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Walt Disney 

By Dylan Peterson

I chose Walt Disney because I growed up watching his films and cartoons. I also want to go to disney so I thought i should research him.The final reason I chose him is I wanted to learn mor about Walt Disney.

Why I chose Walt Disney 

Walt Disney Biography 

Walter Elias Disney was born in Chicago, Illinois, on December 5, 1901, the fourth of five children.His father abused him and his siblings when thay where younge.Befor walt became a animator he tried to join the armey but was rejected because he was to younge.So for the next year of his life he joined the redcross and drove a ambulance around france and it was covered in Disney cartoons.After he got back he tryed to make a buisnes off of little funys but soon went bankrupt. so he moved to holey wood and started the disney companey and made the first ful color cartoon.Disney has lasted longer than Walt Disney was in it.

Favorite charicters by Walt Disney