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A Little Piece of My Heart

Katelyn King

English 10-2 


There is a place in your heart that is love.

This place is much brighter than tomorrow.

There is no need to cry.

For in this place there is no hurt or sorrow

Heal the world. 

Make it a better place.

Create a world with no fear and we can then cry happy tears.

We must stop existing and start living.

Then the world we once believed in will shine again in grace.

We can breathe perfectly together.

Keep its glow.

Create happy tears.

The world must come together as one.

World Peace

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  2. Black Out Poem, Voices
  3. World Piece
  4. ABC Poem, Liar
  5. Cinquain, Mom & Dad
  6. Haiku, Happy Spring
  7. Bio Poem, Harry Styles
  8. Shape Poem,Fly High
  9. Acrostic Poem, Taken
  10. Elegy, Regret
  11. Tanka, You Are My everyhing
  12. List Poem, Shopaholic
  13. Limerick, Fast Car
  14. Senryn, Pretty Butterfly
  15. Epitaph, Be Alive
  16. Diamante, Delicious
  17. World Piece

He told me he loved me,

I told i'm I loved him back.

Just then,


Lies came out.

Me? Well i'm gone now.




Strong, Uplifting

Caring, hard working, brave

Loving, moving, cheerful, generous

Mom & Dad

Mom & Dad

Tomorrow is spring.

Flowers come out to say hi!

Happy spring showers


Happy Spring


Phenomanal, Handsome, Smart.

Son of Anne Twist.

Who loved his fans and music.

Who feared being unloved, broken, and unwanted.

Has won so many awards.

Who wanted to be the best he could be for his fans.

From small town Holmes Chapel England



Harry Styles




       so high and never

     Comes down. It has

         No fear. Up Up

          Up it goes but

           Never come


Fly High

Kicking and fighting

I scream for help

Taking slow breathes thinking about my next move

Knocked out i feel lost

Asking questions like where am i and who are you



I'm sorry for what i have done

And what i have failed to do


Thank your for believing me

for your forgiveness

Goodbye.You will be missed


I love you so much

I smile when i'm beside you

You make me happy

Do you want to know something

You are my everything love.

You Are My Everything

Id like to go shopping i need some new clothes,

But what to buy the world may never know?

Maybe a blouse,some socks,a new pair of jeans,

A new watch, a skirt? Man there are so many things!

A necklace, a tshirt, a dress and some sneakers,

I better save up for all these little keepers!

A hat, a scarf or maybe a new pair of boots,

A sweater, a pull over and maybe some high heeled shoes.

There are so many things i just cannot choose.

Maybe ill just buy a new pair of shoes



There was a car that was parked down the road

It was blue and white but very old

With very bright colors and new nice tires

Oh this car could sing to the choir

I desperately wanted this car that i desired

Fast Car

Pretty small butterfly

Spread your wings and fly so high

Seek to find new heights


Pretty Butterfly

“Live your life as you would want to be remembered”-Katelyn King

Be Alive


Delicious, gooey

rising , cooking, settling

Steam rising cut, soft and bouncy cut

Mixing, stirring, baking

Sweet, sugary





This book is a little piece of my heart. It tells the crazy yet sweet side of the crazy imaginary things i make up. My poems might come from past expirences and things i think about.