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Kylee Comer

Declaration of Independence
The Declaration of Independence was written by Thomas Jefferson in
1776. A committee of 5 people including John Adams, and Ben Franklin
were appointed to write this important document. Thomas Jefferson drafted
it because he had the least enemies in congress and was the most skilled
writer in the group.
The Declaration was a list of things they didn’t like about the King of
England and they were justifying there reason to have their own rule and
break free from his. The importance of the Declaration is that it says a
government is to help people, and not to harm the country. It also says that
“all men are created equal” no matter your nationality or race. Are rights
and freedom is based of the Declaration to write the Constitution, and it
inspired people from other countries to rebel against their unjust forms of
The Constitution
The Constitution was written during the Philadelphia Convention and
signed on September 17, 1787 during the in Independence Hall. The
Constitution is the rules the government has to follow and the principles it's
built on. James Madison is known as “the father of the constitution”
because it was mostly his ideas but it was written and composed by all
delegates and not just him. The Constitution was written to make a
completely new form of government. It's important because it's the most
powerful vision of freedom ever written, it also changed the world, being we
were not only allowed to make are own type of government but have it be a
democratic one.
The Federalist Papers
The Federalist Papers were a group of eighty-five essays written by
Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay, to tell all the citizens of
New York to vote for the Constitution to be put into place. The Constitution
needed 9 out of the 13 states approval so they had to convince the people
to ratify it. These essays were published into newspapers in 1787 and 1788
they were written under some one anonymous called Publius. These
papers were for the the people to understand what the Constitution was
about and what it stood for. It was published into a book called The
in 1788.
The Bill of Rights
The Bill of Rights was written in New York City in 1789, but the Bill of
Rights were not ratified until December 15th, 1791. The Bill of Rights is
made up of the first ten amendments of the Constitution, and they were
written by James Madison. The Bill of Rights limits what the government
has control over in your life so that the people still have their own liberties
and freedoms. Writing the Bill of Rights was a major controversy because
the people were split saying either the Constitution had enough or they
needed them to be wrote so they could protect their freedoms, they were
eventually written though.
The Articles of Confederation
The Articles were first written on November 15th, 1777, but they weren’t
adopted by all thirteen of the states until March 1st, 1781. John Dickinson
was chosen to write the Articles.The Articles of Confederation were the first
articles written of the Constitution. The Articles was the written document
that planned how the government would function, it also declared the
state's independence from British rule. The government that resulted from
the articles was a weak one, and all the attempts to make it stronger failed.
A convention was called to go over what was happening and how they
could fix it. They all decide in May 1787 to rewrite the Articles completely
and make a brand new Constitution, that would hopefully lead to a
successful government.
Youtube videos
This video shows the first that the first government that was based on the
articles of confederation was a fail at a government. it only lasted 10 years,
every state only had one vote to decide on things and it's was ⅔ majority
rule so no amendments were passed. They also had no precedent, they
couldn’t collect taxes or do many things except declare war and make
treaties. The government was weak and useless pretty much. One of the
good things they did was make 5 new states in between the Ohio and
Mississippi rivers which had an ordinance that outlawed slavery. Shay's
rebellion showed that to much of a democracy could cause the poorer
people to vote for someone who would split up the land more equally. The
delegates met in Philadelphia to advise The Articles of Confederation, they
didn't only tweak it like they said but they made a whole new constitution.
They had a desire for a stronger national government and conflicts rose
between the larger and smaller states, that is why each state has two
senators and the amount of representatives comes from their population.
The Constitution would be meaningless without ratification so 3 of people
wrote the Federalist Papers under the name Publius. These papers
showed the people that a strong national government wouldn't be as bad
as they thought it would and that their liberties wouldn’t be taken away.
They did this because they needed 9 out of the 13 states to ratify the
Constitution or else it would be pointless.
The Declaration of Independence was approved July 4th 1776. The
Declaration allowed the states to part from King George and British rule for
a free nation ruling ourselves and making our own laws. Richard Lee
proposed the Declaration of Independence in June but congress didn’t sign
the Declaration until August 2nd. The Declaration has caused a holiday
were the people celebrate their freedom with decorations, bbqs, bonfires,
lots of food, and fireworks. The holiday is called independance day or how
it's called more often the 4th of July. A gun is shot in each of the states to
show the freedom of the people. Three presidents have died on the 4th of
July, they were Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and John Adams.
Battle of Lexington and Concord
The rebels wanted to fight against king George so they started to collect
guns, ammo, and other weapons. They stored all these weapons that they
had been collecting in Concord. On April 18th British troops were sent out
to retrieve the stockpile of weapons, but patriots heard about their plans
and sent people to spread the word. The british army was stopped in
Lexington by 70 minutemen, who were soldiers ready to be on call in a
moments notice. The British told them to lay down their weapons and no
one would be harmed, but someone shot, and to this day no one knows
which side it came from. That shot released havoc causing both sides to
start shooting each other, causing multiple casualties. The british proceed
to concord and collected some of the patriots weapons. This was the start
of the revolutionary war.
The Battle at Bunker Hill
The patriots were waiting to attack the British on two hills north of boston
called bunker and breed's hill. The patriots had the advantage being on
high ground, and on june 17th, 1775 the british attacked. The british started
to march up breed's hill with their war drums, ad when the patriots heard
this they all open fired their muskets into the british troops causing them to
retreat. The british tried to attack again but thee patriots weapons caused
them to retreat again. General william howe was determined to win so he
sent out a third attack. The patriots rn out of bullets and had to retreat so
the british were able to take over both the hills and win the battles but at a
great cost.
Battle of Trenton and Princeton
George washington and his army lacked money, supplies, and troops who
had had war experience,so he had to come up with a way for them to beat
their enemies. They went out of the norm and went to attack the Hessians
on the night before christmas. They took them by surprise and nearly all of
the Hessians were captured. Only five of george washington's troops were
killed in this battle. George and his army attacked again the same way but
this time it was in princetown. They left fires burning so that the tories
would think that the camp was still there.
Battle of Saratoga
General john burgoyne was trying to cut new england off from the rest of
the colonie, so e moved 8,000 troops out of Canada to capture fort
ticonderoga, and with this vast amount of people they were able to easily
and quickly recaptured fort ticonderoga. They then headed to new york
through the forests of albany. As the americans were retreating they
destroyed everything they could find that would slow his advance, like
bridges. General Gates led the Americans to war at Saratoga, they
surrounded their army causes them to surrender because of their size, and
they won the battle.
Battle of Yorktown
In 1781 General George Washington and his force of 17,000 french and
continental troops took of Yorktown, this battle is known as the battle of
Yorktown against the British and General Cornwallis. This battle was the
most important in the revolutionary war. The reason it was such an easy
defeat is because the French had just left their base to go to Chesapeake
Bay, Lord Cornwalis chose Yorktown as his base. George blocked them in
when the French were leaving and blocked the other side, so they couldn’t
escape. After three weeks of bombardment Cornwallis finally surrendered
to Washington and took of Yorktown.