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It was a normal day in math and we were working with our chosen partners

on the work. Throughout the year our math teacher has become less and less tolerant of our math class. As we were working we started having fun and joking around soon we were betting each other to do silly little things and it was my turn. After much thought from my partner It was decided. I had to stick a ruler in the fan or forever be a whoos. As I got up to get a ruler I noticed the teacher was out of the room as soon as I got the ruler I walked over to the fan, made sure my friend was looking and stuck the ruler in. Just as the very loud clicking sound of the ruler jammed in the fan started the teacher walked in. I pulled the ruler out as quick as I could, but I was caught.

As she saw me she yelled, “Stop harassing my fan”.



Those four words made the class laugh, but they did not make me laugh. She gave me a look I have never gotten from a teacher before and I knew it was game over. After the rest of that school day I was nervous about what my parents would do when they saw the write up in aspen. When my parents got home they did not say anything so I thought I was clear. After many weeks passed and it was summer vacation my parents went onto aspen to check my grades for the last trimester a month r so after the last day of school and they saw the write up. They did not say anything for a while to see if I was not telling them on purpose or if I just forgot. One night in the summer my family was watching a movie and he told me to come look at his laptop and he showed me the write up. My heart sank because I thought I was in the clear and that I was not going to get in trouble, but I was wrong. My punishment was that I had to send the teacher an apology letter and I had to do all the chores for a week.