relaxing!!
  • Nice ending
  • Nice artist background

Self Assessment

The strengths I'll be bringing for reading, writing, and test-taking would be being positive and knowing that I am capable of doing good on the test. Sometimes bringing negativity where you'll take the test will make you feel as if you're not able to pass or the score is too low, but taking away that mind-set will let your brain feel much more calm and less stressful.

The areas that are most challenging for me is the time limit and pressure given in the ACT. I don't do really good under pressure because I'm expected for do good so that's another pile of stress. I also feel like I think too hard on a question. I know I still have to practice a lot and stay focused and believe in myself.

Timed Writing #2

"To forget the dead would be akin to to killing them a second time." Night, by Elie Wiesel, is a biography of the author when he was faced to live the treacherous and horrifying event of the Holocaust. What makes this story so impacting, powerful, and eye opener is the way its author, Wiesel, uses words to illustrate his thoughts, his feelings, the setting; not only that but the figurative language he uses makes his personal story really touch the audience. Night changes a reader's mind. The way one, as a person, views life will change after ending the book, and if it's not changed, then one should still be open to a broader mind-set of life. The author illustrates themes like finding how far you can go being selfless to selfish. It has an amazing insight of how the Holocaust affected him and how violence and hate will only lead to violence and hate. The cycle of
 racism and pointing others out by what they wear and what they believe in, has to be stopped, because even though the Holocaust has ended, its concept is still being acted on today.


Timed Writing #1

All people should go to college because it is a way to be someone greater in life. Not only will you help yourself financially, you can really find who you really are in college. You meet new people, you learn new things, your mind opens with a hole new aspect of life, and you get to study what you love. A person should never go to college to study something they do not really have the desire for; they should go to college to do what they love the most and if they do not know what their "passion" may be, college offer so many programs and clubs where students can explore and find what they want to do. Nobody should be taken away the privileged of attending college due to the fact that everyone deserves a chance to better themselves. It is very unfortunate seeing so many students lack the determination or hope of going to college because of money, family, or being a teenage parent. Some may just not be "college qualified", meaning they do not want to go because they just do not; however, everyone who does not want to be flipping burgers, cleaning toilets, and earn $7.25 per hour, can go to college.


Timed Writing #4

The song "To Break Every Chain" by Tosha Cobbs is a Gospel song where it talks about how Jesus is able to break all the chain that one hold within.

"To Break Every Chain" tone is powerful and reassuring that there is a Father, a Son, and Holy Spirit where they have everything in order and in control. In this song there are various instruments being used like the guitar and drums, which really help with the tone of the song and make it more strength, plus it makes more catchy.

A major theme that this song portrays is having faith in God and believe that He is able to break any chain, anything that may be preventing one from being in His presence. Sometimes we, as humans, might want to depend on our own strength and we take so much in without letting out and this song really helps people to understand that letting go and giving God the oppertunity to lift any problems from our shoulders.

I recommend this song to people because it's inspiring and I know that when I hear this song I feel something out of the ordinary, and I know that if you really listen to the song and let the lyrics really touch your heart, you'll also feel that feeling that only God can give.

Nashalee Rodriguez

All About Me

 I am Nashalee Rodriguez, 16 years old, and I attend Veritas High School. What I would like for people to know about me is that I am a very outgoing, open, and positive person. I strive for greatness and a better life because I believe that being from a minority group, Hispanic, and being low income will not minimize my goals. My biggest goal is to graduate from college and begin a career where I love what I do and do what I love. Not only that, but to show how determination and hard work will really  pays off at the end; it may be stressful and difficult but it will all be worth it at the end. 
One of my passions is poetry. I absolutely love watching, creating, and performing poetry. It is one of the many ways to illustrate a piece of art and beauty with words and imagination.
  • Writing needs to be a little smoother
  • More descriptions needed
  • Watch incomplete sentences
  • Stong end paragraph
  • Powerful introduction
  • Proofread

Timed Writing #5

   Which Holiday is better Christmas or Thanksgiving?
In my opinion i think Christmas is better than thanksgiving because not only do you get presents and get the time to enjoy this holiday with your family and can get food but it's better because in my religion(Catholic) Christmas is actually the day Jesus was born . So for my  family  and i don't only celebrate Christmas but we celebrate Jesus's birthday. Which Christmas day is when my family and I can rejoin with other Catholics and spend a day in mass on either the Sunday before or after Christmas day and talk about this very important birthday, talking about a belief we strongly believe in. On the contrary in Thanksgiving you get the Bundle of having a bunch of food to eat and spend time wit your family. Having a huge table full of food is just amazing being able to eat all that food and eating as much as you can until you get stuffed as a turkey. Thanksgiving is another great holiday but to me Christmas has a bigger and stronger meaning on celebrating this holiday.

timed writting #3

Instructions not included is my favorite movie because it relates to real life stories that people have in life. Like there's so many people out in the world that could relate to the experience that this father in the movie had gone through. There is people out in the world that never knew they had kids, until a couple months or even years past and there mate comes and hands their kids to them, surprising their significant other . But it's not an every time or even a day thing that someone out in the world is just given a magically experience, raising a kid they never even knew they had.
          In the trailer of the moviegives you a clear understanding of how everything started. A woman just magically appears onto a man's doorstep telling him that he has a daughter which he was startled on the fact that he had a child with a woman he had a thing with awhile ago. She then leaves the child with her so called "dad" for many years. Once the so called father got stuck with the child he then starts building a close relationship, realizing that he was blessed with such a great daughter. He would honestly do anything for her, even though he tried taking her back to the mom he just realized he was gonna end up being with her. So he took the job of being a father for the first time. Which actually turned out really good, though every father ain't perfect, there were some struggles and all but to him it was all worth it. And in my opinion it was.
         I prefer people to watch this movie because it seems to grab your attention and its like based on real life stories that happen constantly in the world. It could be sad in some parts but who doesn't like emotional movies? I know i do, i find them very interesting. But if you like a movie with some emotionscand comedy then I recommend you to watch this movie.

Timed Writing #2

The book the sand child is a very interesting book. It's about a child that was born a girl but the child's father made the child be seen as a boy or become into a boy due to the inheritance of the family. And throughout the book you read about the child's life and how it goes through many experiences.It's very confusing as well too. But if you re-read a couple times you can get it right away.I think the sand child will make other readers want to keep reading it because its like you want to learn more and want to know whats going to happen next. I read the sand child in my English class and i actually loved the book, it's the first book i actually enjoyed reading in my school.

    Timed writing #1

Yes all people should go to college right after high school because college will help everyone gain more knowledge of the specific topic or job they want. All the major jobs require college courses and would  like the people who want the job of course to know specific knowledge to be able to do the specific job right. College might be very expensive and all but there's a good outcome towards it, You can get the dream job that you want and especially the more knowledge you gain and the more stuff you know the better you will do in your job which will lead to more money and like kids say it now " big bank". College as well can influence a lot of people to do things right. I know kids always say their parents want them to go to college or they have to go but honestly it's their own big choice if they would like to keep succeeding or not. They have the choice to attend it, no one is really making them to go. But i mean in my opinion kids should , its a great benefit for them. Yes some kids hate school but college is just another step closer to success and your dream becoming true which will be being very successful and living a great wealthy life. Like for example, my mom prefers me to got to college because she herself regrets not going, she wished she would have went to college so she could go for what she truly wanted and not just a stinking job at a factory. She would rather see me successful and live well than live the way she lived in the past. She doesn't want me to make the same mistakes she made. Learning from other peoples mistakes will help influence you to become a better person.

Self assessment

      I'm going to be very honest about my strengths in mathematics, reading and test-taking , I am not really good at any of those except for mathematics. I'm okay at mathematics but when I remember back when i took the practice ACT at my school i didn't do quiet well on the math. There was even things that i didn't even know anything about it or even some things i forgot about. But i mean yes there was some easy ones that i could get real fast.
       Also i remember this method that i learned freshman year from my teachers, that you should always read the question first before doing the problem or reading the short story because if you do you'll know what your looking for while your reading or looking at the problem. Which to me is actually very helpful to use. It helped me become faster at answering some of the questions, like instead of taking time reading and then looking at the question, realizing that you didn't actually have to read the whole story because the question was probably about something from the beginning or even the end.It's just a method I've been using for the past high school years, which i thank my teachers for informing me about this method.
     Some challenges that i have about taking the ACT is the time management. Like there would be many times where i will take so much of my time trying to solve and all instead of just skipping it and go on to the other problems. Which turns into one of my goals, To keep my time management good and keep be on track. That's the only challenge i have so far.

Timed writting #4

Music is something everyone everyone enjoys and loves to listen to at any time of the day. Everyone even has that one favorite type or even artist they love to listen to. I myself am the type of person who has many, i don't just stick to normally just one type or artist. But one who i frequently listen to with my mom is the artist Ramon Ayala, who is a Mexican musician, composer, and songwriter of Norteño and Conjunto music. Known as the "King of the Accordion. he is very known, and to my family he is a great artist, we all love his music and listen to his music about almost every day.
            Leading to his type of style of music, he again is known for his famous nortena songs.Which are songs that could either be very upbeat,making people want to dance or can even be some soothing and sad songs. And what i mean by sad is that Ramon Ayala tells a story sometimes through his songs such as some songs he even tells stories from his past , and so as we know some stories aren't always happy, there could be some upsetting or sad songs. Like for example one sad story like song that my family listens to that makes us want to cry by listening to actually what he is saying is " Dos Monedas". which is a song about how he saw some things throughout his life that was awful but then putting it into a story and even a meaning. To me I think songs are more better when they have a story behind it just as Ramon Ayala does with his music. there more interesting and make you understand on why they would write the song, which is to understand what there feeling and so forth.
             So for people that like these types of songs, i recommend you to listen to his music. But as a warning to others, ALL HIS SONGS ARE IN SPANISH. So his words and all may not make some sense to you if you don't know how to speak Spanish , but I mean you can always give it a try to listen to him. You might even like his beats and all, you'll even probably start wanting to dance to his up beat songs. he is a very great artist in my perspective, he will even be a great artist to you if you give a chance to listen to his music.

Ashley Lares Amazing Supergirl

My name is Ashley Lares. Im 16 years old and I am a junior at Ronald Reagan college prepratory high school. I'm Mexican-American but I'm also a little bit part Italian. I'm a short and shy girl but i could be very funny, crazy and wild once you get to know me. I'm short but very tough. I love to play soccer on my free time and as well as drawing and of course be on my phone. Like what girl isn't ever on their phone LOL!  I love to hang out with my family and friends and boyfriend too. I like to learn new things . I plan to major in physical therapy in college, I have about 4 colleges to choose from later on next year which are: Concordia, carroll university, Uwm, Park-side university. There's some things i don't know about my self and i plan to learn about myself more throughout the years. 

  • Watch for repeted words
  • Proofread
  • Watch tenses being used
  • Great job addng in personal examples
  • Watch for overused words
  • Good explainations
  • good personal info
  • Nice ending
  • Proofread

Timed Writing #3

Death Bell is one of my favorite movies because its storyline is very thrilling and suspenseful. I forgot why the things in the movie happened (because it's been a super long time since I last watched it), but people were getting killed based off of their test scores at an elite school, I believe..

Anyways, you never know what's going to happen, and what makes it even more interesting is that it takes place at a school. Students who are being prepared for college exams are suddenly blown away by this weird voice coming from the intercom. They were told that they could not leave and those that tried to were killed. Throughout the movie, these students unexpectedly come across dead peers and teachers and as the plot continues, they unravel the mystery and find out who the killer is.

Honestly, watching this movie really made me think about myself and what I would do if I was ever put into a situation like this. It's pretty scary, but I thought the movie was also cool. It's a movie that recreates a murderer in a school, and this really brings to life a scenario of things that actually think about every now and then.

Timed Writing #4

"Who you are" by Jessie J is quite a sad but encouraging song. Jessie's voice is bold and really matches with the music. The verses and introduction go from quiet to a passionate and loud volume. It keeps a steady beat and rhythm, and like a shy person, once the song continues and it begins to open up and really express the essence of the song.

In the song, Jessie is talking directly to the listener. Although she doesn't know what the listener is going through, it's like she hopes that this song will inspire its audience to keep living and just be themselves. The verse talk about how you do things to make yourself "perfect", but Jessie wants to make sure that you don't lose yourself. What is life when you aren't even who you want to be?

Everyone should love this song because it's really encouraging and uplifting. It's a mixture of pop and ballad, and because of Jessie's strong vocals, she really empowers the audience. She encourages the audience to just be them, because that's the only way that they'll be true to themselves. This song is really authentic and speaks the truth; be yourself and don't lose who you are. This is why everyone should love the song "Who you are" by Jessie J.

Timed Writing #1

In all honesty, I think people should go to college based on whether or not they want to. Yes, they should go, but they shouldn't be forced to do things that they don't want to. Nobody likes to be forced to do things. They have their own human rights and no one should tell them what they have to do.

Right after high school, some people might want to join the military or navy, or they might want to go straight into the work field in order to support their families. I agree that college is a good thing, and that it will help raise the level of income a person receives per year, but college is like an investment in the future. You give time and money as well as learn to earn later, but some people might not have the time and money to learn and earn later. They might need to earn now.

Everybody's situation is different, so to say that everybody should go to college should only be something like an advice. "We advise you to go to college so that when you get a degree in the future, you'll make a better income." Saying something like that shows more consideration, it shows that you are thinking about the person's current situation, and you acknowledge their decisions; it shows that you want what's best for them, but if they don't follow your advice, you'll still be there and support them every step of the way.

Timed Writing #5

Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, Christmas would be the better holiday because it is during winter break and that is the time when you receive presents as well as get to spend time with your immediate family. During Thanksgiving, you normally have a lot of relatives over and all that you do is eat and spend a lot of money right after eating (because of Black Friday). It's going to be really loud and you're going to have to put up with so many irritating people, but during Christmas time, there aren't that much people. In addition, you only have a few days to celebrate Thanksgiving and then you go to school again. During Christmas time, you get two weeks off of school and are able to rest. You also receive the joy of giving and receiving gifts.That is why Christmas is a better holiday than Thanksgiving is.

Self Assessment

The strength that I will bring to the ACT practice test is power posing. Every time I take tests or do something nerve wrecking, I tend to do power poses before I start. Sometimes I do tree poses or I take large steps to make myself feel like I can do anything. I often find that when I make myself look ridiculous, I add some self esteem to myself. Stretching also helps me because I get out the negative energy that makes me tired and that helps me stay alert on my tests/assessments.

The most challenging areas for me is reading and science because I can't keep up with time and then I end up having to rush in the last ten or five minutes. There's a lot of reading to do and I like to understand what I am reading or taking in from the reading and that means that I don't have enough time to answer all of the questions.

The most important thing people should know about me is that I'm really friendly.. I guess? I'll talk to anyone. Where are the emojis at when I need them though?!?!?! Anyways, I love playing the guitar and singing. I'm no good at both, but I just do it for fun. My only goal in life is to be happy and well off, so yeahhhh.. Nothing professional here.


  • Good transitions
  • Watch wordings
  • Nice descriptive woeds used
  • Convincing
  • Attention grabbing
  • More confident in writing
  • Relatable

Timed Writing #3

We've all gone through tough times in our lives and had to get right back up, and move on. In this movie, this story of a dad who had to do just that. Southpaw, is one of my absolutely favorite movies, because it has actors that just show every emotion and it makes you feel more connected to the movie. The involvement of the actors in the movie is phenomenal. The story that the film portays, of a man who had everything, lose everything in one moment, and try to rise again, gives it a more emotional connection. 
The film consists of the main character whom is a professional fighter former foster kid, his wife also former foster kid, and their about 10 year old child. Both parents who met before he was a professional fighter, were very much in love with each other. At this point in the film, the fighters wife dies from a bad decision he made, and he loses everything, including his daughter. Whom now has to stay at a foster home. He tries to get back up, but it is a slow process. His daughter is very resentful, and is blaming him for everything that has happened.   
In this scene, the viewers can see the pain that both of them are going through, and how they are trying to cope with it. Neither can do anything about the situation, and they're still hurting from the lose. At times in our lives, there are moments that we are too hurt to know who we are also hurting in the process. He is trying to get his life back together and his daughter is just frustrated that she cannot do anything about it. The film is full of the heartache that this man has to go through to get his life and daughter back. They both grow as persons, and learn be strong together. Not to mention, the movie is filled with emotional, and exciting moments.

Timed Writing #4

Today, there are plentiful of different types of music artists. All with different sounds to their music, varying the music that we can listen too. To find an artist that makes you feel artistically elevated, is Adele to me. Me, being a girl of many interests, it is hard for me to pick one artist that I like, but if I had to pick it would have to Adele. Since the beginning of her career I couldn't stop listening to her. Her beautiful melodies, her incredible voice, and her persona doesn't make it hard to get hooked on her. 
Her music above all is artistically amazing. The mood she lays in every song, allows the listener to feel the song. No matter the mood, her voice and the lyrics, make her a music genius. Commonly her music is usually not to loud or rhythmical, but more serene and calm. The idea of being able to just listen to one of her songs on a tough day or just a bad day, is a great experience for me. Not to mention her voice is the most beautiful and glorious thing you will ever hear. There is no doubt that about no one can compete or compare to her voice. Her angelic voice, amazing variety of instruments, is just magic to my ears. 
Many people like a genre of music or an artist because it makes them feel something or just puts them in a good mood, that is me with Adele. Of course, I have other artist that I listen to, yet none compare to Adele's music. Her music makes me feel emotions, I never knew I could feel. Not to mention her music is not only great, but its classy.


Timed Writing #6

Christmas is the most beautiful time of the year! All of the beautiful lights and the decoration bring so much joy and color to the world. The holiday is in my opinion the one that bring the family together the most. The idea that a person gives you a gift that is specifically just for you. I absolutely love putting up a tree up with my family. The food is just one of the perks. Spending time with the family outside in the winter with the snow is amazing. Thanksgiving does have its perks like spending time with family and eating loads of food, but Christmas has all of that PLUS PRESENTS! I just love all the colors.


Timed Writing #1

 Throughout life we are expected to go to school. Some may go to college some may choose not to. As a society we are encouraged greatly to go, but we all know a lot don't. Its is all a matter of each persons ideology and what the believe they can accomplish. Personally, I believe that people should go to college. 
College opens up a massive amount of opportunities. A person is most likely to get a job with college degree with them. In any job they are going to ask what kind of education you have in your background. If having only a high school degree in your educational background, there isn't many options job wise. Depending on what kind of job you want to do, you might need a college degree in your back ground. In life a college degree may justify what kind of job you can get. Plus we all want to have a job we like and will enjoy going to. Things like a full time job may sound tempting before going to college, but they are jobs that just will not satisfy yourself in the long run. College dictates your salary too. With a college degree with you, you are considered an "expert" in that category that you have your degree in. A job would rather hire a person whom has studied for that certain job, instead of someone who doesn't know the profession at all.
To me everyone should at least try to college for 2 years. College is a must to me, because it sets up your future. Even a small degree can get you a way better job than just having the high school diploma. College can open so many opportunities for a person, more than a education. If I you had the opportunity to get an education, and more wouldn't you take it?


What strengths in reading, writing, and test-taking will you bring to the practice ACT?
For the ACT I think I will bring my logical thinking. In the ACT I think there is a lot of question that ask you questions and give option that just don't make sense. I'll have the ability of right away being able to do process of elimination. Another strategy that I will bring is my fast testing skills. Especially with English, Math, and Science. I can easily get what the question is trying to ask and go straight to looking for the answer, with keywords from the question. Not spending too much time on a certain question, is also one of my strengths.
What areas are most challenging for you?
The areas that are most challenging to me is the Math and Science tests. The fact that we have such little time to take a certain section messes me up a lot. Not having enough time is an area in which I struggle so much in. I'm so concentrated in trying to answer all of the question before time ends, that I start guessing too early. Also, when I get stuck on one question, I am determined to find the answer for it, that I start to freak out. 

Clara Gallegos

My name is Clara and I'm 16 years old, I'm a junior at Veritas High School. I love being active, especially love sports. I LOVE VOLLEYBALL. I'm on the volleyball team, and soon to be soccer team. I love watching movies, reading books, and listening to music. My passion is helping people. My goal is to go to college get my degree in Medicine and become a Doctor Without Boarders, and go around the world helping people. Once going around the world, I want to build clinics in poor parts of countries around the world, and help them get medical help that they might not be able to afford.


  • Wish it had a conclusion
  • Wanted to see more of a difference between 2 holidays
  • Nice description


  • Easy to read
  • Great intro and conclusion
  • Good explainations in paragraph 2
  • Persons vs people
  • Nice intro
  • Good language usage!!


Time Writing 1

It depends on who wants to go to college because it's their decision, but I highly recommend them to go to college after high school. In order to get the career that they desire, going to college helps you to get the job that you want. If you want a great career and get money to help your family, go to college and lend a helping hand. After you've gone to college, you will get the job that feels like home to you. It's also something that you love to do, so go to college. College helps out a lot even though its expensive and it also help you make new friends and find out how society is. You can also get familiar to the the environmental place that you choose to study at because its something that you would love to do and maybe for the rest of your life. However, it's something that can be stressful, BUT you wont regret it. ~Moon2~


Time Writing Number 4

          The song "Pluto" by Jannine Weigal inspired me by the soft and soothing melody that it has. The soft sound makes me feel relax and calm. The relaxation and calmness makes me feel free. For example, it makes me feel free by being able to feel stress-free. However, its soothing by the girls voice. Her voice is very soft and it is not loud, so it makes me feel like I can concentrate more on what's going around me. The words that she uses can be negative, but it depends on the listener. If they think of it positive with it's calmness then it would turn out to be what its expected. The vocal style is soft because its a slow song that expressed our feelings when it can't be told.

          The music explores the world that's inside of us. It makes us think about what life can be if its empty. Also, a lot of thoughts can be going through an individuals mind. The topics that goes around our head is emptiness, love, and just curiosity. The exploration of the music can lead to a wonderful place in ones image.

Everyone should love this song because it soothes one mind when there's frustration. It can help eases the mind because this is kind of a sad song, but also just calm and makes us feel free. The calmness of this song makes the awful thoughts go away if you like sad songs that can help explain your feelings. Music expresses an individual's worries, thoughts, etc.


            The strengths that I will bring to reading, writing, and test taking is concentration because it's the best way you can concentrate while doing the ACT. Concentration is needed a lot, but also you will need skills in order to do well because you can't do it without any lesson or practice with it. You also will need to concentrate on whats best and think positive to do the ACT because if you just guess, its a 50/50 that you'll get correct.

            Reading, math, and science is challenging to me because the amount of time given in reading is too short for the amount of questions given to us. Also, some are slow at reading and aren't which is okay because everyone is good at different things. Math is hard because sometimes some problems aren't that clear and specific which can trick us into getting the wrong answer by confusing us. Science is complicated because the data and graphs is not easy to read because it can be confusing by the way it is structure.


All About Me

I'm Ee Vue.
I like to play sports so pretty athletic.
I like to play a clarinet.
I like to sing.
Passions and Goals are still unknown.
I'm a June Baby.
  • Can expand on examples
  • Could use a solid introduction
  • Lots of examples given
  • Good expalanation of song
  • Nice personal connections

Timed Writing 5 

CHRISTMAS!!! I love Christmas so much, not about the gifts, but about seeing all your family come together. When your whole family comes together it's a beautiful feelings when you see everyone united and having a great time. There is no Christmas for me without snow, I adore the snow so much! Honestly for me the presents don't matter I just love when family members open their presents and the look on their face is priceless. I get more excited about seeing peoples expressions. On Thanksgiving the family is all united and bonding a lot, but we get such a short break that it honestly not even enough time to enjoy with your family. Christmas on the other hand is so much longer and you get to enjoy so much more time with your family, it honestly is priceless.

Times writing number 4

Jenni Rivera

There are so many songs that have different meaning to different people. Either the lyrics can
be the personal meaning or the melody of the song can mean so much, just by listening to it. Every song has a deep meaning every word, we interpret the lyric or the melody in a certain way we'd like. The instruments used for this song is mainly violins the song has more of a theme of an orcastra vibe to it with so much meaning. The vocal style used for this song is more of a calm and passionate tone.
The topics that this song explores would be mainly about love, the way someone can love you from the day and later on in the night you can simply mean nothing to them later on. Obviously breaking your heart, this song was dedicated to the artists mother and father since they were divorced. Jenni writing this song meant a lot to her and she gave so much passion into the words. The theme is most likely be a broken heart.
Honestly I'm completely in love with this song, I cant get enough of it. There are so many reason on why you should love this song. Resulta by Jenni Rivera is such a beautiful slow, and upbeat to it. It has a little twist to it making the song 10 x better. Jenni Rivera is an artist that puts so much dedication and passion into every one of her songs, because they always have such a huge meaning behind it. Listening to this song for me has brought out so many feelings, because it simply says the truth. When someone is going through hard times the love they have for themselves tends to fade away. The song is about love & life. Resulta is a song that I guarantee you will not regret listening to, weather you identify your self with it or a family member. Jenni is an artist that you will never regret listening to, you will identify yourself with her at least in one of her amazing, passionate songs.

Timed Writing #1

 Personally I think students should go to College right after they graduate. Just because if they wait about a year they'll end up getting lazy about it, and end up making excuses about it. Going to college right after you graduate is such a huge advantage rather than waiting a year, just because you get to finish earlier, plus you'll have your job set plus the best part is being able to chase your dreams. 
Growing up, my parents have always told me to peruse a dream and become someone in life and actually head for something that i would enjoy doing, and not wake up every morning complaining. Instead of my job being an actual job it should be known as a hobby. Going to college right after you graduate is so much better plus it just shows in my opinion that your chasing after your dreams, that no one is going to stop you. As my parents always told me you can achieve anything in life, but the only person stopping you from achieving your goals is your own self. 
 I know if people chose to go to college right after high school they wont regret making that decision because they know it'll be worth it in the end of the journey and the hard work. 

All about me

 My name is Jessica. I am 16 years old, attending Veritas High School. Love reading books, and being involved with school and love helping others out. Being involved with sports is also one of my passions. One of my passions would be my lovely dogs that I adore, with all my heart. Ever since I got my doggy " Chewy " I've been in love with helping animals that are homeless and have been through animal cruelty that don't deserve it. Another one of my passions is my family & of course my idol of all time, which is "Luis Coronel" he's been my all time favorite singer for about 3 years now. Adore him and my beautiful family & of course my doggies. (:


  • Nice descriptions
  • Nice ending
  • Love personal elements
  • Could use a clearer intro
  • Great ending

Timed Writing 3

     Recently I went to watch the movie 'Goosebumps' . I am obsessed with this movie because it blends suspense, comedy and  romance in one perfect movie smoothie.First off, the monsters are incredibly realistic.This movie isn't lame when it comes to it's comedy like most movies that are rated PG, you'll actually have a couple of laughs. The movie also includes some suspenseful scenes that may make you jump.

       The series Goosebumps by R.l Stine has always been one of my favorite things to watch. Whether it's the new ones or the old ones. When I was younger it used to give me the creeps, I would go to bed questioning whether monsters were real or not. Even looking at it now, it still creeps me out a bit.  All of his stories include the three types of fear: Horror, Gross and Terror. The movie includes all three. It's honestly better than the original show. If you have ever watched it, the most famous characters are in there like, Clappy the Dummy, The Ghost Boy and The Wolf Boy.

   Even the movie's trailer makes it looks awesome. You know how a lot of movie trailers make the movie look interesting and the majority end up not even matching the trailer? Yeah well this movie is better than it's trailer.  You won't regret watching this movie, I promise you.

Timed writing 6

   Thanksgiving beats Christmas any day. Christmas is nice and all but it doesn't include a special day just for shopping after it.During  Thanksgiving we have so much food that I get to help out with. I love how I don't have to get all dressy either because we usually celebrate it at our house. My favorite part of Thanksgiving is going to bed early for Black Friday. Having wonderful food and then having the opportunity to go shopping with good deals is perfect. I realize that Christmas includes presents, but that's not really the purpose of it. I receive the majority of my presents during Black Friday anyways.But does it really matter? They're both amazing holidays with food benefits.

Timed Writing #1

Should all people go to college after high school? Not everybody has the same mindset when it comes to college. Some people believe that it is in their best interest to not got to college after high school or at all because they can't afford it and may possibly not even know about the numerous ways to pay for it. Some people just think that 12 years of schooling is absolutely enough for them. Others can get their dream career with just a high school degree. For whatever reason college is not a necessity, it is a gateway to some but not all careers. College is for those who want that new experience of going to school for what they chose to learn about and not what anybody else decided for them. Not everybody wants to go and that is okay. You are not automatically smart or well respected for your education. You are congratulated for what you do in society.

All About Me

 I'll always be happy, no matter what you'll always know that I am happy.

Nathaly Rivera's Wonderland

  • Like personal stories
  • Could use smoother transitions
  • Good argument
  • Nice ending
  • Could use more personal examples
  • Nice last sentence

Timed Writing #4

The song Tous Les Memes by the artist Stromae is an incredible song that depicts the struggles that men and women face against society, and how they are similar. The tone of the song is quite opposite of the message, because it's got a sort of jazzy vibe, and is very fast paced. It has trumpets, synthetic electronic beats, and incredible guitar picking. The melody is very upbeat, but the trumpets give it a sort of sleazy feel and set up for the message the lyrics leave you with.

"We’ve set the date for our next argument/We’ve set the date around that time of month". The main chorus of the song is from the perspective of a man, who views the woman as too materialistic and high maintenance, and coincides her emotions with her feelings. "It’s easy to say I’m whiny and emotional/And I talk too much “blah blah blah”. A part of the hook from a woman's point of view displays the thought that she knows shes seen as chatty and vapid. The music video does a really great job of portraying the different sides to the song.

It is originally sung by Stromae, a french musician. The language is beautifully lazy, and encapsulates the entire feel of this song. The song is unique to him, I feel, in part of the music video as well as the perspective changes performed by him.

Timed Write #5

I believe that in the debate of Christmas or Thanksgiving, Christmas really takes the cake. Being a vegetarian, the perks of Thanksgiving just aren't all there for me. A whole holiday centered around eating a bird and giving thanks for it doesn't sound like much fun to me. However, Christmas is all about giving presents, and celebrating family and relationships you have. Not to mention, Christmas feasts are also a thing! So along with getting and giving presents to the ones you love, you get to eat some really tasty food! Christmas is superior as well because it is linked with the birth of Jesus Christ, a prominent figure in the Christian religion. Thanksgiving doesn't have anything to do with religion, and is more about pilgrims and Native Americans working together to survive - but it doesn't end so well for the Native Americans in the end. Colonizing Americans decided to get rid of Native Americans to take their land, and everyone likes to forget about it in an excuse to just pig out. Christmas is far superior as well, because of all the Christmas music you get to hear. There are no songs about Thanksgiving that anyone remembers, but anyone could name at least five of their favorite Christmas songs! In conclusion, I believe Christmas is better than Thanksgiving because I don't like to eat turkey, I don't like celebrating a holiday that glorifies one race killing another, and because of all the lovely meaningful music we get to hear.

Timed Writing #1

I think that all people should go to college, but we shouldn't force them to. 
I've always believed that knowledge is wonderful, but I've also always been naturally curious. I do know that some people detest school, because their creativity was shut down. They were forced to attend when they didn't want to, and resented learning because of it. College gives people a chance to expand their horizons, learn more about the world we live in and the way humans work. It gives people an opportunity to discover themselves and their passions.
In the same respect, however, people should not lionize college simply because it does these things. The people that completely abandon all pursuit of knowledge don't believe that college is an incredible place. Not everyone's minds work the same, and we all have differing opinions.

Timed Writing #2

The book Green Angel by Alice Hoffman is one of the greatest books I have ever read, because I grew up with it, it has a wonderful plot, and I think the way I interpreted it is unique. 
I first got this book in fourth grade for my the reading program RIF through my school. When I first saw it, the cover intrigued me, so I selected it for one of my two new books that month. I immediately started reading it while waiting for the other kids in my class to pick their books, and fell in love with the character the main character. I think I read the entire book in about two days. I loved it so much that I continued reading  it throughout my middle school career, and even a couple times in my high school career. Every time, I notice something else about the book, be it symbolism or character development, I recognize something new each time I read it, so I continue reading it though my reading level has far surpassed the book. 
The plot contains one main character, and introduces her as Green. She is the outcast of her family, and has to stay behind to tend to the garden while her family sells their crops in the town. One day, there is a huge fire, and the entire town is engulfed in the flames. The smoke and ashes reach so far as the hill atop which Green lives, and blinds her. Her family is killed in the fire. She becomes dependent on her sense of touch and survives in a state of depression without her family. She meets a dog, who she names Ghost because of its white color and thin, garish figure. She also eventually meets a boy, I believe, and helps to heal him as well as herself.
The message I first got from the book was that even though she had no one, she still had her plants, which is probably why I love leaves and trees and gardens so much to this day. However, over the years I have come to take a different message from the book. Like a phoenix, through the ashes of disaster arises a better person. Green had to learn to adjust and move on from the tragedy that afflicted her. She became more observant and changed forever. Though she went through such a powerful struggle, she overcame it. 
This book has changed my life and influenced me more than any book has ever out of all the books I have read. It means so much to me, and I honestly can't imagine my life without it.

My name is Myranda, and I kinda love leaves. I'm a pretty boring person, so needless to say this won't be a personal blog. I think the only things you really need to know about me are that I'm a huge nerd, I think my hair is pretty cool, and I'm completely obsessed with my dogs, Mandy and Star. 

Mumbling Myranda

  • Nice descriptions
  • Thanks for the French Translations
  • Love the path taken here and explainations
  • Very nice conclusion
  • Powerful
  • Nice layout
  • Watch run on sentences
  • Nicely stated


Timed Writing #4

Read All About It
The tone of the song Read All About It is very encouraging and uplifting. The instrument used is mainly a piano which gives it a very sensitive touch, but it's still something worth listening to. As far as the vocal style, it grows throughout the song. Starting off soft into sounding like she's gained that confidence to make her voice bigger. Her being Emile Sande.
When listening to this song some topics that come to mind are relationships, the lost of a family member, gaining confidence, and coming together as one to accomplish a goal. There's so many themes that pop into my head as I listen to this song but I think there is only one main theme. That is to get the point across that you can overcome anything.
I believe that everyone should love this song unless your a emotionless person. It's very encouraging and can lift up so many spirits when your feeling down. It may make you smile and it may make you cry, the whole point though is to instill in you confidence and bravery. To get you to feel good about any bad thing that has happened. Trust me, you'll love it.

timed writing #2


My favorite book is Romeo and Juliet because of its theme. I love the romance and comedy it sometimes shows. It's about a young boy and girl from two feuding families who decide to get married undercover but both kill themselves in the end. It's also a very sad book knowing that two innocent children killed themselves for love. Everyone should read it because it's very interesting and sometimes suspenseful to read. I love the book and i think everyone else will too.

Destiny's Dynasty

all about me!

~my name is Destiny 
~im 16 years old
~i go to hope high school
~my favorite color is blue
~i love to sing, dance, and box
~i have 21 older brothers
  • Needs to be more confident in writing ( avoid sometimes/ maybe)


  • Nice explanations of instraments
  • Good examples
  • Very nice ending


Timed Writing #4

Coming Home Part II by Skylar grey

A good portion of humanity will sacrifice anything to overcome obstacles and accomplish their goals. This is a prominent theme in our art, literature, music, and our everyday lives.People often seem to forget that maybe it isn't always the best idea to sacrifice anything for a single objective. The song Coming Home Part II by Skylar Grey is a relaxed song that fills listeners with a sense of inner peace. The main instruments are piano, and Skylar's voice. It is a haunting song that lingers with you after it has ended.
Coming Home Part II is about hope. As Skylar herself says, "But it's always darkest before the dawn." It is about being forgiven for our mistakes and wrongdoings, and accepting who we are. Any struggles or fights you experience will ultimately come to an end, and everything will be okay. This song is all about the forgiveness of others, and ultimately, ourselves. 
This song is important because it is a soft reminder that everything is okay. People are so often caught up in their stress that they forget to enjoy  themselves. Personally, when something goes wrong in my life, I have a hard time dealing with it and feel like I let myself down. Coming Home is a reminder to let oneself know that it's okay to mess up. It's okay not to be the best. Self forgiveness is important. 

Timed Writing #2

Dreamland by Sarah Dessen
Dreamland tells the story of Caitlin O'Koren in three different parts. The story opens up on Caitlin's 16th birthday, when she wakes up and realizes that her 18 year old sister, Cass, has run away from home. Caitlin's birthday is completely forgotten about as her parents frantically try to discover where their eldest daughter has run off to. Soon after Cass calls home to tell her family that she is with her boyfriend Adam. Her parents are furious with her, and Cass refuses to turn home. Caitlin's life spirals into unhappiness and negativity as her parents do their best to repair what is left of their broken home.
In the second part of the story, Caitlin meats Rogerson, the boy who soon after becomes her boyfriend. Caitlin quickly finds out that the charming Rogerson is a drug dealer. One of his clients warns her about how dangerous Rogerson is, but does not push her to break up with him. The relationship between Caitlin and Rogerson grows, and becomes more physical. Soon, the threat of physical violence and drug abuse become the strings holding them together.
Dreamland explores the reality of what an unhealthy relationship can consist of. In some ways it is a coming of age story. Caitlin finds ways to deal with her losses, and some are more destructive than others. The ending is not happy, but it is not the worst outcome. It would be an appropriate book for those who really want to take the time to ponder life and have their minds open to understanding dangerous lifestyles. 

Timed Writing #1

Junior year of high-school is the time when most teenagers begin to embark on the lengthy journey of applying to college. Throughout the next two years, their intentions for their future become clear: will they or will they not go to college? 
It is no secret that hundreds, maybe even thousands, or students drop out of education after high-school. College is something that should not be an option. In today's world it is important to have an education and a degree. In order to make a high paying job and live your life comfortably, effort needs to be made in the area of education. College is the official groundwork of the rest of your life; during this time you discover who you will be in both the professional and adult worlds. 
Education provides you with more opportunities to take hold of. Besides your increased chance of getting a better payroll, a degree could also be a safe net. You will always have an expertise to fall back on, were anything to jeopardize the job you have. People also provide more doors to open. College is where you will meet hundreds, maybe even thousands, of new people. 
College is where you can grow as a person and figure out your purpose in life. It is the beginning of your future and should be treated as such. In conclusion, college is an important and convenient way to delve into the world of adulthood and business, and everyone should attend. 

"Be kind always"

The mantra by which I live my life describes the majority of who I am as a person. For a multitude of reasons, I believe that it is important to treat each other kindly and with respect. 
In relation to my favorite quote, my goal in life is to help people. Because of this I want to be some type of doctor. Helping people (and other living things) has always been my calling and what I've come to think is the purpose of my life.
My passion and greatest interest is writing stories and poetry because I believe that writing is a raw form of human thought and can tell a lot about a person's mind. 

Sophia's Whispers

  • Good intro and conclusion
  • Work on punctuation
  • Grabbing introduction
  • Nice addition of lyrics
  • Nice repet on the ending
  • Great opening
  • Good summary of book

Timed Writing #4

                                                          James Bay
            An artist that I admire dearly for his angelic voice would have to be James Bay, simply because he is bae. He's music is very soothing and is always there when I need to relax and take my mind of what's going on. Main sound you will hear is his voice followed by piano, drums and other instruments in the background but most of it is solely him. James like I said before has a very soothing and calm tone, likeable to all listeners.
         As goes for any artist, not all their songs are on the same topic. Songs topics varying from love, loss, hope, family, experiences and so on. If you were blessed to catch one of his shows you will experience a very intimate show of him and his guitar.
        Everyone surely has a different taste in music but there is a song written by James for everyone. If what is above still has not convinced you to play one of his songs, did I mention he's from England. I hope you are open to trying new things as you should be and give mister James a chance, for you will not regret clicking play.

Timed Writing #3

Remember me is my favorite movie because it's a love story that has the biggest plot twist in the end nobody predicts.
        Remember Me takes place in New York with Tyler who is played by Robert Pattison a troubled young adult who is looked down from his father. He and his best friend make a bet that Tyler could make Ally his new girlfriend. Later he finds out she is the daughter of a police officer he got into trouble with in the past, they later f ind out and causes drama. Throughout the movie we see that Tyler's' relationship with his father is only exisiting because of his little sister who he loves dearly and doesn't want her to think anything of them since she already deals with bullying.
       Throughout Tyler's troubled life he accomplishes so much  in the sense of learning to be a better person. Remember Me, not being your average movie where everything is good in the end, but a movie where a lot of lessons are learned.

All about me

My name is Cristina Mercado I go to Veritas High School and I am 16 years old. My birthday is in December therefore, I am a Sagittarius. My favorite color is yellow and I love chocolate, my favorite author is Charles Bukowski. I was born and raised here in Milwaukee. I find these questions pretty hard mostly because I get stuck and blank out and think "ahhh what about me?" In the future I do plan on attending college, not sure as to where I would ideally like to attend. 

Cristina Mercado's Blog

  • Nice character explanation
  • Work on conclusion
  • Nice conclusion
  • Good tone and word choice


Timed Writing #3
Supernatural is my favorite t.v show because two brothers stick together through the impossible. This show is about them fighting off supernatural beings but at the same time it shows how they deal with normal human relationships.
This t.v show deals with a lot of loss, it plays a main role. The brothers do anything to not lose each other since they are the only family they have.  They lost all their family to supernatural forces, so family is the only thing that helps them cope with their life style.
If anything I recommend this to any one ready to get their hearts broken continuously. Supernatural has ten completed seasons and continues on with the brothers developing new relationships and more dangerous encounters.

 Time Writing #2

My favorite book is Legend by Marie Lu. This book is about a society in which everyone is classified by a test they take as children. The main characters have both passed this test with an 100%, which no one has ever done before. One of them is the city's prodigy and the other is a vigilante. They end up meeting and both go against the city that has manipulated them.
I like this book because the way they live in seems very exciting and it's very different to other books. I usually think that all young adult novels similar, but this one has a completely different plot. And I just love it.

Timed Writing #1

I think all people should go to college after they graduate high school because it helps with better job opportunities.  In the society we currently live in, in order to be successful in life you need to have an education. 
 It is very important to continue your education after you graduate to make a career out of your life. If not, then you are not going to make a lot of money and constantly look for employment. I also think that it is a very exciting opportunity to further on your education because you get to choose any type of career that interest you.  Some people might find the idea of going to college as horrible, but if you have goals in life might as well make them big. I think that attending college is a privilege and everyone should at least give it a try.

Timed Writing #4

The song I chose is "El Perdon" by Nicky Jam and Enrique Iglesias. This song can be considered to be in the Reggae genre. The rhythm of this song makes you want to dance, but it's slow compared to other reggae songs.You mainly hear a guitar playing and a beat that makes a good background for the scenery portrayed by the lyrics.
The song mainly focuses on heartbreak. It talks about seeing the one you love with someone and how that makes someone feel. The singer is trying to convince his lover that they can't be happy without each other. It is a sad, painful song describing the feeling of getting your heart broken.
Everyone should love this song because everyone can relate to heartbreak. It's a sad song but you can still dance to it. Although throughout the whole song the singer is trying to convince his lover that they should get back together, at the end he says sorry and gives up. It's a lovely song with a strong message of dealing with heartbreak. I guess you can say that this song in a way is supposed to cheer you up.  


All About Me

My name is Ari Rosas and I'm currently sixteen years old.  My two passions are art and reading.  My goal is to become a Surgical Nurse but I'm still debating on what career path to take.
  • Very eye catching introduction
  • Conclusion was a little flat
  • Nice begining
  • Lots of unanswered questions
  • Nice descriptions
  • Interesting viewpoint
  • Easy to read

Timed Writing # 1


     Should Everyone Go To College After High School?

          I highly believe everyone that graduates from high school should continue their education and go to college. However, it's completely understandable if you're unable to continue on and go to college due to financial reasons, but definitely if you have the option, go to college and help yourself pursue a career you're worth having. Also if you're able to go to college, take advantage of it because so many people aren't able to attend and carry on their dreams of going to college just because they can't afford it. The whole goal during high school is to expand your knowledge and prepare you for college with the right curriculum. If you a\have your heart set on a career field, and you've been determined to achieve that goal you set for yourself, definitely attempt to go to college and pursue your dream. This is a topic that can be debated between so easily. My mom didn't go to college and she has a nice job, it's definitely possible. But she wasn't able to become what she had wanted for years just because she didn't go. Going to college after high school should be the plan for every student everywhere as they grow up. There is so much in the world people still don't know and are waiting to learn at college. Everyone deserves an education beyond the high school walls, not one person doesn't deserve to learn more and more than they have been taught. "The cure for cancer could be hidden in a mind of a person that couldn't afford an education." It's possible for everyone,

Timed Writing #4

        The artist group "Pentatonix" from my playlist specifically stands out to me. I recently discovered them through a friend while searching for Christmas music. All of their music varies in tone because they tend to do covers of songs already created by other artists. Some are upbeat like "Daft Punk" or some are slow and more quiet like "Mary did you know?" in their Christmas album. The thing I enjoy specifically from this music group is how they don't actually use Any instruments because they are an acapella group. But, they are so good at mimicking instruments it's quite hard to notice. 

        This music explores a complete variety of types of topics and themes. Like I said they cover songs so their library of music varies with genres. When they vary with genres their topics and themes of each song are all different and can be set to different types of moods. They have many upbeat songs that can put you in a good mood and give your energy. At the same time, they can play music that's more calm or even put you in the "Christmas spirit" with their Christmas album.

        Everyone should love this band because their is an obvious difference in music without actual instruments and music that is almost complete instruments. You have to give credit to this group because they are so talented that they are able to beat box with just their mouths and create an illusion with using just their voices. Another reason why everyone should love this group is because, like I've touched on before, they have a large variety of music and don't just focus on one type of music genre. They are primarily pop but they also explore other types like dubstep and more relaxed/ chill music. One last reason why everyone should love this group is because, individually, they all have unique and interesting voices that work well together and makes their music sound even better.

Timed Writing #2

The book I'm choosing to review is " The Hunger Games", more specifically the first of the trilogy. This book is about a young woman who lives in a world where everyone lives in districts and fight each other to show rank. Her younger sister gets chosen to fight in this battle, but she decides to take her place. This girl's name is Katniss, the girl on fire. She becomes successful in the games and she allied up with the male chosen from her district as well. I like it because it was very intriguing and I couldn't put my book down! There is a good amount of suspense, action, and romance to balance out. Everyone should read it because it's quite entertaining, even better than the movie, in my opinion. 

All About Me

My main passion is dancing. I love to dance with a team, choreographed, by myself in my room, or with my friends at a party. I've been dancing since I was 4. Last year I performed a masked, Hip Hop dance routine in front of the whole school. It's the one thing I'm not afraid to do in front of others or make a fool of myself. In my opinion, I'm not an awful dancer. Being able to dance a wide variety of styles comes in handy. Growing up Mexican, I learned to dance Bachata, Merengue, Cumbia, Banda, and more naturally. So when I go to parties with my friends I'm usually the first one on the dance floor. However, I will NOT sing in front of anyone.


  • A little redundent
  • Good job telling how you came to find this group
  • Nice viewpoint and description
  • Nice summary
  • Work on picking just a few ideas to focus on

Time writing #1

All the people should going to college after they graduate with high school.  Every should because it will help them with a better life and it could help them to get what jobs they want in the future.  Also if they went to college they could come back to help their family have a better future.  With out college then they won't be able to get the jobs they like.  College will help they to learn so many thing in their life that they never has been through. 

Everyone should go to college and get start their new life with out their parents, so they know what they want in the future.  This will help they to learn to know them self more , and what very improvident to them.  Also to help them know that their family will not always be with them forever.  

My name is Kasiang Chang,
I Came from Laos about 4 to 5 years
I love fashion/designer
when I have nothing to do, I just watching movie, Facebook,drawing 
I used to love dancing
Art is fabulous
April Baby


  • Nice job listing multiple resonings

Can you be friends with someone you are no longer in frequent contact with?

Yes, of course! Time can't tear us apart!


To me friendship is a very serious and fulfilling thing. It is sacred especially a among females. I believe friends stick together no matter what. Yes, its true that your going to fight and sometimes life will not let you stay in contact like it use to, but that should not change your loyalty to each other. I still have friends that I haven't talked to in years, but ,if they were to call me and tell me they needed me, I would be there in a heartbeat. My question to you is, What does friendship mean to you? Can you be friends with someone you are no longer in frequent contact with?



Beverly Perry

This is from a serious poll written on there wall in place of a Timed writing. Options were:

  • Of course
  • No
  • Maybe
  • Most likely not


 Poll Maker


As we get closer to the time to choose a college , it can be very hard to decide where it is that we would like to go. So I created this post to give people a chance to weigh they options ..Personally I am unsure of were I would like to attend school but I will soon make that choice!

This is from a serious poll written on there wall in place of a Timed writing. Options were:

  • Alverno
  • UWM
  • UWWhitewater


Timed writing #2

Favorite book

My favorite book is Flowers in the Attic. The book begins with a woman, named Lorain, and her fours kids, (Christopher, Cathy, Cory, and Carrie) are in the house waiting on her husbands to come back. He never returns because he died while he on his way back to them. Their mother began to have problems trying to keep up with the bills. So she calls her mother, the children are very shocked because their parents told them they had no family left. She told them this because their father is her step-uncle and her parents weren't happy about that. So they moved into the house but had to stay in the attic because her father only let her live there if she had no children! So she kept them in the attic. She started coming to see them less and less. They had been up there for years and the two oldest children started to love each other. Once the mother poisoned Corey, they knew they had to safe themselves. So they found away out and this is a series, and it picks up with petals on the wind. 


  • Could be organized better

This is from a serious poll written on there wall in place of a Timed writing. Options were:

  • Vegan life
  • Vegtarian life
  • Meat life

Hello. have you ever met a unicorn? Well now you have....


Whether is for health reasons, sympathy, or way of life, We all have that special diet that we live by.

Timed Writing #3

  Some people like different types of movies, and some people like a combination of movies.  I like horrifying and dramatic movies that also has a lot of suspense.  The Perfect Guy is my favorite movie because it shows how some people can turn out differently from what others may think.  This movie can also be a love movie, while having some suspense and parts where it may startle the audience.
  Not only does this movie show a lot of dramatic scenes, but it also shows things that many people may relate to in real-life situations and teaches some people a lesson.  It's basically about a guy and a lady who first seen each other getting coffee, but then started seeing each other again at other places.  The guy somehow got her name, number and her workplace, but she never thought anything of it because of his charming way of talking to her.  Then, there were crazy things going on, including events like people dying, things getting moved around at her house and videos getting sent to her work which caused her to be fired.  He was good at hiding his prints that could be behind so it was hard for her to show the police evidence, but towards the end, she ended up killing her stalker and finally got the cops to accept the evidence she had.
  This movie is a must watch because it shows females that there is no " perfect guy" no matter how charming he is.  Although being a gentleman is great, sometimes being a little too kind is suspicious because that's how guys get females to "fall in love" so that she won't ever leave him, no matter what.  Many people can be very sneaky, and I think this movie shows enough action to where the audience is engaging in watching the movie.

Timed Writing #1

All people should go to college after high school.  Whether they think that they aren't successful in school or not, going to college is a good opportunity for everyone's future.  It's usually always better to go right after because once people take a year or so break, they won't have a good thinking mind set going back to school.  That can be a struggle for most people, losing their train of thought about what they learned or maybe their way of how they usually think at school.  People also might get used to staying at home, so they might change their mind about going to college right away.  Some may struggle with money, but talking to the school council can help a lot.  Also, everyone is able to make it to college if they put their mind to it.  Money problems could get help from scholarships if the student gets good grades, and also, if they talk to the school council about it, they might help work things out.  There are also college programs such as the Youth Options going around for juniors and seniors in some schools.  It is basically free college classes which makes freshman year of college go by quicker.  This also saves thousands of dollars as well.  I think college is a start to people's life.  It helps them get their education on what they might want to do when they grow up, or maybe help them get a job especially since they have their degree.  That always looks good on resumes.  Most people that go to college and get a degree usually get good paying jobs, or a job that can actually help them afford things in life.

Thida Bella's World


 I'll always be that short Asian you'll never forget.
  • Watch tenses used
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Timed writing #1

College IS important

Going to college is definitely important in life because it really determines how you're life's gonna turn out. College pretty much gets you ready for your adult life. it prepares you financially, meaning it show you the responsibility of: paying bills, car insurance, health insurance, taxes, etc. College is also a benefit too. In order to pay all those expensive bills you want to go to school for a career or training in particular major that will make it easy to pay those bills later in life.

I say this because there are people in this world who have decided not to go to college who live on welfare, food stamps and pretty much off the government's money. I feel that going to college and taking your future seriously, you won't have to worry about living off the government because you'll have your own money. And most times people who don't go to college end up homeless or dealing with poverty. So if you go to college and make something of yourself you won't have to worry about that.



Timed Writing #2

My favorite book would have to, "Copper Sun" by Sharon Draper. It's one of the most influential books of all time. It's about a young teenage girl who was taken away from her village and forced into slavery but later was set free from a new master who had taken ownership of her when she sold into slavery once again. Its has taught me the value of freedom and being to blessed to never go through those terrible times.

i love fashion!!! i love being able to dress up different pieces of clothing together and rocking the whole fit!!! Fashion is definitely my major for college. I plan to go to college, know everything there is to know about fashion and after school i plan to open my own boutique store selling all types of cute clothes created by me!! 



  • Love the addition of the quote
  • Needs work on punctuation
  • Should proof read

timed writing #2

The book Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers is a amazing book. it's about a women who has hard life and has now found a man who could possible be the love of here life, but she wont let him inside her because of her tortuerd pass and all of the men who have hurt her.
The story starts off with a little girl by the name of Sarah who has an astraind dad and a mom who never really had to work until her Father made them move out of his house and stop talking to him because his wife was becoming sepisious of his abcences from his real family.
so Sarah and her mom moved into a shack and her mom became a prostitute and died of a STI and she was left with her moms main client he sold her off to a wealthy politician without knowing that he was selling her into sex slavery. I believe people should read this book because its a inspiring book about a young women not only finding and opening up to the love of her life but finding herself and loving life for its good quality's and its amazing way of changing people for the better.

Tera Bear

  • Needs a proof read to fix grammer and spelling