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A protist can live about anywhere from a pond , to the ocean , to on your on your own skin. Protists can be as large as your finger to as small as something you can't see. some protists have unique features including a flagella a whip like tail that helps them catch prey. Cillia is used by protists to move and catch prey. Psuedopods are also used to move and catch prey.Fungi can live in almost any enviorment as well including your backyard or even your own body. Fungi like mushrooms have gills, a stem, and a cap to protect the mushroom. Other fungi like black bread mold can float in the air or be on almost any food you eat. Fungi are now revolutionizing medicine to protect people against some deadly dieseases. I learned that fungi like to live in moist enviorments like on your feet and that is one of the reasons why so many people have foot fungus or bunions on their feet.