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It Can Wait!

When, Why & Where

      Launched in 2010, AT&T began the It Can Wait campaign to educate people about the dangers of texting while driving and to encourage people not to do it. With an increasingly technology-based world, this campaign began on the internet which allowed word to spread quickly and efficiently.

Mission Statement

      Their mission statement is: "We're focused on educating the public--especially teens--on the dangers of texting and driving. No text is worth a life...It Can Wait!" 

      To make their mission more impactful, AT&T invested in a simulator to show firsthand the dangers of texting behind the wheel. They bring this simulator to high schools around the country to educate them on the seriousness of this issue. 

Spread the Word

      This movement has collected more than 8 million pledges that encourages people to make a commitment to never text and drive while holding themselves accountable to loved ones. 

>>> Make your pledge today, online at <<<

What They're Doing

Legislative Progress

      47 out of 50 states, D.C., Guam, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands ban text messaging for all drivers. 

      AT&T has created an app that minimizes distractions while driving and helps you keep your eyes on the road. Download the Drivemode App in the App Store, NOW

      AT&T has also created a 21 day challenge you can join that encourages you to not use your phone while driving

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