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Several necessary expenses for operating our business; packaging, 3D printed cases, circuit boards, fuses, switches, cords, wages for our employees, domain name, and marketing resources.

To focus on our key business activities, we will be reaching out to local businesses to provide us with the recycled batteries. We will also be performing the final steps of our battery testing process off-site, and trusting a local business to 3D print our cases for us. By relying on these partnerships and relationships with local businesses, we are able to focus on key activities during our sessions.

Since we are using recycled batteries, we require the necessary testing to ensure that the customers receive safe and functioning batteries. To test the batteries, we require a multimeter and TP4056 chargers, 5V power supply, 18650 battery holders, IR temperature sensor, Liitokala lii-500 charger/tester, 12V power supply, and power resistors. We also require fuses, circuit boards, and switches, to produce a functioning power bank. 

Our product is unique because we use recycled batteries, that would have ended up in the landfill, and recycle them to create an eco friendly battery pack. Our battery packs go through vigorous testing to ensure that we are providing consumers with safe recycled batteries, they can rely on to charge their phones.

Eco-Charge is a student run company out of Glebe Collegiate Institute dedicated to providing an eco friendly, sustainable, and accessible power source. We use recycled batteries, that would have been thrown into landfills, and turn them into power banks to charge phones. It is a useful, convenient, and eco friendly solution to charge your phone on the go.

At the beginning, we will sell shares to each member of the company to raise start-up capital. Once we have this capital, we will utilize it to buy materials and resources to produce the product. We will then make revenue from selling our products, which will be reinvested in the company.

We will interact with our customers through our social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat), as well as sales events in the community, assemblys/presentations in school, and posters throughout the community.

We will reach our target market through sales events (with JA and in the community), pop-up shops at school (before/after school and during lunches), and selling to friends and family.

Our product is targeted towards anyone with a phone. Anyone who has a phone that needs to be charged can become a customer of our business.

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