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Distracted driving is never ok, you're never alone on the road, even when you're in your car.

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About Us

Since 2010, we have focused on spreading a message to people. That message is to "Keep your eyes on the road, not on your phone. IT CAN WAIT!" We have been working to spread the message hoping to reduce the amount of car accidents due to texting and driving.

More then 400,000 accidents occur each year due to distracted dirving... will you be one? Take the pledge to never drive distracted!

Do you want to become a statistic?

95% of drivers disapprove of distracted driving, yet more than 431,000 crashes a year are caused by it.


In 2012 there were over 430, accidents due to distracted driving and over 200,000 of those caused to texting and driving resulted in death or injury.


Why risk your life over a text? Take the pledge to never text and drive again.

The Pledge

"I pledge to care for theose around me and put my phone down while driving."


"I pledge to share the message:Distracted driving is NEVER okay."


"I pledge to be aware that I'm never alone on the road."