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how to make a coil pot

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Dennis Makes a Pot

Created By: Cris Schnell, Andrew Hawes, and Parker Jeske

Dennis wants to make a pot for his mom. He either can make the pot functional or decorative. Dennis decides to make a decorative pot so he gets some clay.

Dennis gets a couple pounds of clay

Before he start working with the clay he needs to know what tools are used when working with clay.

Dennis then needs to wedge his clay to get the air bubbles out so it doesnt blow up when it is  bisque fired in the kiln.

Dennis now needs to roll his clay with a rolling pin into a slab to construct a base.

Dennis then cuts out his base with a knife. The base is the shape of a circle. The circle is no more than 1/2 inch thick.

Dennis cuts out a slab to put on top the base.

Dennis then score, slips, and knits the slab to the base. Then adds additive and negative veritcal lines to the slab with the modeling tool.


Dennis then decides to construct spiral coils beside choosing a vertical coil and a horizontal coil to add on top of the slab he put on.



Dennis then score, slips, and knits the coils with a fork or a ball stylus to connect the base to the slab to keep it on good. Then he connects the spiral coils.

Dennis needs to smooth the pot to make it look nice. To keep the pot easy to work with wrap a wet tee shirt around the pot to keep a good moisture level.

Dennis lets the pot dry out for a couple of weeks and then inserts it into the kiln. They clay is called greenware before it is fired in the kiln

Dennis takes the pot out of the kiln after it has been fired for 24 hours at cone 04/1940F. Then he takes and rinses the bisque ware of in water to get rid of clay particles. He can also sand away any bumps on the clay.

Dennis gets a paint brush to start glazing his pot. But firts he needs to find what glaze he wants.

Dennis finishes glazing his pot and it is now called glaze ware. He is now going to put it back in the kiln at a glaze fire of cone 05-06/1915 F.

Dennis takes the pot out of the kiln after 24 hours. Dennis then takes it home for his mom.