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Take the first step to discovering your purpose, casting a powerful vision for your life and articulating a plan to light your path and guide your efforts. With the LifeFLOW System, you'll begin to understand your gifting, how to optimize it, and why it matters to others. Download "Get Busy Living" now at and be ready for the new year! Only $4.95.

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"Get Busy Living!"

How to Discover Your Purpose &

Cast a Powerful Vision for Your Life.

Tim Martin, MBA, MA, CSCS

Tim Martin

     Congratulations! You have taken the first step to discovering your purpose, casting a powerful vision for your life and articulating a plan to light your path and guide your efforts. 

     With the LifeFLOW System®, you'll begin to understand your gifting, how to optimize it, and why it matters to others. This new knowledge will inspire and motivate you to pursue your stated vision with an uncommon combination of discipline and passion.

      And as you ultimately near your destination, you will notice that your gift allows you to positively affect others and that you see people, places and events quite differently than before. And that's about the time joy sneaks up on you. Are you ready? Let's GO!




 "A good plan, violently executed now, is better than a perfect plan next week."   

            - General George Patton

© Tim Martin, 2014





Introduction                        3

1. LifeFLOW System®           4

2. Core Being                      11

3. Declaration of Vision   19

4. Discovering Deeper     

        Desires                        25

5. Understanding Your

        Personality                 29

6. Let's G&O!                     33

7. KISS Before

        Good-Bye                   35

About the Author              41






     It's time! Time to "Get Busy Living." That is, time to discover your core being, your gift and to articulate a destination, a vision if you will. With knowledge of where you are and a stated desire of where you want to be, you lack only a map, a written plan of how to get there. Don't worry about it being perfect, it doesn't matter, it will have to be altered and amended anyway. More on that later.

     You will succeed, that is experience true joy, when your life, your daily experience, flow from your core being in pursuit or n quest to something greater something outside of yourself.

Completing the LifeFLOW System®, along with your newly minted and uncommon combination of focus, discipline and passion, your life will change. And not only yours, but those around you.

     Please read each section and complete the associated exercises before moving to the next section. While I recommend a time frame for each exercise, take as much time as you need. There are no bonus points for speed. Let's Go!







     Yes, you have a purpose. And a lot of people really care. Wow! Imagine you have a role in an ever-unfolding story. Not just any story. This is a story of which the size and scope of your role depends on you. That’s right, you have the power to impact the story however you determine. The reason for this dynamic is best explained by the LifeFLOW System®, I created after years of study and practice as a life coach and exercise physiologist.

     Understanding the system reveals where you are and why; and more importantly where you could be and how to get there. You will learn that beginning the process with a deep dig to discover your “core being” is critical to penning your first personal vision statement. This will be a powerful statement that reflects your deepest desires against the context of your purpose and clearly worth the discipline and passion to make it reality.

     While it can take as little time as a weekend for this important ground work, most DO NOT plan their own lives – leaving the outcome, like a chip on a blackjack table, to chance. You, however are about to stack the chips in your favor. Trust me you will not only win, but ultimately create win-win scenarios again and again, generating an outcome of true joy and vitality. Remember, many are counting on you.


     Discovering your purpose, casting a powerful vision and authoring a compelling plan to achieve it, requires an understanding of “systems thinking.” Thank you Peter Senge, author of the Fifth Discipline. While many may see their life as linear: build a network of friends, leverage your education, and take advantage of some opportunities and boom, your continuum of progressive, unending series of wins has begun. You might as well go ahead and write the rest of your story, ending of course with, “we all lived happily ever after.” But, the classic storybook ending is a bit more elusive than that. In fact, for most, it’s a big fat fairytale.

     Even with a few wins, far too soon, your rate of success slows. You push harder on your network to get more juice, you may study more or seek advice, but still the right opportunities fail to materialize. The previous wins become distant, dusty trophy’s in your cerebral attic. In an unending drought, your strategy becomes nothing but hope and even worse your destination left to chance.

     In no time you’re asking self-defeating questions like, “Am I doing what I should be doing? Is this it? Could I be doing more? Should I enjoy work? Do I deserve to be happy? It is this

day-in-and-day-out uncertainty that seeds


   SECTION 1: The LifeFLOW System® (cont).

stress, poor eating habits, less time with family, and no time to exercise. With your bouts of sleeplessness you have become fatigued, exhausted, and maybe even a bit depressed. So stop pushing!

     Relax. You will win again. Even better you will create win-win scenarios. And you doubted others would care if you discovered and fulfilled your purpose. Hey, everyone wants to win and like they say, “it takes a village.” So, let’s start at the beginning. First, success is NOT linear. Rather it is like a small, complex rotary engine.

    The entry point in “system thinking” is

always the reinforcing loop (refer to the graphic on page 7). In our case, that first step is friends. Growing up we have all been admonished by words like, “Birds of a feather flock together.” We know friends are the first key to our success. In fact, the first “best-selling” self-help book was “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie, which has now sold over 15 million copies in many languages.

     Through relationships we test our talents ad abilities that make us who we

are. With some thought you can remember times you were encouraged to repeat certain actions you were good at, while being discouraged to ever repeat others. I still struggle to sing

loud as a result of others negative comments or their exaggerated facial expressions that were easy enough for even a youngster to translate. Regardless, one way or the other friends help guide us down a path of learning. We find an interest, even if fleeting, and learn what we can. And if we have made good relationships, we find encouragement to go further: maybe college, an advanced degree, or some sort of certification, and continue to discover who we are.

     With good relationships and a good base of learning within our area of interest, opportunities do sort of appear. For those who have built strong relationships and have prepared well, the power to manifest is real, as is God’s power to bless. It is simply not a question of whether you will get an opportunity or not. The question is, “Will you be ready when the opportunity arrives?” So, build those relationships (friendships, networking, mentoring, etc.), and study, study, study and get whatever experience you can.



     When the opportunities are presented it is now a matter of having the courage to take the leap. Did you get that? It’s not a matter of will you get the opportunity. It’s a matter of when. And if you are ready and courageous enough to leap you will win. You have prepared, you have support and with this leap you will win. Your win will produce change, the “condition” that links the reinforcing loop to the balancing loop. As we all know “change” is the one constant in life.

     The good news is when you win the change you expected happens: you will develop new friends, enrich relationships with existing friends and develop new opportunities.

     The cycle repeats, again and again. That is until . . . there is a slowing action. Enter the balancing loop. (illustration next page)

     Sooner or later the “change” ushers you into dissatisfaction. Since at this point you had no knowledge of your purpose, there will come a point that you feel something is missing. No matter how much money you have made or what you have managed to acquire, you will become dissatisfied. Maybe your dissatisfaction has crept in due to some sort of failure in business or perhaps the loss of an important relationship. Maybe you

   SECTION 1: The LifeFLOW System® (cont).

  have had so much early success your thoughts are, “Is that it?” And you long for some sort of encore. Or maybe you have never been able to repeat the reinforcing loop enough times to generate the “really big” win. That win that would give you what you desire.


“I reached my goal, my dream, my life . . . I think God, it’s got to be more than this. I mean this isn’t, this can’t be what it’s all cracked up to be”


Tom Brady, QB New England Patriots (After winning 2 Super Bowls, MVP award & fathering a child with a super model)


If we were to convert our balancing loop into a mathematical life formula it would state:


change = dissatisfaction x vision x plan > cost.


In other words, to create positive change and get back to a “growing” cycle of success, your dissatisfaction and the effort to create a vision and develop a plan of action, has to be greater than the pain or cost of taking no action. No action - equals guaranteed dissatisfaction. Can you live with that? How much pain are you in?




“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom,”


Anais Nin, 1920’s Poet


     So, now you know why you must take action. But hold on there tiger, not so fast. Yes, for most, vision is the “slowing action” however it can also be the fuel for your ultimate success.  The engine lies in the center of the balancing loop: your “core being.” The fundamental dynamic of the “LifeFlow System®,

 is “core being.” It is the presence and understanding of “core being” that stimulates progress. While the absence of “vision” is the “slowing action,” its presence is what provides context for bringing your “core being” to life. (see graphic next page) Bottom line, you must discover your “core being” (purpose and values). But that’s not all. There’s more, much more. Once you have worked on a list of desires and selected an area to build your “sole-soul dream,” you will need a plan. Not a perfect plan, but an “as perfect plan as you can.” Once there is a plan complete with relevant, time-bound goals, it’s time to break it




into doable parts. Now, just add them to your day-timer. Ok, ok it sounds too easy. Now, let me remind you about the mathematical life formula. Remember, there is a cost and yes pain associated with all this action. So, how do you overcome the pain? You don’t. Not initially. But understanding the LifeFLOW System®, will help you avoid a lot of uncomfortableness in the future.Your “core being” is not only the fundamental dynamic of the Life Flow System, it is the key to overcoming or eliminating the “limiting condition” associated with the “slowing action,” in this case a lack of vision. Your limitation or pain could be fear of failure, not enough time, stress, life responsibilities or a host of other reasons. However, if you know your individual, specific “purpose” and live by your “values” – while fears, stress and fatigue may linger – they will soon wilt in the presence of a purpose-driven confidence.

     It is this type of confidence that is critical to developing the patience and fortitude to persevere against the greatest of odds and deepest of fears. If you operate from your “core” (specific, individual purpose and unique set of values) you will prevail. It is only a matter of time. It is a gift to be discovered. This is an opportune time to seek God, pray, meditate, fast and counsel with spiritually-minded people. It is important to note that your stated “core” does not change, though it is sure to inspire change.

   SECTION 1: The LifeFLOW System® (cont).

"Does my success depend on discovering my purpose?"




     In fact, how you live out your unchangeable purpose can play out in a variety of ways. You can recast your vision depending on circumstances, events and timing. Once the vision is articulated it is time to write the “as perfect as you can" plan.  And take the first step – that is to act. Begin with goal one, and a handful of objectivesdirected at its accomplishment. While that plan may not be the one that directs you to your desires, it will lead you to the path that will. That is, if you begin with purpose.

      “Does my success depend on discovering my purpose?” Yes, because purpose is the single element to inspire an accurate yet changeable vision and to alleviate or eliminate the “limiting condition” that separates you from the fulfillment of your vision. But, there is even more. Let’s go back to the Life Flow System. Now, with a plan in hand that reflects your “core” and your vision (“sole-soul” desire), we are ready to initiate “change” the “condition” and re-enter the “reinforcing loop.” 

      The first thing you do is share your plan with a friend. And then another. And then another. Let your natural enthusiasm rule the day. After all this is who you are. As you share, momentum will begin to build. You will attract new friends who will rally around you. Remember, “Birds of a

   SECTION 1: The LifeFLOW System® (cont).

feather flock together.” New friends and new circles of influence will create new learning opportunities. You will be attracted to others and others to you with similar interests. Whether it’s brainstorming together, sharing additional contacts that could help, sending you information or articles, and/or encouraging you to get more education or experience, these friends will play a role in leading you to additional learning.

     As you now know, the opportunities will come. So be ready. When they appear, leap! Leap! Leap!  This time there is a difference because you have now discovered your core being – purpose and values. You don’t just win. Something even better happens. Coming from your “core” and the passion that it naturally generates, you have attracted others with similar interests and your efforts now produce a “win-win.” A “win-win” means there is no loser. Everybody wins. It could be a new company you have created that has inspired individual team members to reach greater heights through a shared vision. It could be a diploma or certification. It could be winning the big game or gaining a promotion. It could be whatever you desire.


   SECTION 1: The LifeFLOW System® (cont).

     With your first win-win will come change and, yes, more friends and the reinforcing loop continues, until you are back to change. That’s right; it’s just a bit too early, to put the final punctuation to your story. Yes, you have discovered your “core being,” been through the balancing loop and back to the reinforcing loop and repeated the cycle a few times, but there will come another time of dissatisfaction. How can this be? Because, now even though you are producing win-win situations, there is an irksome pain. It is not a dissatisfaction rooted in the lack of self-knowledge as before. You’ve done that work, although you will continue to discover new facets of your personality and desires.

     These new desires . . . explored, will lead you to discover the source of your dissatisfaction or discomfort: a thorn. Not in your side. It is in your soul. There’s an innate-discontent that I believe God has woven into the fabric of your core. It disturbs you. Think of it as a thread of essence that connects your purpose, values and talents to a people, condition or issue that exists in the world. You must do something. Someone or something needs you. And that desire will drive you to create a new vision. A vision that remains



   SECTION 1: The LifeFLOW System® (cont).

 true to you, while connecting you to someone or something else - something bigger. You develop an “as perfect plan as you can” to impact this “wrong” or “injustice” and go to work. And what will be your first step. Tell a friend, then another, then another.

     And, as long as you operate from your unchanging core, the reinforcing cycle will be reignited again. As the cycle continues something special becomes more and more evident. Your commitment to helping others is now manifesting a joy and vitality you have previously never experienced. You have received some or maybe even many of the desires you originally set out to attain. The acquisition of these desires, however, doesn’t seem to matter as much. Instead, it is the experience of attending to your thorn, your innate-discontent that has mysteriously filled you with satisfaction, hope and an increased faith.

     Imagine . . . discovering that your purpose is not just about you and your desires. It’s about discovering your role in a much bigger story. It is a story where no character is more important

playing his or her role and playing it at a level that elevates the performance of others.It is a miraculous story, where each one of us has within our core, the power to live with a vision larger than ourselves, and to experience the true joy and vitality that comes with ensuring others do as well.


                                       It's time to dig in. Let's Go!




 You're at the front door. Go ahead knock. Opportunities like this wait for no one. You can do this. Now turn the page.


 It was a beautiful day, and within hours I would see one of the greatest wonders of the world – the Great Wall of China. But little did I know I was about to witness a living testimony to the human spirit. The time the stranger and I were together was brief and we did not share a common language. Yet, I was touched by his Persistence, Humility and Relationship. These are three of the most important characteristics you will need on your own Journey.

     So quickly, here’s the story. I arrive at the Great Wall in a cab and as I exit I am engulfed by a large contingency of China’s poorest. Many are beggars

looking for a bit of financial relief, a few are hustling cheap tourist trinkets hoping to earn a living, and then there’s this one guy in the back making little effort to be noticed. So, somewhat taken back by the circus of activity or apparent feeding frenzy, I danced my way to the wall, and up the stairs I went.As I’m walking, and I mean really walking, I just had that feeling. You know that . . . feeling. That eerie-uncomfortable-somebody’s-following-me-sensation. After a half-hour or so, I stopped to snack and see if that somebody would also stop? More importantly


would they keep their distance? He did both. Now, with a few internal alarms going off I continue. He does as well. And for quite some time. Ultimately, I find that spot, that special place that up to this moment existed only in my head. Exhausted, from the walk and crushing heat, I removed my t-shirt to dam the flood of sweat on my head and face. Then it was time. Per the plan, I knelt and begin to pray.

Suddenly from nowhere came a cool breeze across my shoulders. And you know my first thought. That’s right. Answered prayer. But it wasn’t or just maybe it was. It was only that the physical source was so unexpected. It was “the guy.” Like a ninja he had inched up behind me and was fanning me with a tattered piece of cardboard torn from a box. But why was he fanning me? He wasn’t begging. He had no trinkets

     It was then, as if some sort of magician, that he presented me with an amazing coffee table book of his country. We do not understand each other via language. But somehow we connect. He has “persevered” this trip for a chance to exchange something he is passionate about for a sum far greater than a trinket. That’s vision.


   SECTION 2: Core Being (Cont).

    With the exchange made he was not done. There was some teaching he still had to do. A lesson many of us need. As we began the journey back he insisted on carrying the book. I thought strange, but OK. Then came the

outrageously strange. Again, he insisted. All the way back he carried the book, and my sweaty, smelly t-shirt. Now that, my friend, is “humility.” What I want you to note is he didn’t have a single reason to do it. No boss made him. I certainly was not an important customer. Nor would I ever be a repeat customer. So, why did he do it? He simply could not, not do it. “Humility” was not an optional characteristic he could turn on or off it was who he was – core being.

     While much amazed me about this encounter, I have to say nothing surpassed the feeling of “relationship.” No words, only a few smiles, were exchanged. Yet with his “perseverance” and “humility” I felt connected. And in some way it was a connection bigger than he and I – it was spiritual – a “relationship” that included many for a greater purpose. I just knew as I walked through that same crowd of people to get to the waiting cab, I saw a beautiful people – people no different from me – brothers and sisters.   So, here’s the deal. We all want success, however, we lack enough of the currency



required to make the transaction. We are mere beggars or we tiptoe into the negotiation with nothing but worthless trinkets. We are simply too risk adverse. And we lack the commitment or belief to embark on a journey that comes with no guarantee. "That’s Core Being": defines what we stand for and why we exist (unchanging).

  • Values – a system of guiding values, timeless principles, essential tenets.

  • Purpose – most fundamental reason for existence. You cannot completely fulfill a purpose; it is like a guiding star on the horizon; it is to guide and inspire.

Vision Process”:  what we aspire to become, to achieve, to create (can change).

  • Declaration of Desire

  • Limitations/No Limits

  • Sole-Soul Dream – It must inspire you. We’re talking victory dance.


   SECTION 2: Core Being (cont.)

As Perfect Plan As You Can”: Smart Goals, Objectives, Strategy and Tactics

  • Don’t forget you must identify and overcome the “limiting condition:” cost or pain


     Before we begin an exercise to get at purpose, you must know it is more important to know who you are than where you’re going. Where you are going will change as the world changes around you (events). Family members and friends may disappoint, tragic events (9/11), new technologies, etc. But if you are true to who you are, your core, you will respond in a way that keeps the outcome on course with your vision. You do not change your core, values or purpose, as part of your response to events. You reframe your response to the event to remain true to your values and purpose, and possibly recheck your focus of your vision statement. It can change. Although values and purpose do not change, they do inspire change.


It's time to complete some exercises. Four to be exact. Relax. Enjoy. Good things are about to happen.


   SECTION 2: Core Being: Exercise A.

Exercise A: 

 The idea is to develop an answer to this question:

The guiding principles in my life are?


Create a collage. Your collage. One that reflects who you are and who you believe you can become. Stretch your thinking. It’s OK to be aspirational, in fact, it should include what you most desire in the future. Use favorite magazines for inspiration or Goggle any concept, person, famous quote,


song, art, place or anything and click on images. You might want to pick up an extra ink cartridge for your printer. I also recommend some smooth jazz to set a relaxing, creative tone. Really you can play your favorite genre as long as you can focus on this cornerstone exercise.


  • This exercise often brings to light images, thoughts and feelings which are right at the top of your subconscious but you might not be fully aware of them.

  • Don’t put your image gathering process through a lot of analysis. If you see a picture or a phrase which strikes you, and you are not sure why, cut it out or add it to your picture file on your lap top. It may become clear to you later when you are creating the collage.

  • Share your work with a close friend:


   SECTION 2: Core Being: Ex. A (cont).


  1. Give a tour of your collage.
  2. Share any observations you have about your collage.
  3. Describe any stories or memories that came to mind for you during the exercise

Approximate Time: 2-4 hours. Sleep on it and make necessary adjustments the following morning rejuvenated after exercise and breakfast. You are exercising, right? Remember to optimize the gift, your gift, you must be well. For that reason, I love the mantra, “Be Light. Be Strong. Become.”






   SECTION 2: Core Being (cont): Exercise B.

Exercise B: 



Using colored POST IT Notes please follow the guided activity below responding with one to three word answers. Put a single response per sheet and provide as many responses as possible. Also if possible use a different color POST IT Note per each of the five categories: G-I-V-E-S.  Be creative, but be honest.


   SECTION 2: Core Being (cont): Exercise B cont.

GRATEFUL FOR – The idea is to simply identify and reveal who we are. Start with what you are grateful for and then continue to the next area. Remember one response per sheet.

  • One pathway to identify what is really most important to you is to look at what you are most thankful for.

  • Loved ones. Health. Anything held dear.


  • Things you most enjoy doing. Could be hobbies, activities, career

  • I do what I do for a living; Why? Ask 5 times.

  • What I want to do for a living is (fill in the blank): Why? Ask 5 times.


There are many values and none are right or wrong. However, there will be a few very specific ones that for a host of reasons resonate with you as an individual. It’s affected by personality type, upbringing, countless tiny judgments over the course of your journey, by those you choose to surround yourself with, and what you visualize,


 think and do (more about that later).

  • Think about your values. What is most important to you? Google “list of values” to seed your thinking. List your top 10 most important.

  • Adventure; Arts

  • Community; Competition

  • Ethics; Excellence

  • Privacy; Public Service

  • Wealth; Wisdom

After creating your top ten list of values that most resonate with you, cut it to 5. With even deeper thought, if you had to cut to three, which would you keep. And you do have to . . . PLEASE.


EXPRESSION OF SELF – this exercise really digs at purpose.

  • List your personality traits. Characteristics that best describe you. Remember one trait per sheet and on a new color.
  • Don’t be shy: kind, considerate, compassionate, joyful, loving, loyal, happy .
  • Usually start with I am . . . followed by an attitude

Continue p. 20.



   SECTION 2: Core Being (cont): Exercise B cont.


  • What skills were you born with and what skills have you developed? Which ones do you most value about yourself.

Hold on to all responses and sheets! We will use in subsequent exercises.


   SECTION 2: Core Being: Exercise C.



Exercise C: 


Don’t worry they know the answer. Grab that smartphone and chat with three of your closest friends or loved ones to get their response to the questions below. Write on colored POST IT Notes. Again one response per sheet, which will allow you to group responses easily.


1.       What three adjectives would you use to best describe me?

2.       What would you say are my strongest assets (strengths or skills)?

3.       When have you seen me most passionate or energetic in my life? Can you describe the scenario?

4.       What would you say I treasure most in my life?


TIP: You do not create your Core Being. You discover it. You don’t deduce it by looking at the external environment. You understand it by looking inside. It must be authentic. Do not ask what core values should I hold? Rather what core values do I truly and passionately hold.


The authenticity, the discipline, and the consistency with which your life is lived – not what is put on paper, is makes you who you are. The point is not to create a perfect statement but to gain a deep understanding of your unique Core Being: your values and purpose. Remember it is from ones Core Being that one GIVES.



    SECTION 2: Core Being: Exercise D-First Draft.

Exercise D: 

Transfer the top 3 answers of each GIVES exercise to a single sheet of paper. Take a look at the page with your words, think about it for a moment and put it into a sentence or two. This will be the first draft of your purpose statement. You might start by using one or two Expressions of Self (EOS) with


one Strength or Skill. (I am a cheerful giver) Purpose usually begins with “I am” followed by an EOS (laid-back) and a Strength/Skill (leader).

  • After rearranging your Post It Notes, transferring and working on the first draft of your purpose statement, something will click.

  • A voice inside will say, yes, this is what I have always done and what I’ll always be doing.

  • Not so much a secret as sacred. Consider it a beautiful plant, keep the roots deep within yourself, and let the world share in its fruits.

You now have a first draft of your purpose statement.

Go ahead make the commitment right now to do all you can to make it happen. And sign it. Make it official - own that statement and the planning and execution that goes with it. Awesome! 



Discovering your core is just a starting point; you must also articulate what you plan to do with this new, rich data. But first you need to make a – Declaration of Desire! 



 We all have desires. Things we want. Things we want to do. But here's three facts; few have a written plan to guide them, or a daily discipline to make forward progress or even the belief that they can achieve them. For now, just know you can. You now have a first draft of your unique purpose statement, a must to optimize your gift and to ultimately experience true joy. You've got some momentum and you’re looking good. Let's Go!


     It's time to take the next big step, to choose and to articulate your vision – a powerful statement of destination. How many times have you left your home without having a destination in mind? The answer, zero. So, why would you put your feet on the floor each morning and rush into the day with no bearing. Satisfied to drift? You’re better than that. We are all counting on you. So, turn the page and "Get Busy Living."


“You got' a get busy living, or get busy dying."


     It’s more than a great Hollywood line. It is a deep, but simple truth. There is no neutral. There is no safe place. There is no, “I’ll just sit over here and watch.” You are in the game. You may wonder, “If everyone has to play, how come there are so few winners?” While you wait on an answer, you might want to look over the rules of the game. You need to know how to win. And, most importantly, you need to know if anyone experiences joy in pursuit of a win. Note: I did not say if anyone experiences joy after the win.

     We do have control of whether we experience joy. We are not, however, totally in control. Think of the batter in a baseball game. While he has no control

   SECTION 3 (Cont): Declaration of Vision.

 over the pitch, he fully controls his response to it – calling on his talent, preparation and focus. We cannot control events – they happen indiscriminately (9/11, 2007 mortgage debacle, accident, etc.). But we do control our response to the events (whether we manage expectations, get a coach, practice), which impacts the outcome (Events + Response = Outcome). In regard to response we control 3 things – what we visualize, what we think about and what we do. We must align what we visualize, what we think and what we do with our core being, vision, and goals.

     So, to live with joy, to truly live, we must take control (not of events) but of what we visualize, think about and do. So it is up to you. This is power. Not necessarily to get rich, but rather to be enriched with the joy of the journey. Whether you experience joy in your life is wholly up to you. Are you willing to accept that?

     As you continue to ruminate on the first draft of your “purpose statement,” we need to create and make a “Declaration of Vision.” This provides a focal point. A destination. Knowing where we want to go impacts what we do today. How we spent our time. Who we spent time with. And dictates how “busy” we need to be.




In session 2, we took a look at “Core Being: Values and Purpose” the first component of the LifeFLOW System. This session uses two steps to concept and craft a Declaration of Vision: a “Sole-Soul Goal” and “Sensory Experience.” The Sole-Soul Goal radiates from your Core Being. This goal on one hand conveys concreteness – something visible, vivid, and real. On the other, it involves a time yet unrealized – with its dreams, hopes, and aspirations. The Sensory Experience is what it would look like and feel like if achieved.



  • Sole-Soul Goal – When do you do your victory dance? The big one. Not that you can’t and shouldn’t celebrate small successes. But were talking about the prom of proms, the Super Bowl of Dancing with the Stars.


   SECTION 3 (Cont): Declaration of Vision.

  • Sensory Experience – that is, a vibrant, engaging, and specific description of what it would look like and feel like, to reach the Sole-Soul Goal. It must be written in present tense as if it were happening now. Passion, emotion, and conviction are essential parts of the Sensory Experience. While Core Being is not something to be completed, your Sole-Soul Goal is reachable (5 – 25 years or lifetime). If you reach this summit, or events change, you simply look back to your “Core Being” and set your sites on a new mountain


   SECTION 3: Declaration of Vision. Ex. E.

Exercise E: 

Please consider the following questions. If possible discuss with a friend and write your answers down. It makes a difference.

  • Dreaming is not always something that comes naturally to us. Why?
  • What are some of the things that might stand in the way of our dreaming?
    • Fear of failure
    • Fear of impacting others around us
    • Time – not taking it
    • Focus on societal norms
    • Stress
    • Difference
    • Life responsibilities
  • “If you limit your choices only to what seems possible or reasonable, you disconnect yourself from what you truly want, and all that is left is compromise.” (Robert Fritz, Path of Least Resistance)

You have to give yourself permission to dream.



You now have an opportunity to play with possibility in your life. I invite you to dream about your future. There is ample time later to scale back your dreams, if necessary. But, why would it be?  Later you can decide whether or not they are possible. But why wouldn’t they be! The only valid question will be how committed to the vision are you? Is the vision so compelling, that you would be plagued by a penetrating, bone-deep pain if it went unaccomplished? If not, change it! If yes, then get busy! Your desire to change your life to accomplish your dreams must be greater than the cost, inconvenience and pain of what you currently endure day to day in your dissatisfaction, lack of vision, and absence of plan.


Please take 2-4 hours and be still, allow yourself time to relax, jot down ideas, thoughts and even what seems trivial. When ready take your notes and all you’ve gleaned from the exercises and write the first draft of your vision statement, your Declaration of Desire.


  TIP: Read Daily. Memorize. Do.

 “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As

we liberate from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.


                                                                                    - Nelson Mandela


    SECTION 3: Declaration of Vision. Exercise F.

Exercise F: 

Cue the smooth Jazz and get comfortable, close your eyes, put both feet on the floor, and go to your happy place – think about your greatest desire. What does it look like? What does it feel like?


    SECTION 3: Declaration of Vision. Exercise F.

Use your imagination and fast forward to the future:

You have attained your personal goals

Your dreams have come true

You are living your ideal life

You have been extremely successful in your endeavors

Focus a moment on this achievement. What does it look like?

Give yourself permission to feel it. What does it feel like?

You’ve been honored with an award

You will receive it at a ceremony with your peers

You will deliver a few words in its acceptance

You’ve sat down to write some notes


What are you most proud of?

What have accomplished?

What projects stand out in your mind?

What have you made happen?

What skills did you develop and deploy?

Think about your special relationships?

Whose image comes to mind?

Who in your life would you like to thank?






What about this relationship inspired you?


Encouraged you?


How have you contributed to their lives?



Please take an hour or two to create and record your big event. Write it down in paragraph form. Use present tense as if it is happening now.


   SECTION 3: Declaration of Vision (cont).

     It would make no sense to analyze whether a Sole-Soul Goal were the right one. With a creation there can be no right answer. Did Beethoven create the right Ninth Symphony? Did Shakespeare create the right Hamlet? It is not a prediction.


It should involve such questions as:

Does it get your juices flowing?

Do you find it stimulating?

Does it spur forward momentum?

Does it get you busy?


     The one with vision more likely realizes their goals more by an organic process of trying a lot of stuff and keeping what works, than by “the perfect” strategic plans. That , once you’ve discovered your Core Being and created and made a Declaration of Vision, you may not yet know enough to write “the perfect” plan. It’s not ready, aim, fire; but, ready, fire, aim. You must only write “the most perfect plan you can” and be open and daring enough to make changes or try new approaches. Think of the beauty and success of Peyton Manning, quarterback of the Denver Broncos, who is legendary for calling the right audible (changing the play at the moment

before the snap) at the right time. It’s no coincidence that he is also renowned for the hours he spends studying film of his opponents.

     Winning or true success lies in building the strength of self (Core Being) as the primary way of creating or reacting to (audible) the future. Building such strength is something you control. This could include some thought along spiritual lines: contemplative prayer, meditation, yoga, journaling or just quiet time.

      The idea is always to protect and preserve the Core and no matter the obstacle this is where progress is generated. Declaration of Vision simply provides the context for bringing this dynamic to life. Success requires Declaration of Desire and alignment within the Life Flow System. Creating alignment may be your most important work, but the first step will always be Declaration of Vision from a context of Core Being. That is values and purpose true to you as a unique individual. This is what will guide your entire journey.



 After a hard day of canoeing my seven-year old son, Pierce and I set camp and crawled into our sleeping bags. Around 2 a.m. I rolled over and felt something a bit unsettling. With one eye now open I slowly rolled back. There it was again.


     Natural reflexes and adrenalin quickly had me upright and scrambling for my glasses. The earth below our floored tent was now about a foot below water, which was rushing around all four sides of our small tent. I may have been the first to coin OMG! We are in the river.

     With raging waters rising, I began the rescue effort. After carrying my son to high ground, which was no small task. It is pitch black and now raining like I have never seen. This is no state park and there are no other campers. It’s just me, Pierce and our canoe . . . strike that, with him safe and the tent re-set, it had become evident the canoe had been washed away. Soaked and cold, there is nothing else we can do until daybreak

     On a dark, early and ominous morning, my son and I, gathered what was most important and loaded up like a couple of pack mules. The next phase of our now arduous journey had begun. After hours of hiking through the mud and clearing new paths, we had made it. Like an angelic appearance, there was our car reflecting the setting sun. It would have been a time of great rejoicing, except the car was on the other side.

   SECTION 4: Discovering Deeper Desires. (cont). 

     Yes, of a very angry river. In fact, with the tumultuous rumbling of a freight train it was frightening. Out of food and the day coming  purgatory.  But in the distance there was hope and a burgeoning strategy to reach our 4-gate rolling kingdom. Pierce had spotted a canoe, but yes on the other side. Not a problem I was a strong swimmer and had worked as a lifeguard for five summers. So, with the proper assessment and courage it was time to take the first step. Time to strip down and start swimming. Considering it best not to even think about the temperature of the water I took the plunge. Like a heat guided missile with an attitude I shot straight back up. An absolute involuntary muscle reaction to the air being ripped from my lungs. I was on the cusp of hyperventilation. This water was liquid ice.

     Wasting no time, and processing for the time that we’re at risk, I am moving like Michael Phelps. Within minutes I reach the other side, but this was not a point A to point B swim. With the force of the current, I’m now at a point to the right of “S” or “T”. A full-length of a football field from where my son is – on the other side. Now I have to walk back to the canoe barefoot over what are most certainly razor-rocks, it feels like broken 


glass is piercing and ripping frozen flesh from the bottom of my feet. Step by painful step, I finally make it to the canoe. Relieved I wasn’t actually bleeding, I turned the canoe over to drag it into the water. No paddles! Are you kidding me?

     My baby was still on the other side. Questions zip through my mind on a range of, “what would I tell his mother?” to “what would MacGyver do?” And then there it was, and other than serving as a boys shield, it would likely never play a more important role. A beaten-up, rusted, metal trashcan lid a heroic part in an epic story. So here I go, in the canoe, clad only in my tighty whities, with a trash-can lid in hopes I could direct a happy ending. Our story, of which I saw in the moment as courage and gripping drama, was about to get an early critical review. As I’m getting closer to Pierce, waiting in awe on the bank, I hear something familiar. His laugh. I look up and he’s not just laughing; he is rolling. Our story was an instant hit – a comedy. All I could do was laugh with him and remember life is a journey.


   SECTION 4: Discovering Deeper Desires. (cont). 


    Having completed the first three sessions you are well into the process of breaking camp and gathering the items that are important to you. As part of the exercises you had to go back in time and consider what has always been important to you. You had to think through what makes you unique, how you express yourself, and what values resonate with you. You even made a collage and, maybe for the first time, articulated your “Sole-Soul” vision. And finally you described the details of the accompanying “Sensory Experience,” that which is what achieving such a vision looks like and feels like. Well let’s go hiking. And be warned there will be some mud and efforts to make new paths that present additional challenges. Make no mistake this is not easy work.

     You are on the bank of a river. For some it may even be raging. You may even feel uncomfortable as if shivering, wet and cold. But, you can do this. In fact to reach your goal you must. Or you could try your luck at floating on your back and drifting down the river. I thought you were still with me. So, Let’s Go! We now want to think about our deepest desires as they relate to the seven major areas of your life. It’s time to take the plunge.




  SECTION 4: Discovering Deeper Desires. Exercise G.

Exercise G:

Let’s start with the one that generates the most chill or brings us closest to hyperventilation - financial! What does your financial picture look like? What does it feel like? Write down everything. You can tweak later. Capture every thought. There is no right or wrong answers. Do not limit yourself. Remember the vision process is a creative process it is not a prediction. Dream wildly. There’s plenty of time to refine later. Let’s get wet!



  SECTION 4: Discovering Deeper Desires. Exercise G cont.

1.    Financial

     a. Annual income? Net worth?

     b. Home? Size? Color? Furniture? Art? Landscaping? Pool?  

     c. Car? Important possessions?


2.    Ideal Job

     a. Where? What? With whom? Clients? Yours?


3.    Free Time

     a. Recreation? Vacation?

     b. Do with family/friends? How much time?

     c. Hobbies?


At a minimum you should review what you have written on a monthly basis. Perhaps you could work it into your bill paying routine. It will keep you focused and moving through the Life Flow system to your destination . . . joy.


4. Physical Health

     a. Vision for body, physical health?

     b. How long do you live?

     c. Experience vitality? Exercise? Nutrition conscious?


5. Relationships

     a. Family?

     b. Who are your friends? What does friendship feel like?

     c. Loving, supportive, empowering?


6. Personal

     a. You see yourself doing what? (go back to school, workshops, therapy, spiritual)

     b. Play an instrument, write, run a marathon, travel?


7. Community

     a. Community you’ve chosen?

     b. Activities?

     c. Do you help others? Who? How?


On completion of steps 1-7, it’s time to pull out that first draft of your Declaration of Desire to judge whether or not this exercise has uncovered any reason to make changes. Rare, in my experience, has it not. Take at least a couple of hours of quiet time to ponder draft 2.


   SECTION 4: Discovering Deeeper Desires: Exercose H.

Exercise H: 

Share one or more of your seven key areas with at least three loved ones. And take notes.



  • What did you notice about yourself as you were dreaming about the future?
  • Did you notice anything about the value you place on certain types of goals?
  • Now that you’ve heard from others, do you find you need to add something to your list?



Congratulations! You have made it to the other side. We are now ready to make our way to the canoe and find that one last item, which will help us get back and bring it all together. No, not a garbage can lid, your personality profile. But first take a break and contemplate your progress. Don’t take too long, however, your real success is still back on the other side.




Exercise I: 

You are doing great and making good progress toward having the items you need to write the plan. Before we push off for that last and very important item – your personality profile – take some time to review your journey thus far. Remember it’s OK to make changes, as thoughts and ideas continue to crystalize. After this exercise, however you should start



feeling pretty good about your efforts. The following should now be completed or at least a first draft written:


  • Core Collage
  • CORE Anatomy (GIVES – what one is, is what one gives)
  • Grateful For
  • Interests/Passions
  • Values
  • Expression of Self
  • Strenghs/Skills
  • Purpose Statement - first draft written. This is a great time to consider all the additional knowledge and insight you've gathered and compose draft 2.
  • Seven Key Desires
  • Sole/Soul Dream (ultimate desire) - should have draft 2 completed.  Perhaps you could review again and apply some polish.

     The point of the personality profile is to validate what we have gathered. They're simply aspects or facets of who we are that do not change or change ever so slowly.

Recognizing and understanding your personality type can enrich your sense of who you are and how you communicate with and learn from others. We all, according to our personality or temperament, have our areas of distinction and our areas of struggles. The first step toward seeing others as distinct or special from yourself is to become better acquainted with your own traits of character (core being: purpose, values).


   SECTION 5: Understanding Your Personality: Exercise  J.

Exercise J: 

     This exercise is optional, but really important. Please invest in David Keirsey's book "Please Understand Me II." You don't have to read it cover to cover. Bquestion assessment. Upon finishing please followut you definitely want to complete the 70- Kiersey's instructions to score it.



   SECTION 5: Understanding Your Personality (cont): Ex. K.

Exercise K:

You have made it back across the river . . . again, and this time with everything in your canoe. With renewed vigor you are finally bound for home. In other words, get out that laptop, iPad or old school notepad, it’s time to author your final Purpose Statement and your Declaration of Desire. It should include pieces of everything you have written.   Great work!


  SECTION 5:  Understanding Your Personaliity: Exercise L.

Exercise L: 

Discuss the final draft of your Purpose Statement and Declaration of Desire with at least 3 loved ones:


  • What desire surprised you? Why?

  • How did the process work for you (visioning the possibilities for the future)?


You can also join our growing “Become. Community” to share your insights and thoughts. Our home site and two associated blogs are much like an oasis on your journey. Its purpose is simple: Communicate. Motivate. Inspire. is about the LifeFLOW System and what we learn from each other along the way. Our other blog is all about motivation and living with joy. Visit anytime and often.



      I love to encourage people to “Get Busy Living” with the two simple words, “Let’s Go!” Breaking it down a bit – I’m really saying, “Let us go!” In other words you have a partner for the journey. As you enter new territory and face new challenges it is wise to have a friend at your side. And even better two or three. While I certainly want you to be a part of the growing “Become. Community,” you need to identify and recruit a traveling companion. This journey, your journey, will not be easy, and will not be without pit falls, disappointment and yes, at times the feeling of failure. But you will overcome. You will become. You will be the person for which you dream and for which you were created. You can! . . . But, first . . . we need Goals and Objectives.


Remember, it is the presence and understanding of “Core Being” that stimulates our progress. It is our engine.


The vision process (Declaration of Desires, Limitations & No Limits, Sole-Soul Dream) provides context for bringing “Core Being” to life. The Vision is our fuel.

However, to reach our destination we need more than an engine and fuel, we need a GPS system. You need Goals. And you need Objectives. Think of the goal as a suitable camping area on your way to your vision. Objectives are more like those rest stops you take each day before reaching your goal – a clean, dry camp.


   SECTION 6 (cont):  Let's G&O! Exercise M.

Exercise M: 

1. Goals:



  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Relevant
  • Time Bound


Include goals in each aspect of the Life Flow System (Friends, Learning, Opportunities, Wins)


Create a “Let’s G&O!” Book – a well-personalized 3 ring binder – and add notebook paper. Put each goal you create on top of a single page. Underneath the goal use the rest of the page to create a collage (pictures, words, phrases) that depict that goal (what does it look like? What does it feel like? Need to add a new goal, no problem, just add a page. In fact, make a section for each of our major exercises. You might lead with the one-sheet” we will discuss later and then core being work/notes, vision work/notes, personality profile, and plan. Keep this 3-ring

 binder handy and review as often as necessary. Some read every day. Personally I prefer first thing, OK second behind a cup of coffee, each Monday morning. But if it helps you can hit Starbucks every day, chill-out, and “G&O!


2. Objectives:


“The secret of getting ahead is getting started. The secret of getting started is breaking your complex, overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks, and then starting on the first one.”  - Mark Twain

    Under each well written goal should be two to five objectives or milestones. Objectives are those key-steps, phases or levels one has to accomplish to achieve a goal. That first real job – a goal we’ve all had – may have included one or more of these objectives: completing a degree, working a second job to pay tuition, or maintaining an aging vehicle for transportation.


 3.  Start

  • To Do List – Take each objective and


   SECTION 6 (cont):  Let's G&O! Exercise M.


record the action, by day and time, necessary to accomplish the task. These items will go on your to-do list. I keep a prioritized to-do list on my computer and update as needed. Typically one to three times a day."Stop Doing" List – “Most of us are busy but undisciplined. We are active but not focused. We are moving, but not always in the right direction. By creating a stop-doing list as well as a to-do list, you bring more discipline and focus into your life,” Jim Collins, author Good to Great.

  • Never schedule events on date night

  • Identify 3-5 things you accomplished during the day and get that check marked

  • Rule of 5 - Every day do 5 specific things that will move you toward the completion of major goal/s

  • Become an expert – Tony Robbins says read a book a month on the same subject. In 5 years that’s 60 books. Who at your office or for that matter who in your industry can check that box?!


  • Start Asking Today (Ask as you expect to get – ask repeatedly)
  • Make a list of what you need to ask for in each of the 7 Deeper Desires. (raise, loan, seed money, performance feedback, referral, endorsement, time off to get training, massage, hug).  94% of salespeople quit after 4th call. 60% of sales are made after the 4th call. So, 94% of salespeople don’t get a chance at 60% of business.                 



     was alone in the Great Basin Desert. I had just completed five days of intensive training with a desert survival school, and was entering test-mode – a 48-hour solo-quest. I was tired, dirty, and way north of hungry. In fact, since training began I had eaten a banana (1/2 on 


   SECTION 7: KISS Before Good-Bye (cont).

 two different days), two cups of Gatorade and all the iodine treated, algae infested water I could stomach. Temperatures were over 110 degrees and the hiking was extreme. This did not make things better. Like an engine running with no oil, my body threw me into a violent bout of dry heaves. I just wanted a bit of comfort, which would not come from nightfall.  As the sun dropped so did the thermometer, temps plummeting to 40 degrees. I had only the clothes on my back, some lip balm, a compass, and a knife.

     Day six I was on my knees. Not praying. But noodling. A method of catching fish with your bare hands, which obviously I had just learned. With water over my chin, in a small stream, I began running my hands under the bank. As instructed I was moving my fingers as softly and rhythmically as possible. The idea is to mimic the water movement hoping not to startle a resting fish. Exhausted but with complete focus I felt it. Dinner. Game on!

     There it was, I could identify the tail and within seconds the gills. If I had so much as a drop of access moisture in my system, I would have wet my pants. This was cool. I literally thought, “I can.” And then with one ninja-like movement,  I quickly pushed

 my thumb and forefinger into his gills, and the other hand around its tail. And Bam! I had him. Yes! It was perfectly primal, as I instinctually thrust the big guy straight over my head. The celebration was as succulent as the fish was roasted. God, it felt good. It tasted good. It was now all good. That is the glory – the beauty, the magnificence – of life. What seems insurmountable, too painful, or just too hard can be overcome.

      We all want that pre-set desire for joy, vitality and yes, now and again, glory. And now you know how to get there. You know that with what you’ve learned and a good measure of “persistence” you will experience true joy. And living jubilantly, as if you were thrusting your "perfect as you can  plan" straight over your head, will attract deeper “relationships.” With “humility” you recognize that your purpose, talents and core being are gifts that allow you to attain a uniquely, relevant vision. We often hear the phrase, a moment of glory. But why just a moment. You can live this way. You were designed to live with joy and to glorify our creator. So, live in the moment . . . but in the moment of glory.  



   SECTION 7: KISS Before Good-Bye (cont).


  Time to get those fingers wiggling. You’ve come a long way, but not to finish . . . to begin. And you’re almost there. You can taste the glory. Only a KISS separates you and the road ahead – that is: Know, Intensify, Start, and Shine.


Know – your purpose, vision and plan

Intensify – your commitment, discipline and of course perseverance

Start – today, tomorrow and each day the sun rises

Shine – do not be afraid to let your light shine and give others permission to do the same


Before adding more detail to KISS and wrapping up, we need to shake off those feelings of exhaustion and overcome those dry heaves of information overload and dial in on our final bearings on four critical elements. Your purpose statement, vision statement, plan and a "one-sheet."



 "If You Think You Can or

Think You Can't. Your Right."

                      -  Tony Robbins



  SECTION 7: KISS Before Good-Bye (cont). Ex. N & O.

Exercise N:

Purpose Statement


In session two, exercise D you wrote the first draft of your purpose statement. Then in section 5, armed with more information and introspection, you had an opportunity to hone it a bit more. Well, this is it. The third and final round.  Take time to focus on this one statement, which should be no more than a few sentences. It could be just one. But, it is uniquely yours. It should be specific, authentic and inspirational.





 Exercise O:

Vision Statement


In sessions three and four you got loose, creative and took your first shot at your vision statement. You guessed it, time to do some fine tuning and finish. The first step is always your Declaration of Vision from a context of your core being. Pithy is better than a paragraph in most cases. But write it as you see it. As you feel it. Stretch yourself by painting a picture with words.






Exercise P:

"The Perfect as You Can Plan"


With G&O done STOP and finalize your plan. Getting from core being to vision has many paths, but also roadblocks like an ice-cold, angry river. But by writing down goals and the necessary objectives to reach them, you will begin building a bridge to your vision. You will also need to write one or more strategies – the how – to achieve each single, specific strategy. Each strategy will require some resource or asset, which we call a tactic to activate the strategy.


So from the top. Vision > Goals> Objectives > Strategies > Tactics. You need three to five goals to reach your vision. Two or more objectives to reach each single, specific goal. One or more strategies aligned with each objective. And a list of one or more potential resources or assets to facilitate the action – tactics. Record the process.

  SECTION 7: KISS Before Good-Bye (cont). Ex.  P & Q.

Exercise Q:

The One Sheet



Create a “One-Sheet.” This is a single sheet of 81/2” x 11” paper which you record the final outcome of each step:


Grateful for:



Expressions of Self:


Purpose Statement:



Personality Type:








Complete this short check list (core being, declaration of desire and plan) and shove it in a pocket for easy reference to remind you of the task at hand. You may even want to jot down your top priority goals, no more than three, and your mantra on the same sheet or card. I recommend a laminated business card otherwise it will quickly become tattered. Yes, it will all fit. In fact, I’ve seen some who put their entire “one-sheet” (exercise R) on a two-sided wallet card, which is a killer idea. No matter how you do it, the point is to keep it in front of you. Read it every day. Study it. Know it!



   SECTION 7: KISS Before Good-Bye (cont).



Commitment, discipline and perseverance are great words. Words that are rarely used outside of business and sports and even more seldom applied. But these are concepts that each of us must apply. Remember a journey worth taking will include a variety of hurdles and hardships. You must pack commitment. Once you have your plan you are committed. No more left. No more right. It’s straight on with all you have. Work the plan. Study the plan. Change it as necessary. But own it.

     Discipline is what drives you to repeat the same activity over and over again to improve an aspect of your performance. Here’s the secret. Discipline is a choice. Anyone can do it.  Including you. I like to refer to discipline as the Nike factor. If the plan requires you to wake up at 4 a.m. six days a week. Just Do It. Make the decision, a one and done, scenario. No reason to wrestle with the decision every day. If the plan is to awake at that hour then, “good morning sunshine.” If your plan includes going to the gym three or four times a week. Just Do It. Stop whining and making excuses. Go! If


your plan includes going back to school, while maintaining a full-time job, and you hate not having time for friends. Get over it . . . look further ahead, focus and let me hear that rock hammer.

    And finally perseverance – the steadfastness to apply a constant pressure against the odds to reach a destination. The perfect picture to file away in your head is Andy, played by Tim Robbins in the movie “Shawshank Redemption.” For years, with a small rock hammer, he chipped away at the same spot on his cell’s concrete wall. Hiding the hole with a



 movie poster, and carrying a handful of debris to the yard each day, it eventually was large enough for him to crawl to freedom. Even then, he had to bust a hole in a sewer pipe and crawl through human excrement, before getting beyond the outer walls. Now, that’s perseverance, not to mention the other things he had to endure and conquer. By the way he was innocent. So, before you ever say it, ban yourself from verbalizing the phrase, “but, it’s not fair.” Just pick up that small rock hammer, and bang! bang! bang!


   SECTION 7: KISS Before Good-Bye (cont).



So, when do you start? Right now. Not the first of next month. Not Monday. Not tomorrow. Right now. To get started look at your strategies, which are tied to specific objectives, scan the needed tactics and find one you can acquire today. Now, move to the next strategy and do the same. Then begin to execute on the strategy at your very next opportunity. If you’re going back to school hit the web and begin the research. If you’ve already selected the institution then get the enrollment information. If you need to get on the road to optimizing your gift by getting well, call your physician and schedule a check-up today and/or visit a few gyms, yes, today. Get started. Apply discipline. And hold on. Remember, perseverance. You Can!





Shine baby, shine. No fears here. Let it go. Just remain humble knowing your talent is a gift. It’s on loan. Use it wisely to impact others and give the credit and glory to our creator. You will blossom and desires you didn’t even imagine will not only be revealed, they’ll be fulfilled. That’s right not only revealed, but fulfilled. True joy will find you and others not only will see it, they will experience it. In return, you not only will feel the glory of an overcomer, but the vitality of one who has become.


“We don’t see things as they are, we see things as we are.” Anais Nin



Living Well. Living Blessed.




     Tim began his professional journey as a copywriter and started a small marketing firm at age 27. As the firm grew, he earned an MBA and began speaking as a marketer and motivator. By 2004 he began working primarily with individual professionals to optimize their performance. He then earned a Master’s in Exercise Physiology and became a certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS).

      From Tim's LifeFLOW System®to his education, experience and crazy discipline for wellness, you can be assured you now have within your grasp a ticket for the single most important, and exciting, journey for which you could ever embark. Remember, it's your journey. Your life. And you have just one. Make the most of it by discovering your unique design and purposely threading it into the fabric of a greater community.

     He has completed many marathons and triathlons, has climbed Rainier (Seattle), McKinley (Alaska), Kilimanjaro (Africa), HuShun (China), and has experience in rock climbing, and desert survival, as well as having served as a youth coach, Taekwondo instructor and a mentor for many.





© Tim Martin, 2015