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The Long Days and Nights

By: Cameron Coaxum

Table of Contents

The Great plains was home to many and a frightful trip others.  The Great Plains provided families with food such as wheat.  The Great Plains was full of wheat as far as the eye can see.  The wheat was turned into cereal and bread. Fires were very dangerous to the pepole living in the west because of wheat and when one part of the wheat catches on fire the whole hing will catch on fire..

The Great Plains

The Transcontinental Railroad was a railroad that stretched from the east coast to the west coast. The Transcontinental Railroad had negative and positive affects.  The Transcontinental Railroad had a positive affect because many farmers could travel out west faster.  Another positive impact was that immigrants from other countries and people who wanted to take agriculture products to market would use the train. The Transcontinental Railroad also had a negative affect because the railroad also killed the bison which was the Native Americans only way of life. The Native Americans were also forced off the land.

Transcontinental Railroad

Native Americans struggled the most more than the pioneers.  When the white man built the railroad the native americans sufferd.  When the Transcontinental Railroad was bult the person in charge would hire someone to kill the bison.They were scared the bison would trample the railroad. Slowly as the bison population faded so did the native americans way of life.

Native Americans

The pioneers sufferd from many dangerous obstacles and and some suffered from illness or death.  Pioneers faced having to go through rivers and ponds. The river caused many people and horses to drown.  The long winters caused many illnesses such as Scarlett Fever.  Scarlett Fever caused many side affects such as blindness, death and many other serious illnesses. Mountains were very hard to pass through because of falling rocks.  If it snowed in the mountains the pioneers had to be careful not to slip or worse fall of the mountain.

Obstacles while Traveling West

The Steel Plow and Windmil helped save the pioneers lives. The steel plow helped the pioneers break up the hard packed earth. The steel plow helped farmers break up the earth or dirt to farm their crops. The Windmill brought water to the dry surface. The farmers used the windmill for water to water their crops and to drink.

The Inventions that saved The Pioneers

The Gold Rush caused many Great Plain Families to pack up their stuff and move to California. 

The Gold Rush