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The Path that led to Revolution!!!

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Table Of Contents                         Page 2

Introduction                               Page 3

French and Indian War                  Page 4

Stamp Act                                 Page 6

Boston Massacre                         Page 8

Boston Tea Party                         Page 10

Intolerable Acts                           Page 12

Conclusion                                 Page 14

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 Many events lead up to the American Revolution. The first event that happened was the French and Indian War. Because Britain lost so much money during the war, they passed a law called the Stamp Act which meant the colonists had to buy stamps to use on newspapers and legal documents. Because they had to keep paying taxes for stamps, the colonists started to get mad so one day a fight started which was called the Boston Massacre. The government eventually ended most of the taxes but the colonists still had to pay taxes for tea which made the colonists angry and they protested.The Boston Tea Party was a glorious day for the clonists because some Patriots disguised as mohwah indians dumped 342 chested tea bags into Boston Hobor.But when King George heard about this he so was furious that he closed Boston Harbor.

The French and Indian War


        The French and Indian War was one of the events that caused the American Revolution. It lasted 7 years so the British called it the Seven Years War but the colonists called it the French and Indian War. The french and indian war took place in North America from 1754 to 1763. The war started when british colonial troops under George Washington  tried to drive the french away from what is now western Pennsylvania but they failed. Then the war started. The french had help from Native American allies so the next few years were difficult for the british. The French had a better army and the native americans had good fighting skills in the woodlands.

         However, by the end of 1757, the british had started to come back. The British collected more money and supplies that were better than France's and they had become better at  fighting in the wilderness. The british had much better equipment by now. Soon the British had begun to gain control and now it was the british who were winning. Eventually the British won and by 1760 the British gained control of all of New France.

The British win the French and Indian War.

Stamp Act

The Stamp Act came after the French and Indian War and after the French and Indian War left Britian victorious Plus it left the British Goverment with a dept of 140 million pounds.The British led by Prime Minister George Greenville,felt that the colonists should share some of the continued sustainig burden British troops in the colonies.Greenville's first action was to order the navy to enforce the navigation Acts.He then secured passage from the British Parliament of the sugar Act which raised the duty on sugar and other items impoted into the colonies.In 1765 a Stamp Tax was enacted.It imposed taxes on all legal documents.With such active opposition from colonists here was no way to enforce this tax.In 1766,the British Parliament repealed the Stamp Tax as it caused British merchants to suffer greatly from the effects of embargo and  was found to be unenforceable. 


This is a picture of the Stamp Act.

The Boston Massacre


      The Boston Masscre was a fight that happened because of the Stamp Act. It took place in Boston on the night of March 5, 1770. It all  started when the British Parliament passed the Townshend Acts which put a tax on goods such as tea, paper, and glass. That angered many colonists because they didn't get to say what they wanted. British soldiers arrived in Boston in 1768 to keep order.

      The massacre started when a group of British soldiers were trying to quiet a mob of angry people. The colonists were shouting and throwing things at the soldiers. The leader of the soldiers, Captain Thomas Preton didn't tell his men to shoot, but with all the confusion, his soldiers didn't understand what he said and they began to shoot. In the end, five colonists died, and six were wounded. One of the colonists who died was an african american and former slave named Crispus Attucks. He is remembered as one of the first people to die for American independence.

This a picture of the THE BLOODY MASSACARE!!!You can deffinettly see why they call it THE BLOODY MASSACARE!!!You do not want to mess around with lobster backs!!! 

The Boston Tea Party


      The Boston Tea Party was another one of the events that led up to the american revolution. It took place in Massachusetts on December 16, 1773. The colonists had comlained for many years about the way the British government were treating them because they did not think it was fair to be taxed on goods when they weren't represeneted in the Parliament. They said, "No taxation without representation!" The colonists did not want to pay taxes on the goods that were shipped to them. So many colonists protested against the taxes that the British government decided to end most of the taxes. However, the British still kept a tax on tea which the colonists were still not happy about so the colonists decided to put an end to it.

        On the night of December 16, 1773, about 60 Sons of Liberty disguised themselves as Native Americans so the british wouldn't recocnize them and went aboard the 3 ships in Boston Harbor that were holding all the chests of tea. Then they dumped about 342 chests of tea into Boston Harbor. Even though that many chests of tea were thrown overboard, the patriots did not damage the ships a single bit. The british were still furious at the colonists about the tea so they decided to make new laws that were meant to punish the colonists. Those laws were called the Intolerable Acts.

This is a picture of the Boston Tea Party. Many colonists are dressed as Native Americans and are dumping chests of tea into the water while the other colonists cheer for them

The Intolerable Act

Another name for The Intolerable Acts is The Coersive Acts well imposed to British in 1774.The Intolerable Acts (The Coerive Acts) didn't just happen on it's own, it happened because of the Boston Tea Party.The British were furious and they not willing to stop just yet.They then enacted the Massachusetts Government Act.....



These people are deciding what to do about the colonists and all their protests.


         After all these events happened, the American Revolution started.  During the war a group of colonists formed the Continental Congress where they talked about how they should deal with Great Britain. General George Washington was appointed commander in cheif of the Continental Army. In the war there were many battles. The first battles of the war took place at Lexington and Concord. Later on there were more battles such as the battle of Bunker Hill, the Capture of Fort Ticonderoga, the battles of Trenton and Princeton, the Battle of Saratoga. Most of the battles the british won but the turning point of the war was the Battle of Saratoga when the colonists won. That win was very important because it made the French believe that the colonists could win so theFrench decided to help them. Also, there were other events such as writing The Declaration of Independece and The Culper Spy Ring. The final battle of the war was the Battle of Yorktown in which General Cornwallis surrendered his troops. The war ended when the Treaty of Paris was signed by the british on September 3, 1783 in Paris, France. This meant that America was finally a free country.

These are pictures of the American Revolution



     Tax- a certain amount of money you have to pay that comes with a certain item.


       Parliament- the Legislature of Great Britain, historically the assembly of the three estates.


      Enacted- to  make into an act or statute.


      Imposed- to lay or set as something to be borne,endured,ebeyed,fullfill and paid to impose taxes.


      Protested- an expression of declaration of objection,disapproval,or dissent.


        Colonists- an inhabitant of the 13 British colonies that became the United States.


        Independence- Being free from any kind of control


    Tax 3,6,8,16


   Enated 12,16,


   Parliment 8,10,12


   Imposed 12,