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Fortress of Santa Teresa


Ciudadela, Montevideo


Punta del Este 

Hand in the sand

Punta del Este 

Hand in the sand

Montevideo is the capital city of 


Absolute location of Uruguay

32.5228° S, 55.7658° W

Basic info

Style of government for Uruguay:

Presidential republic.

You know how we have the popular vote and the general vote. Well Uruguay puts the two together.

68,037 mi² is the area of 


Uruguay population 2017 is 



Cerro Pan de Azúcar (Sugar Loaf Hill) 

is the third highest point of Uruguay, 

with an altitude of 423 meters (1,387.8 ft).

 Landforms of Uruguay

Uruguay one of tallest point is taller than Hawkeye Point. One of the tallest points in the U.S. With a difference of 15 ft.


312 miles long 

The longest beach in the world, Long Beach



Winter (July) average highs and lows in Montevideo are 14°C and 6°C, respectively, although the high humidity makes the temperatures feel colder; the lowest temperature registered in Montevideo is -4°C. Averages in July of a high of 18°C and a low of 7°C in Artigas, winters in northwestern Uruguay, but even here temperatures have dropped to a subfreezing -4°C.

Tourists are here exploring.

General Jose Gervacio Artigas is the reason they have it. It is 300 years old. One of the oldest monument in Uruguay

Ciudadela, Montevideo

Founded by the Portuguese in 1680 on the Barrio historico, the city was of strategic importance in resisting the Spanish

There is a bridge going into the place


Human Features

Barrio Historico 

Located inside Santa Teresa National Park, the fort began to be built by the Portuguese in 1762. Before the construction works were completed, it was taken as a war taking by the Spaniards, who finished its construction after a while.

Fortress of Santa Teresa

The Fortress is actually yellow!

18 million tons of iron ore a year is what the Valentines project will be producing.

That is more than 16 million tons more than China is producing. 

This is the difference between Iron Ore and Copper Ore

Iron Ore

Natural Resources

These are crude oil extraction machines.

The nation's crude-oil imports are refined at the La Teja refinery in Montevideo. The refinery is owned by the state-owned oil company, ANCAP, and has a capacity of 37,000 barrels per day, the most in Uruguay.

Crude Oil

Onyx ties Amethyst for hardest stone in Uruguay with a scale of 10. Both are 7's. Both are also the rarest two gemstone in Uruguay 

Onyx Quartz

This is Onyx Quartz

However, the company’s cement place has built up a debt of $207m over the past 15 years and it is expected to loss $15m in 2017. The cement plant will have to cut 60 jobs and make savings of $20m by 2019. Uruguay is not doing very well.


Cement coming out of a truck.

Industrial products

Colors of Topaz

This was a $20 gemstone in uruguay when it was first for sale. At the time, it was very inexpensive  


In the last 10 years with a rate of growing 5-6%, they are the most current growing Leather goods company in uruguay    

Tanning and Leather goods

This is what tanned leather looks like.

This is a corn maze

 Maize production in 2012-13 is 600,000 tons




Sorghum ranks fifth among the most important cereal crops of the world, after wheat, rice, corn, and barley.

This is a sorghum field


Wheat production: 377,200 tons


This is a wheat field  

Many Uruguay Holidays and Festivals are religious in nature, such as Epiphany and Holy Week, but the country also celebrates holidays such as New Year's Day and Labor Day

As you can see Uruguay is a labory country, on Labor Day.   


Western style of clothing is worn. Uruguay's gauchos (cowboys) wear baggy pants called bombachos


This is a Uruguay Cowboy


Uruguayan music includes a number of local musical forms such as murga, a form of musical theatre. They play drums an many more.

This is a Uruguayan parade.