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It tells about successful colonies and how they got to be like that,unsuccessful colonies and how they were unsuccessful,and New Amsterdam's history.Also,it has a brief introduction.

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The Key to Being a Successful Colony in the Americas

By:Karan Reehal

Members of the Jamestown colony starving 


              What is the most important key to building a successful colony?Many settlement leaders have been wondering this for centuries.Colonies have died because of bad weather and poor planning.But the most common cause was bad ties with the Native Americans.Many of the colonists were killed due to the aggressions of the Indians.Yet some successful colonies were able to survive without them,like New Amsterdam.People are trying to answer this question for centuries.We still may never know.                          


Ajacan colony members are trying to rebuild their colony but are failing.







Below-Tobacco was very famous in the European countries.As you can see here,it had many pounds of exports of tobacco.

Vocab Words

Cash Crop-A crop grown for profit

Squanto-Native American who helped the Pilgrims survive

1615        1617         1619

Tobacco Exports from 1615-1619(In Pounds)



          Some successful colonies in the Americas are Quebec,Jamestown,New Amsterdam,and Plymouth.Since there were millions of beavers in the forests that had fur that could be sold,Quebec was a thriving trading center.They traded with the Native Americans who brought the fur.After they traded with Quebec,Quebec traded with the English and the French.This is how the colony became a wealthy trading post.

          Jamestown was famous for its tobacco.The Native American tribe Powhatan taught them how to grow tobacco.In fact,from 1615 to 1619,altogether over 100,000 pounds was exported from Jamestown to Europe!Now tobacco was a widely grown cash crop.

           New Amsterdam’s trading on the Hudson River made them a very triumphant colony.Perhaps if they did not trade,they couldn’t have been as good as a colony than if they had trade.

           When the Pilgrims came,they were failing.By the end of the year,very little survivors were left.They were just about to completely fail when a man from the Wampoanog tribe named Squanto taught them how to plant in the rocky New England soil.I now know that without help from the Native American tribes,many colonies couldn’t have survived.

Successful Colonies in the Americas

John Rolfe-Jamestown colony leader who showed that tobacco could be grown successfully in Virginia

Men find markings in the fort post,inspecting it thoroughly for clues helping them find where the colonists went. 

Vocab Words

Unsuccessful Colonies in the Americas

              Many colonies failed because of bad weather,lack of food,rivalry,and poor planning.But the most common cause was having a bad relationship with Native American Tribes.Such as the Ajacan colony.When they ran out of food,they turned to the Powhatan tribe and demanded provisions.Just before,they had given them seeds and now they wanted more?With that,the Indians killed all of them.In Roanoke,when they ran out of supplies,John White sailed back to England.But since they were at war with Spain,and couldn’t spare any ships,he wasn’t able to return until 3 years later.When he returned,nobody was to be seen.The only clue he found was the word “CRO” carved into a nearby tree and the word "CROATOAN" carved into their fort.Croatoan was the name of a nearby Indian tribe. We still don’t know what happened,but most people believed that they killed them.This was only because they did not have a good relationship with them.The majority is,colonies died out because of bad ties with the Native Americans.Without good relations with them,it was nearly impossible to survive at that time.



                    New Amsterdam was successful for many reasons.Thriving trading on the Hudson River,a huge population in the colony,and a large percentage of healthy people were all factors of their success.With strong and healthy people,they could do more work,with more people,their colony could expand,and with trading,they thrived.They convinced many people from European countries to settle there.The people had plentiful food and barely starved,but without the Hudson river,they couldn’t have had well trade.Without well trade,they couldn’t have gotten plentiful food,and they would have starved.Perhaps if they did not have the Hudson River,they couldn’t have been as successful as they were or maybe they would have failed.

New Amsterdam's Success

New Amsterdam was bustling with ships because of trade.As you can see here,ships are swarming the docks.