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Hip Hop is Poetry

Karen Garcia

Gold: A

I write only

because there

is a voice within

me that will

not be still.


The message of this poem is this person writes what he feels because it is his only way to vent.

I think this poem connects to the song "Me against the world" because he tells of his experience as the poem I wrote.

They say that I do not show my feelings but I am full of it.

 I suffer in silence, I love with looks and 

I speak for smiles when I was dead broke,

 man I could not picture this.


In this poem the author means that restraining what people see on the outside, because everyone is focused on the superficial and not on the inside of the person always have a negative opinion of it without knowing them.

I grow a white rose

 in June as in January for the sincere friend 

who gives me his frank hand.

 And for the cruel one who plucks the heart with which I live, 

thistle or nettle cultivation;

 I grow the white rose.


The poem means as referred to the friendship and the enemy, both treats him equally.

The words that rhyme in this poem are: January, sincere and I grow the white rose.