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By Jeremiah Crews


Dedicated to the golden state warriors


By: Jeremiah Crews

Published on Febuary 6,2017 in Mrs Scotts reading class

1        where it lives                   6

2   invertibrate or vertibrate     8

3   eating habits                       10

4   adaptations                         12

5   description                          14     7   about the author               18             

Table of Contents


okapis live in south america they live in the bottom of the rain forest

chapter 1 were okapis live

The fully grown okapi wheighs about 440-770 the okapi is an vertibrate so it has a back bone

chapter2-size/invertebrate or vertibrate

okapis eat plants they are herbavors there homes are near trees so they can get plants easily get food and get back home


chapter3- eating habits

 Okapi are usually in the open that does not mean they can be in your back yard if you can get to  the edge of the rain forest or a clearing in the rainforest you might acually  see a okapi


 chapter 4-adaptation

okapis are related to  the giraffe so that is why the have long necks and are related to zebras so tat is why they I never figured out why they have brown on them

chapter 5-decrption

the name of the okapi is okapi johnson

chapter 6-intrestig facts 

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My name is Jeremiah and I am in the 5th grade I writ this story for reading class I like writing books but when I grow up Im playing pro sports because I like sports and I hope you like my book too bye.

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