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Picture of Puerto Rico on a map and where it is located

 San Juan (The capital of Puerto Rico) 

Puerto Rico

< Puerto Rico flag >

El Yunque National Forest (Tropical Forest in Puerto Rico)

Culebra (A beach off the east coast of Puerto Rico) 

Puerto Ricoś size in area is 3,515 miles. 

The overall poplulation of Puerto Rico is 3,663,131 people in 2017.

Information about Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico´s Latitude and Longitude is 18N, 66W.

Puerto Ricoś Government-

  Puerto Rico is a self-governing commonwealth. The chief of Puerto Rico is the President of the United States.  The US President and government makes the laws and all the laws they make apply to Puerto Rico. 

Mountains- Puerto Rico has a lot of Mountains such as El Toro, which has an elevation of 3,474 feet, and Cerro de Punta, which has an elevation of 4,390 feet, the tallest mountain in Puerto Rico. 

Cerro de Punta (Mountain)

Elevation of Cerro de Punta 4,390 feet.

Puerto Rico Trench

The Puerto Rico Trench is a volcano in Puerto Rico that is capable of producing earthquakes.

Landforms in Puerto Rico

Both of these coastal plains are surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and the Carribean Sea.

Coastal Plains- Puerto Rico has several different coastal plains, including these.

      Puerto Rico´s climate has an average temperature around 85 degrees fahrenheit and in the mountains/tropical rainforests´ the average temperature is around 75 degrees fahrenheit. Puerto Rico´s precipitation has a rainy season that stretches from April to around November. The main cause of this is the mountains of the Cordillera . Besides the rain season, Puerto Rico has very little precipitation.

Puerto Rico´s Climate

La Fortaleza- Is a building in Puerto Rico and has been built to defend the harbor in San Juan. It is the official residence of the government in Puerto Rico. Le Fortaleza has an area of 69,700 feet and is located in San Juan. La Fortaleza opened in 1540. This building is 477 years old!!

Human Features in Puerto Rico

Supreme Court building- The Supreme Court building was built also in San Juan, and opened in 1956. The building projects over a reflecting pool, helping it to blend with the park surroundings. It is the highest court in the commonwealth.  

The World Plaza- The World Plaza is a office building that was built in San Juan, Puerto Rico in 1972. This building is 22 floors high, and 256 feet high. It has costed Puerto Rico $12,000,000 to built this building!                                                                                    

  Minerals in Puerto Rico- These minerals are mainly used for construction in Puerto Rico.    

Puerto Ricoś Natural Resources

Copper- Copper in Puerto Rico is also mainly used for manufacturing processes, and a building material.

Nickel- Nickels are used for manufacturing processes in Puerto Rico.

Electronics- Puerto Rico has many electronics including phones, TVś, and more. Most of these electronics are located in a store, Best Buy, in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Industrial products made in Puerto Rico.

Canned Tuna- Canned Tuna is now being made in Puerto Rico. At first, Puerto Rico did not put the tuna in cans, but now they are and is selling for $2-3 in Puerto Rico. With the money added up, they donate the money to health insurances.

Leather- Leather is made in a leather goods store in San Juan.This stores name is called Veari Old San Juan. The leather is made through the manufacturing process. This piece of leather is made to say ¨Puerto Rico¨ on it.

Sugarcane- Puerto Rico has several sugarcane farms. It is grown at mainly a cane-farm which the main product grown is sugarcane.

Sweet Potato- Sweet potato plants are fast growing vines in the ground. They are grown in Puerto Rico, and they cover the ground in the farm they are in. 

Products grown in Puerto Rico

Fruits- Puerto Rico grows mangoes, bananas, and more fruits. Pretty much any fruit that you can buy at a store, you can find growing in Puerto Rico!

New Year's Day-  Puerto Rico does have a New Year´s Day like the US, except Puerto Rico does have a Spanish name for it, and that is

 Día de Año Nuevo.

 Picture of the people in Puerto Rico celebrating

Different Types of Cultures in Puerto Rico

Food-  People in Puerto Rico mostly have streaky bacon, rice, and stewed beans. The streaked bacon or bacon in Puerto Rico plays a big part, as most Puerto Ricans put it in their food. 

Languages- Some People in Puerto Rico speak Spanish, and some others speak English, depending on what side you are on in the small commonwealth. 

Example of the different languages in Puerto Rico.

I hoped you learned some things about Puerto Rico!!