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Extreme Sports

By: Akhilesh M.



Extreme Sports

By: Akhilesh M.

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The Real Thrill

You probably play football or basketball, but everyone in this book didn’t choose those. They chose sports that could make the hairs on your arm stand up, or make your heart skip a beat. Millions of people watch these sports, but only a fraction of people try these sports, and only a handful are good enough to continue.

     Richard Petty stepped up to his car. He had been in a NASCAR race before, but never a Daytona 500. His pit crew does one final check before he gets in. He gets in the car and starts the engine. 3. 2. 1. GO! And he’s off. He starts the race. His blood is pumping, but he knows not to get nervous. 

     Petty finishes his first few laps, then the heat sets in. Nascars can get up to 140℉ so staying hydrated and cool is important. Petty continues driving through the heat as he gets to 5th place. 


Getting In

Nascars don't have doors that open, so drivers climb in through the window.

     Petty makes a pit stop on the double, and is then off, again. He then does another couple of laps, then is at the pit stop again. This loop continues as he starts to gain on the others. He's now in 4th place! 

     Petty is doing surprisingly well so far, but he knows he's barely started the monstrous Daytona. He's completed only 35 laps. That's 165 laps left to go! He's starting to feel intimidated, but he continues anyway.

 Always Hot 

Nascars can get to 140ºF, so the average driver loses about 3 pounds every race. That's 114 pounds a year!

     The pressure was getting to him. He was getting fatigued because he didn't get enough sleep.  He kept on through the drowsiness but couldn't focus. He stopped for a pit stop and got water. It was the best water he had ever had. He quickly started again and was disappointed he had only completed 10 laps in that time.

     Richard continues through the intimidation but is running out of energy fast. He just finished his 50th lap and has a lot more to go. Petty is not sure he will finish but keeps on trying. Petty hopes he will be able to reach the end but he's not sure.

     Time seems to slow down, for his next 50 laps. He can't believe it, he's in ae that he finished half of a Daytona 500. He continues and makes it to the 150th lap. He's now in 2nd place. Afer some time, he's at the 173rd lap and knows he has to catch up, to win.

    He is a cheetah, going as fast as possible to get to first place. He's doing well and gaining when he loses control, which results in a spin out. He crashes into the wall and has a great pain in his knee.

     Petty gets examined by doctors to learn he broke his knee from the force of the crash. He's heartbroken because now he can't race for most of the season and was so close to victory.

Broken Knee X-Ray

     Pastrana could barely sleep but had to make do with the little he got. It was his big day. At this point, he was running off of 2 hours of sleep, and 7 cups of coffee. He was almost relieved when the announcer called his name. 

     Pastrana got to his bike and walked it to the start. He started his engine and the second the announcer said go, he was off. In a flash, he was at the first jump. He attempted a backflip and made it. Then the second jump came, and this one brought trouble.

     Travis Pastrana was maintaining his bike when he got news that he was going to Oslo, to compete in the X Games. He was amazed. Pastrana immediately booked a flight to Oslo. 

     He arrived and was extremely nervous. The ginormous buildings and confusing streets only added to his fear. 

Freestyle Motocross

Foam Pit

Drivers use foam pits to practice their stunts so they don't injure themselves.

A backflip

     The second jump came and Travis jumped. He tries to pull off a cliffhanger, but he is in trouble. He holds the handlebars too long and can't correct his path. The bike lands on top of him. The medics come rushing over and examine him.

     Diagnostics reveal that he has a broken back and a broken leg. He won be riding for a very long time. This was grim news and he was exceedingly glum when he found out.


     Noah was on a flight to his second Winter X Games. It was being hosted in Buttermilk, Colorado. Yes, that is a real place. If you don´t believe me look it up. But continuing on anyway, Noah was headed to Buttermilk. He was extremely nervy about the event. He could barely think on the plane.


Alpine Snowboarding


     Noah arrived a Buttermilk and went straight to his room. He ordered room service, then went straight to bed even though he wasn't tired. He knew he would need as much sleep as possible before the competition in 2 days.


     The next day was very uneventful. All day Noah practiced. He refined his technique as if he was going to build a particle accelerator. He slept for a good amount of time before waking up the next day. He was dying of anxiety at this point. 

     The next day was very uneventful. Noah practiced his technique as if he was a novice building a particle accelerator.

     After he got back from the slopes, he waxed and sharpened his board. He then carbo-loaded on pasta and slept. 

     He woke up the next day feeling awake, but anxious. He quickly re-waxed and resharpened his board, before heading out. 


Boots are Dangerous

Some snowboarders wear hard boots which can break their bones if they lean too hard on them.

Wax is not just for crayons

Lots of snowboarders wax the bottoms of their boards to make it easier to slide down mountains.

     When Noah woke up, he, surprisingly, wasn´t nervous at all. He was relieved, that he made it here alive. He went out for breakfast, then went straight to Buttermilk Mountain.

     When he got there, skiing was just wrapping up. He and the rest of the Alpine boarders would be up next. The announcer called their event as they arrived on the lift. On the way up, he was a mess, dripping in pools of sweat, and dying of heat.

     Noah got to the top of the mountain, and he got to his place and got his snowboard on. He got chills as he heard the announcer,¨3.2.1.GO¨.

     He started down the mountain, with surprising speed. The rush of hysteria he felt was immense. He wanted to know what place he was in, but his goggles limit his visibility. He hits a jump, so he attempts a backflip, but this is when things start to go wrong.

Buttermilk Mountain

     Gravity pulled him in, and he landed on his side. He was intensely embarrassed; he ruined the most important day of his life. Nevertheless, he advanced. Now he was sure that he was far behind where Noah used to be, so he went as fast as possible. He continued for the rest of the race, and when he got to the bottom, he realized just how long it took him to get to the bottom. He realized that he was in last place. 

     He went to his hotel down in the dumps. He just changed and moped around his room. He didn't assume he was going to win, but he didn´t think he was going to be last either.

     He arose the next day. Noah then packed up his things and went back to his home.

     Matt Hoffman was prepping his board. He was going to The X Games tomorrow so he needed to be as prepped as possible. He was greasing his gears and washing his bike. He hoped to get gold but knew that it won´t happen. He was a newbie vs. veterans. 

     Matt had been in BMX competitions before, but the X Games were the cream of the crop. He was getting nervous, but he continued on with his maintenance. He finished his maintenance and then went to bed.

Freestyle BMX

     Matt awoke the next day, at the crack of dawn. He double, then triple checked his bike because he didn't want anything to go wrong during the competition.

     He went to the competition, sweating bullets. It was sweltering (pronounced swelt(ə)riNG/)outside. Matt was called up and he was off. 

     He went down the ramp, then shot off the side, doing a superman, then a toboggan, then he came back down. He sped off the other side of the ramp and tried to do a 720. 


BMX bikes only have one brake so you can rotate the front handlebar, freely.

 Staying Small

The average BMX bike for an adult is about 21". If that were a typical bike, it would be for a kid.

A "superman" trick

     Matt landed the 720, then biked to the other side, and tried to do a 900. Again he landed it, he couldn't believe it, he had never landed one before. He finished up and patiently waited. 

     The rest of the bikers finished and he had won a bronze medal! He was ecstatic, he couldn't believe he finished in 3rd place. 

Some BMX bikers are so committed that they have a ramp in their backyard.

Matt landing a 900.

     Russ Howell was a skateboarder. He was practicing when he got word that he would go to the X Games in Sydney, Australia. Going to the X Games was a big moment, he had been dreaming about it for many years now. If he won any medal it would cement his position as a pro skateboarder, so he was nervous. 

     He arrived at Sydney a few weeks in advance, to adjust to their time difference. After he adjusted to their time, every day, he would get up, eat breakfast, then practice till dark, and come back to his hotel. He would then shower, and eat. After this he would touch up on his board, or buy an entirely new one because it wore out, he had already gone through three boards. This process was rinse and repeat for his entire stay at Sydney, until the X Games. 


Banana Board

These types of boards were popular back in the 1970s, but are starting to regain popularity now.

     It was here, the nerves started to kick in. He started sweating, and the heat just made it worse. 

     The announcer called his name and he was up. He started off with an airwalk. He then quickly went to another ramp, and made a 720. He was doing pretty well, he thought he might even get a medal, but then he got overconfident, and tried to do a 1080, which has only been done thrice. 

     When he was doing the trick, he looked up for just a second and ended up failing the trick, by hitting the lip of the ramp, which resulted in him falling down the ramp. 

     Even though he fell he tried to get back up, but fell back down. The paramedics rushed over and ran their list of checks. They ended up diagnosing him with a broken wrist, and a sprained ankle, which wasn't that bad but would keep him off of his board for a while.

Skateboarding Jumps to the Olympics

Skateboarding will be added to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics


An "Airwalk" trick

A 900

     As you can see there are many extreme sports, and you have just gotten a glimpse of a five of them while reading this book. I hope you have had a lot of fun and a few chuckles while reading this book.


Thanks For Reading!

Hope You Enjoyed!

Cliffhanger -- A trick where the rider leaves the bike, only to catch the underside of the handlebars with his toes. The hands are then raised above the head and the rider tries to lift his body as far as possible from the bike.

Superman -- A trick where the rider lifts both feet off the pedals and stretches their body to the back to look like Superman flying.

Airwalk -- A no-footed nose grab where rider the legs kicks his legs out in opposite directions.


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